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The "rush" Trials

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The trial of Perlee Bennett, Ihe student who was arrested laat week, charged witli "making, aiding, assisting, countenaucing a riot or disturbancc," carne off Moniiay afteruoou and ovening bcforo Justice Frueauff. A jury of w. men were suinmoned, and Hon. A. J. Sawytr appeared for the defendant, while Hou. K. D. Kiniii- appeared for the city, the arrest being made under the city ordinances. It was proved by several witiiesses and not disprovedby any, that the defendant on the ovening of the rush at the postoffice, said in a loud voice, so as to be heard by the entire crowd, words to thia effget : " I am frota Kansas. Policemen in niy state are white. If they conducted theniselves the same a they do here they would eet a dose of cold lead." And again, at a time when Offlcer Hendcrson had been pushed down in the gutter, he, (Bennett) culled out: '"Kush the cop ! Thump hlua ! '' etc., and upon thls testimony the verdict of guilty was rendered, as near as we are able to learn. Upon the rendering of the verdict Justice Frueauff sentenced the defendant to pay a line of $50 and costs. Mr. Sawyer, on belialf of his cliënt, immediately took the necessary steps to appeal the case to the circuit eourt. The cases againet Manly imd Swnrtwood have been adjourncd imtil next week Tuesday. STUDERTS' MASS MKETINO. Last Friday eyenlng'.the students of the Tariousdepartmenteoftheuniversityheld a mass meeting in the law lecture rooui to organizo a protective association. The meeting was called to order by H. G. Committecmen were appointed for evcry departmont of the uuiTersity and in the hisrh school to visit the members and secure thcir namea as merabers of the society. About 400 members wcre at that time roported. Speeches were made by sevnral ot the students, aniong them being Messrs. Manly, Bennett anc Swartwood who had been nrrested and as tliey alleged wrongfully arrebtcil Tlie oöicers of the society it was decidcd sbould be a president, Tice-presideut. sec retary and treasurcr, with au executive coinmittcc of one trom eacli departnien and one f rom the high school. The f un ralsed, of irhich Judge Coolcy had agreej to become trustee, was so placed that i could not be changed from its presen purpose. A f ter authoriring a coiuraittee to draft a coiisiitution the meeting ad jouroed subject to cali.


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