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The "Knl(?htsof Labor" are fiiHt iniklng...

The "Knl(?htsof Labor" are fiiHt iniklng... image
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The "Knl(?htsof Labor" are fiiHt iniklng themaelves so ubnoxlous Din t the whule commercial world wlll bave to coraolne lo break thein up. They have in m-re thaa one iu. stance, lalrly made themselves cbargeable wllh coiispiracy to obstruct trade, and comnierce, and w hm somebody of aulfictenl lntlut-nce, tiBN tlie courage to atttick tlit-m i.y luw, tl ey wlll eiiher be breken up, or reslricted to thelr approprlate work, lf they have any. TtalH orttaulsailon is faxt becominga reuter pnnioqftlnn rliwri thp niouopoli. it was lor proiectlon ; and the'sironger'lt getx, ttie moreinjury lt can work. The present obstructlun ol trude and business at Ualvestoa, shows the power and spirit of the order to lnjure umi ruin, thousauds of innocent partin., in the supposed vlndlcalloa of a few Individuáis.- Sen tlnel. Thousands of innocent ones are all the time suftering from the injusiice of the few. While not an advocate of the Knights of Labor, and not beheving many of tlie theories they put forth, yet we are not prepared to denounce them in u Wholesale nimmer. The fact Is, every class and species of trade and business band together to protect mutual interests, and vrhy should not the laborer ? We bave an association of banken that holds regular meetings, its membera discussinf and agreeing upou the best methods and the best interests of all. Then the coal mine owners get together and agree to do thia or not to do that, so the price of coal is held at the figures they desire. The railroad miinagers form a syndicate and flx the price you shall pay the railroads for transportation; the boat owners do the same. The commeruial travelers have their protective association; the mili owners league together to protect their interests; the doctors combine to flx the price of physic, and lawyers of quarrels, and so on to the end; all interests combine for protection, while labor, the foundation of all, the ground work on which the whole business and commercial fabric of the world is reared, it alone must not thus protect its own iuterests. But the laboréis often place at the head of their organizations tlie wrong men. Unaccustomed to organizations where workingmen lead, they mistake some loud-mouthed agitator and brawler for a smart tellow and put him at the head of their as8uciation. His only ambition is to live at their expense, and he leads them into trouble and often Into expensive failures. When laborera shall learn to chooae fortheir leaders, sober, industrlous men, whose judrraent they can rely upon ; men wbose interests aro identical with their own; men who can appreciate the tact tliat labor and capital work together or both will fail; men who will listen to the voice of reason, and work falthnil'.y for the iiiterests of their fellowworkmen, and their employers asweli; then will their orjranizations be what they are stiiving to make them : a help, not a hindrance to better things and better times. Labor is entitled to its oreauizationg the same as capital, and it is unfortunate for laboring men that in mtiny places a class of fanatics and brawlers have secure i control of their chief association. As men and bodies of men are apt to learn wisdom trom experience, perhaps the Kniglits of Labor may yet be a blessng in jilaees where it now is a curse to ltiboriD; men. The example set by the hlgh-Jolnt comralsslon is one t hul I woiiM nut seo imituted by the most nfamous democratie returulngboard that could be brouglu together. Ttie above words are attributed to the Hon. Don BC Dickinson of Detroit. Thoy seem rather strange, when one comes toconsider the fact that " the highjoint comtnission '' was entirely a thing of democratie origin. It was conoieved ;ind brongbt itito beinjr by democrats, and the Hon. Don shouldn't speak so disreipectfally of bit party's own offspring! It is perfectly dreadful! Tlie Detroit Erenlng Newg sayg that Uiden wonld have been a " boss " " had he been inaugurated after hls electlon.'1 Th;ifs pretty good, too. But there is a handsome majority irho would üke to know whun that time wai? Ttaree younj glrltof m muy lamllle, to thli city or vlclnlty are sald to be mom the missing. In tha hope tuat tney ray return, thelr ñames are wltnelcl. In faet we have not learned the name of all.- YpsllantlSeatlnel. Tho families of these poor mlsguided girls are certainly ontitlcd to the very decpcst syrapathy of evory human bcart that has a speek of hutuanlty in ita conv position. Perhaps the Ypsllantian can assuage the grtof of the afflicted ones by pointing its finger at ita " boarding house people " neighbor, and sayiug i " Look at thoni ! Y ou Bhould rejoice aud be glad that we are not so wlcked as they are ! Ia losing your child a soul treods the downward path, to besure, but up at Aun Arbor, just think how your boy would have been squeered had he got iutooneof those fearful rushes ! A bright ray of happlnesa Bhould tlirill your soul when you think of that, and your minor sorrow should be quenched, eveu as the bright sun drys up the dew drop. Ah ! indeed ! Weie we as wicked as they, theu might we sorrow in truth ! " The Caoadian government has at length carried out the dreadful sentence of death upon its rebel leader Louis Hiel, and he was " hanged by the neck until dead," on Monday last at 8:23 a. m., for " hijjh treason." Riel went to extreme mcasurug to rlght a wrong, and failed. He took up the sword when he must have known and feit that it was but suicide to do no, and he met hig death likc a brave man, never evincing a tremor of cowardice, and passing into eternity with the words "Merci, Jesu," on bis lips. The cause for which he fought reniain unrightcd, and he has expiated his crime of rebelling against his government with his life. Without discussing the right of the Canatlian goverDinent to execute Riol, the people of nearly the wholc world would have been fflad to have soen tho hand of me re y extended to him, more especially after the Orangemcn endcavored to raake a religious question of it, and (Iemand hig cxecution simply bccause he was a Catholic. In this day and age of the world such things ought not to be tolcrated.


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