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MOST PERFECTWE Preparo! wtth special regard to lirulüi. Ko Ammoola, Lime or .Yium. ?LL L7 powdeñ co.. chicago. st. louis. P SPECIAL Bextracts MOST PERFECT MADE Iurost and stroncst Natural Fmit FUvors. VauiHn, Lcmon. Orajiire, Alinond, Koíwí, oLo., llavor as delicately .nd :atura]tj ¦ i ¦ he fruit. tun..u. PrlceBakingPowdorCo. 8T. LOCIS. rifiTïiill CURES ALL HUMORS, from a common lilolrh, nr Eruplion, to tho worst Mcrofula. Salt-rlirum, 'rovcr-íiorc!t,"N-ul} or ICouch Skin, in short, all diseuses causrd 'y umi llooil anconquored by thil powerflll, purfrnng, aml inviiforatinff medicino. Oreat l-latin VIcer rapidly beal under lts ix'uigu tnflueneo. BtpeolaUy hau ii manlfoted its potenry in niriiitf Teller, Roe Kah, Itoils, ('arhu nc !'¦, Sore Kyi's ScrofnloiiN Sorew and S%--lliiiis, lllp-Joint Illsrax', Swelllncs, Cioltre, or 'l'liirk Ncck and l.ulai k i (.Imiils. Bend ten centg in stampB for a lnrgre treatise, with colored platee, on Skin Discasos, or tho same amount fora trrntine un icrofulous Affect ons. "TUK III. OOI IS TUK LIFE. Thoroufrhlv '! anse it hy usintc Dr. ricrco'K ioldcii Ucdli al J)lcut l , :m.I oixl diKOsiion, a fair skin, buoj aul Hpirits, ital -( re ittftb, iiiifl tinidUCMS of coimtituliuH, ivill cstabüshid. CONSUMPTION, ¦whioh is Srrofiilou Diieac of llic l.iniSK, is promptly and oertalnly airested and curod by this Gid-pivcn remeriy, ïf taken lefore tho last Ktasfes of thr disoase are rfached. From ita wonder iul iower over tliis terribly latal disease, whcirtrat offerinff this now cet cbrated reinedy to tho public. Dr. Pikrc thought st-riougly of calliiifr it his "Con¦ umplioii Cnro,"butabandoncdt bat name as too limitcd for a medicine which, from its wonderful corabination of tonic. orstrengthening", alti'mtivc, or blood-cJeaiiNinK. anti-bihoup, pectoral, and nutritivo propert ios, is unequaled, not only as a ivmedy for cousuniption of the lungs, but for all CHRONIC DISEASES OF THE Liver, Blood, and Lungs. r If you feel dull, drowsy, debilitatpd, have sallow color of skin, or yellowish-brown spots on face or txxly, frequent hradache or dizziness, bad taste in mouth, internal heat or chilla, alternatintf with hot flashes, low spirits and ffloomy borebodlngs, irregular apjietite, and eoated tonpruu, you are suUerinsr from Indigestión, I) spepHia, and Torpid Lilver, or "BiliouHiiesH. in mauy cases only part of these symptoms are experieneed. As a remedy for all such casias, Dr. Pierce's Uoldeu medical IMscovery has no equal. VorWeaU Lunas, Spitting of Blood, Stiortuess or Hrralli, Hrouchitls, Severe Coughs, CoiiKumpliou, and kindred affections, it is a sovereitn remedy. Send ten cents in stainps for Dr. Pleree's book on Consumptkm. Sold by Dru{rgistii. rnlUt 4I.UU, fob $5.00. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors, 663 Main St., BüFFALO, N. Y. "KVxfcYCe'S LITTLE 8VOWötS PILLS. AVTI-IIll.lOls and CATHARTIC. Sold by Drugglsts. 25 cents a vial. %$500 REWARD jRM is offered by the proprietors ¦Ml of Dr. Sagc's Catarrh Remedy f ffppy (or a case of catarrh which tbey a cannot cure. If you havr a discharge from Jk Mjr the nose, offensive or otherr 1 wise, partial loss of smell. taste, orhearinB, weakeyes. dull pain or pregsure in hcad, you have Batarrh. Thousands of cases termínate in eonsumption. Dr. Sagf's Cata rb 11 Kemedy ureB the worst cases of Catarrh, "Cold in llie Head," and ( alurrhul Headacbe. 50 cents. 'áWÜIÜN.TYfiflmANNOYAÑfE Br 11 t ', Pat. Qatacth, 1383. Kade only of tho fliK'Nt nml bostqnnlity ofUlass for witliMtanding heat. Evory good thingr is Counterfeited, and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these Chimneys made of VERY POOR GLASS. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is always olear and bright Glass. Hauuracturel OVI.T by GEO. A. MACBETH & CO. PlU.sbargb I.-nd Gluaut Works. FOR SALE BY DEALERa jj e - ¦ - 2 ¦ ! ' ï ¦JCi I Y 1 ¦ ¦ 7 w L A '¦-' cJK. ¦ nwy. ftrutao nt trnt 1 t ÉHREVISEDI Jrmort au o, J!il A:jc-tii ƒ. 1 „v. . 1 . M?V'iS0VKV han' ' ' ManmarfVCi. ï' mi vkkt intiur,. .. TbêMenriJiiitrub.Co., 1247-U11.


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