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A Londou Jouroíd, quoting statlatlc to back u u. pretests m a moral parudox tlie statement tint) tbe most pooWy psld worktug rirls n tlm metiopolis are tbose enpugi-d in the work of se int; and binding BiblÑ. lt adils lime "forerory heathen íilna(i wlio can be indiiced Jo use the sacred volume for anything else run waddlng a dozen f these girls re clrlven to perdltlon at borne. A Remarkable Escape. Mía. Mu iv A. Dailey, OÍ Tunkhannock, Pa. was afflicted tor ix years with Astliina and Bronchitis, dtiring wliich tlriáe the best phy.-icians could give no relief. Hei lite mudetpaired t, until in last Oetobei shc prncured a Imttle of L)r. Kiug's New Disco very, when I m medíate relii-f was feit, and by contlnulng it.s use lora short time slic ivas com'pletely cu red, gaining Ín flesb JO ll)s. in h tew niontlis. Fiit trial boltlcs of thla ceitaln rureof uil Throatand Lunji disrases al Kl)erbiu'li i Soil'ê drug store. Liirge botlles $1.00. Sleeping with tlic luad to tlie nortli and tlie uliyalca] and mental RÜvantages lo be derivt-d tberefrom is asublevt In whicti iutore.t is beinp rcvived A Ocrnvm pbysician of note was qooled mmiy vcars nro as :iviiifx he believed he liad added at least a decade to bis ufe, beside keepirtg bis heulth perfect by this practico. Every day udds to tlie grent amouiit ol evidenee as to tlie curativc powers of Hood's Sarsaparllln. Letterá are ooiiUh ually bi'ing reeeived f rom all wctlono( the country, telling ot' bendita derived from this gicat medicine. It U aoeaualled for general dobility, and a a blood purifler, expeíllng every trace of scrfula or other inipurity. Nbw is tbe time U take it. Preparad by C. l. Hood & (',, Lowcll, Mass. Bold by all dnigists. Government olllcials Ín Cunada, as wel! as a larjre miniber of well intorined prívate ladies. say thatif superior women betweeti tl ages nf elghteeB and twentylive no tbere and submit to the positiou of (lomestlc service they afealmost sure to niarry well, witbin a sbort time of their arival, especially if they go far wesi. These are Solid Facts. Tbe best blood puriñcr and ystem reffulator ever jfaced within the reacb of sufferins bumanity, truly is Electric Bitteis. Inactivity of the Liver, Hiliousuess, Jaun dice, Coustipation, Weak Kidneys, or auy disease of the urlnary organs, or whoever requires au aopetitzer, tonic or mild stimulant, will always ünd Electric Bitters tbe best and only certain cure known. Tbey act surelj' and quickly, every bottle iruaranteed (Mttofaction or miiiwj refuuded. Sold at lifty cents a bottle by Eberbach & Son. Uiicklen's Árnica Salí c The Best Salve in the workl for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheuiii, Fíver Sores, Tetter, Cbapped Ilands, Cbilblains. Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay requlred. It is guaran teed to dive perfect satisfactioii, or money refunded. Price 25 cents peí box. For Sale by Eberbach & Son. I TVnTnTI Send ix cents for poetaee. II I I ll and receive free, a coelly box II l I ƒ P of goods which will help you I I #11 J. to more money riehtsway thiiu " illXiJllJ'iinythinK else In ibis worid. All, of elther ser, sncceed from arst huur. Tbe broad road to fortune opent betore the workorc, ahKolntely enre. At once addree, Truc & Oo., AagueU, Maine. A f n nnn in pretentt, gtvtn away. I 'I I 1 1 Srnd uk 5ceute puU([i!,Hiid WfW I by mal1 oa wU' ei T" UljU.UUU PacaKe of (toodi of lna-e Y lne, that wlll start you Id work that wlll at once brlng yon Id money ia ¦ i than nythluK elae In America. All aboat iht $300,000 In pri'íeiits wlib each box. Agenta wanti' . verywhere, of ciiher ex, of "II área. I r all Ibe time, ot xptxe time only, to wotk for as at theü own bornes. Fortune lor all workora abeolutely urd. Don't dlay. U. Hauiit A C , Portb4, Main.


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