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AT twenty üix loitaing u in the Uuitd Stutrs Lh axohangea during the week ended on tb .ili ggrogated !,- 070,130,027, atrainst 1961,103,494 l!i prevlout wtek. As oumpured with the uorregpond ing period of 18S4, the crease amountsto 48.6 per cent. At Fannin, Texas, a lad of thirteen ears, namod Valentino Sanfmd, killed hismother on the lOth with a rifle. He confessed having intended to mui-der his father, sell the plantation and organice a band ol stafrerobbers. The National Bntter, Cheese and Egg Arsociation commenced it aiinual mmlfHI in Chicago on the lOth. Duking the last fiscal jrMr 8,281 poetoffices were established, 886 diSeontinued, and 11,303 postmasters appointed. The post-otfice at Plymouth Box, Utah, hu been discontinued for the renson that the inhabitantsof Plymouth havo all moved away except the postmaster, bis four i and ñfteen daughters. Geobqk Süuakfek, a bunker and dealer in cotton at Hampton, Ga., failed on the lOth for f 130,000. Thk expoition at New Orleans was formally opened on the lOth. Complete exbibits from twenty-two States and Territorios had ai-rived, aud fine displays froin a dozen countries to the southward were in position. Tns Methodist Episcopal 'Missinnary Conference at its recent session in New York appropriated $46,700 for missionary work during the coming year, au incroase of Í3,200, over last year. At a meeting held on the lOth in Seattle, W. T., by the mercantile and professional classes, a committee of three hundred was formedfü preserve pesco ftcr tho witbdrawal of the troops. Tnw eighth annual American Fat Stock and Dairy Show openedn Chicago on the lOth. The November erop report of the Department of Agricultura says that tho corn yield for 1885 is above tlw average of tbe last ten years. Georoe J. FitTEit, express agent and postmastor at Glencoe, Can., absconded on the lOth, taking $7,0U left with biin by bauks to be expressed. He albo took a woman with bim, leaving his wife in destitute circumstauces. Ak incendiary tire on the lOth destroyed the eourt-house and County Treasurer's oflice of Leon County, Tex., many valuable records, which could not be duplicated, being destroyed. Disciples of the inind-ctire in Boston decided on the lOth to erect for Mis. Eddy a churchjon the back bay co6ting from $00,000 to $100,000. Wiixiam M. Chipexter. a capitalist of Detroit, was thrown from nis oarriage ou (he lOth by a ninaway horse, dy ing sliortly aftwward'. Two-cent postage resulted in adeficiency of $6,756,:i45 for tbe year ended June 30. Ilünois is the only Western State showing a profit in postal operatlons, her surplus beInf S01,988. Indiana feil bebind 1497,000, lowa $445,280 and Wiwomin 1239,187. Nine students of the Ohio Wesleyan University, at Delaware, were Mispended on the llth and ordered to leave towu for witnessing a performance of 'itichaid III." in violation of tbe college ruit-TaiitTEEN of the anti-Chinese agitators at Seattle, W. T., were indicted on the llth and four others were arrested. N. W. O'Bhies, a Chicago policeman, was shot dead on the evening of the llth by a druuken shoemaker named Max Rittenberg, who afterward blew out his own brains. Charles H. Bakber, aged twenty-eight years, of Newburyport, Mass., was notitied on the llth that he had fallen heirto $7,500,000 by the death of an aunt in Englaud. Georoe Birber and his sou James cut down a tree near Cleveland, O., on the llth to hunt out some wild animal. The tree feil npon tbem and fatally injured both. While hunting a few days ago in tle Tennessee River, uear Coulterville, a boat containing Captain M. A. Maguire, wholesale trunk dealer at Cincinuati, and a colored boy, waa capsized, and in attempting to save the boy Captain Maguire was also drowned. Tuk corn erop of Nebraska is estimated at 150,000,000 bu&hels. J. E. Piersal, the aseignee of a bankinghouse at New Brighton. Pa., was on the llth said to be a defaulter for $12,000, which he lost in wheat speculations. G. B. Suaw & Co.'s lumber yards aud a livery stable at Cherryvale, Kan., were detroyed by fii"e the other evening, and thirty-flve horses perished in the llames. In the hurdl event for gentleman riders at the Country Club's races at Brookline, Mass., on the llth Francis Codman was thrown and killed instantly by his horse faüing upon him. The other six riders also feil, sustainiug slight bruises. Fred Townsenu, aged thirteen, killed Willie HcCallister, aged fiv, fct Troy, N. Y., a few days ago by burying him up to the neck in a bank of soft white clay,where the child lingered twenty hours before death rlieved him. The entire pólice forcé of Springfield, O., struck on the llth because of an unpopular ppointment of chief by the Mayor. The annual report of the Commissioner of Customs shows that during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1885, theru was paid into the Treasury from various sources the sum of $188,207,908. The amount paid out was $37,125,973. Michajx Kehos and wife, residing in Pittston, Pa., were found ly ing dead in their house a few mornings ago, tuffocated by coal gas from a stove. Dlrixo the past fiscal year the postalnote business increased fourteen and onehalf per cent., and 7,355 money-order offices issued orders amounting to $120,000,000. Three boys started from Louisville recently with a stolen team, intending to go West and rob stage-coaches. During their travels they flred a house and several barns, and kept the pursuing farmers at bay with cocked revolvers. They were followed, however, and arrested on the 12th. H. L. Woodbkidge, the Omaha street-car driver who recently killed a robber named Ruckle, has been driven trom that city by threats against hig life. Mbs. Susas Prescott, of Groton, Mass., eighty-nine years of age, was murdered in her bed on the r.'t h by bnkno wu persons. A MI9PLACED switch caused the wrecking of a Baltimore & Ohio passenger train on the 12th near Pittsbui-gh, Pa. No one was killed, bat between ftfteen tínd twenty persons were seriously injured. For the ten months nded October 31 last the export of minerals from the United States was valued at about $41,500,000. AN Ene frtight train was wrecked on a bridge ne&i Middleton. N. Y , on the 12th. several cara dropping into a gorge tltty feet in depth. Two brakemen were fatally injured. A quarrel over a stolen bog #n the 12th at Verdo Creek, Tex., ended in the killing of three men. FLA.MBS which broke out in Galveiton, Tex., about two o'clock on the morniug of the 13th caused the destruction of four hundred bouses, the losses being eatimated at $2,500.000. The región devastatod lies across the island from the bay nearly to the gulf, in the ghape of a half-opened fan. One thousand families were made homeless. The buildings on forty and one-half blocks, or one hundred acres, were swept away by the fire. Becausk of family troubles, William E. Stone shot and killed his wife at Baltimore on the 13th and then shot himself. The couple had been married twenty years and leave nine children. Andi 19ON Bubris, a wife-murderer condemned to death, was publicly shot on the Túñu in the tnoruw Ja.&rtT Tui i iré killed on the 13th by au explosión In F. J. Brownell'i flouring -mili at HopkinsvIUe, Ky. Tin tnmiial report of the Chlef of the Bureau of Ordnance of the Navy Department estímalos that $3,408,842 will be uec¦sMiiy ¦ to meet the expenses of the bureau next ynf Tnii:,:w 249 business fallures in 1)1 United Ktntes and Canada duriiiK the Uay ended on the 18tb, against 180 the previous soven days. The distribution was as followB: Middle States, 4! ; New England States, 27; Western, S3; Southern, 45; Pacific States and Territories, 23; Canada, !2. Thi annuul reportof Oeneral Sheridan, as l'ivsidont of the Board of the Soldiers'Hgme Commissloners, says that during the year ended September 30 the disbursements were t348,968. On the 13th Burlington, Vt., celebrated the opening of the first street-car line eTer built in Vormont. Six mules drew a decorated car over the line with the Mayor and Aldermeu. Houses and stores wore deeorated. and at night the city was brilliuntly illuminated. Thb dweiling of Frank Johnson, eight miles from Hopkinsville, Ky., was blows down in a storm the otheruight, and Johnson and bis wife were killed and a ohild futall v hurt. Secretaby Bataiid bas reqHosted Seeretary Wbitney to send a man war to the Saxnoan (or Navigator's) islnnds to open communication with that Government. The inhabitants are Christians and mostly Presbyteriaus. The country is under the protection of the United States. A jury at Washington on the 13th awardid Rev. Dr Hicks oue cent damages against the Mar for the libelous statement that be had offered to sell the bones of Ouiteau to the GoTernment. Tns Piegau Indians left their reservation on the 13th for a thieving tour in Wyoming. Tñ total value of breadstuffs oxported from the United States during the ten months ended October 31 was $112,5(59,595, against $122,109,039 during the same portod in tiet PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. AVii.i.iam Ui DB, President of the Mümuri itrpulAiean Compauy, was 011 the lOth appointed postmaster at St. Louis. Questioxs recently sent out by a Washington correspondent of the Louisville CowrUrJournal to inembers of Congress elicited answers from 150 gentlemen. Sixty-four of them favor and sixty-five oppose changos in the laws governing hilver coinage and certificates. Fifty-seven memben de-sire a revUion of the customs and interna] revcnue laws and &eventy-flve opposn it. Til e Governor of Indiana tui the lOth issued a proclaination quarantining the State against infected cattle. The National Conference of Free Traders and Revenue Reformen met in Chicago on the 1 lth. Ex-líovornor Morton, of Nebraska, was made permanent Chairman. 8TBWART MoKee, a glass nianufaclurer of Pittsburgh, ranking among the uiillionaires, died smldenly on thelth, at the age of forty year.-. Norman J. Colman, Commissioner of Agriculture. addressed the National Butter and Cheese Convention at Chicago on the llth in relation to the manufacture of artificial balitar, and advocated stringent Federal legislation. The National Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, met in nineteenth annual .session at Boston on the llth. Chtain' A. M. McGdike, the Cincinnati merchant who was reported drowned in the Tennessee River while attempting to save a oolored boy, turued up in Chattanooga alive on the 12th. He was swept downstream by the current and washed ashore. Rev. J. J. Hill, the oldest Methodist minister in Ohio, died on the 12th at Lebanon, aged eighty years. Bevehi.y Kelly, Coroner of Christian County, Ky., died on the 12th. He was the only colored man ever elected to office in Kentucky. The funeral of John McCnllough took place at Philadelphia on the 12th. Geokge W. Glick, ex-Governor of Kansas, has been appointed pension agent at Topeka. The official returns of the recent election in Ohio, made to the Secretary of State at Columbus on the 12th, give Foraker (Rep.) for Governor a plurality of 18, 197. The Dairymeu's Convention in session in Chicago on the 12th elected Washington Winsor, of New York, President for the ensuing year. A resolution was adopted requesting Congress to pass a law suspending the coinage of silver dollars. Stone Calf, the notcd Cheyenne Indian chief, and the leader of many assaults upon the whites, died at Cantonment, lud. T., on tbe l'-'tli, of spinal meningitis. At the closing session of the Free Trade Conference in Chicaeo on the 12th David A. Wells, of New York, was chosen President. The resolutions adopted declare that under no pretense shall any countenance be given to attempts to increase protective duties, and that articles at the foundation of great indnstries should be freed from duty. Free ships are demanded, and the abolition of restrictive navigation laws. In the evening Rev. Henry Ward Beecher addressed a large audience. The oflicial canvass of the returns from the recent election held for Judge in the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Illinois shows the following result: Dorrance Dibell (Rep.), 11.047; H-ram T. Gilbert (Dem.), 9,840. Ex-Sexatob Siiakon' died at his residence in San Francisco on the afternoon of the 13th, aged sixty-four years. FOREIGN. Sixty families at Point aux Esquimauz, Queboc, were on the lOth said to be starving, and would die of hunger unless relief speedily arrived. It was announced on the 'Jth that Irish workiugmsn were forming a society in Dublin for the purpose of keeping out of that country all goods of British manufacture, with the oxception of such articles as Ireland is unable to produce. Furthkr advices of the lOth say that forty-eight persons lost their lives in the recent wreek of the steamer Algoma on Lake Superior. An exploring schooner reports the discoveiy of a fleld of coal on the Russian shore of Behring Straite. In the Eliza Armstrong abduction case at liOndon the defendants found guilty of indecent assault were sentenced as follows on the lOth : Mr. Stead, of the Pall Mali Gazette, to threo months' imprisonment, Rebecca Jarrett six months, Sampson Jacques one month, and Mme. Louise Mourey six months. The Indian Government on the lOtb. formally declared war against Burmah, with the sanction of Queen Victoria, and sent forward an iuTadiug army of 15,000 men. It was reported on the llth from Calcutta that King Theebaw had ordered that all Englishmeu in Burmah be oxterminated. It was fearod that all the Europeans had airead y been massacred. The Commissary of Pólice at Valenciennes on the llth made terrible revelations concerning an enormous tralHc in children in the black country in the North of France. Tiiree painters were killed and two others received fatal Injuries by the fall of a scaffold at the drill-shed in Montreal ou the llth. The widow of J. J. Platt, an American architect who was shot in tho city of San Domingo by Dominican offleers, has received $33,000 for the loss of her husband. Is the Criminal Court at Ottawa, Ont., a gang of five ruffians were sentenced on the llth to imprisonment for life for a brutal assault on Miss Traman, a lady of good family, who was promenading with her lover when seized by the villains. On the llth a revised list of the passenger? and crew of the steamer Algoma, which was recently wrecked on Iele Royal, Lake Superior, showed that forty-tive persons oerished and fourteen were uved.


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