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W. TREMAIN, O Rif ERAL mum ñm i ii i OFFICE, Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, (JOR. IIÜKON AND FOÜRTH STS., North British Insurance Co., üf London anti Bdlobuig. Capital, $13,000,000, Gold. Detroit Kire and Marine Insurance Co., ('apb Assets $800,000. Spring-ilold Ins. Co. ofMassaehnsett8, Cah Aiseis í 1 ,800,000. Howard Ihh. (ompany of w York, 'ati Amft? $1,000,000. Agricultura! In Co., Watertown,ïi.Y., Cash APBPts $1,400,000. bomat Mberally Adjustad and Promptly Pald. Vü gj HF fnl GENTSWmEDWS, 8PYOFTHE REBELLION." NowaoUtngbythe Tent o thousands I No compelí, tion. Onlybookofitakind. Tb"SPY"revcli ¦BMnj ucrdiofthe war Bover beforo publlahcd. A imphlo account öT the ronspiracy to asaasBicata Iilncoln. Porilona eiporlancea oí our Fxcehu, Bko in h Bob.l Capítol; their heroio braverj ftüly recouuted ia thooa vivid sketches Th "8py" is the most thiilling war book ver pnbllstaed. Endoraed by biiudreils o! Preai and Agento' testimoníala. A laruo handurne book, 88 paues; 60 lUuBtratloun. AOENTSpThla book 1 oul-teUing E whlts OT6ron!undrdttouan.ap))]ltatlonsforaBüncie liara bees received. Wo have fnuny agoui wiio bave aold frora two íojive hundred copies. -The "SPY'ria old by our Arant% na can not be found ia bookstores. coito to merchante, firmcra, mrvhanlca.anil evcry, body. Abaulutely the casúrtt book to kU ew hu-Mf WewantonsanentineveryGrandArc ¦ ÏCit and in evi-ry township and connty in t ho U ' Tor full partirulare and tervit m arttnU addreei) G. W. CABLETOS i CO., rubliaiw, NewXor The moit populnr Weokly newspaper devoted toscience, mechainos. eniiiiH-friiiK discnverieB, inTentiom and patenu ever publiAhcd. EvoryDnmbar illnatratrd ith aplaudid entruvince. Tbia pubtication furninhc a uiostvaluable enoyclopedia of informatiun wbich no porson shoutd be without. Ihe populritjr of the SeiENTinc Amfhhan is euch tbat lts ciroulation nparly eQuala that of all othor PApors of lts ülasBCombined. Pricfl $3 20 a yuar. Dinconnt toCliib. Sold by all oowmlealer. ilUNN t UO.. Pulilishcr. Ko. 361Broadwy. N. Y. Ev !XrUTf Munn 4 ('o. have Al kNT alKuhadThlrtyBWI ulJ ¦_iÉlght years' H """¦ practica bfor ¦ the Patent Office and have pr'pared ¦ more than One Hundred Thou¦ aand aitplication lor patentB in tho W United tutes and foreign oountries. W Caviláis. Tradf-Mnrks, Copy-right, w Assignments, and all other papera for :uring to mventors their righl in the uted Statra. Cánida. Knglaud. Franco. irmany and other foreign countrtcfl. prered at short ootice and on reasonable termi . Information as to obtaining patents cheerlly givpn without charge. Hand-books of .„ionnation sent free. Patents obtained throngh Munn Co. are noticed in the Scientino American free. The advnntago of such noticr !¦ welt underatood by all porioni who wiah to dispose of their patenta. Address MVNN CO.. Oflke 80110010 Mlm. 3tt li(aaay. New yrk.


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