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THI UHI HILKOTf O Y THf U - e. QOV'T TO OARRY THt FA8T MAIL. It is tho only line with its own track from CHICACO TO DENVER, Either by way of Omaha, Paclflc June, St. Joseph, Atchlson or Kansas City. It connects In Union Depots with throuiih tralns trom NEW YORK. PHILAOELPHIA, BOSTON and all Eastern polnts. It Is the principal Une to SAN FRANCISCO, PORTLAND A. CITY OF MEXICO It traversos all of the slx qreat States of ILLINOIS. IOWA, MISSOURI. NEBRASKA, KANSAS. COLORADO with branch Unes to all thclr important citles and From CHICAGO. PEORÍA or ST. LOUIS, it runs evory day in the year from one to three elcgantly equipped throuflh tralns over its own tracks between Chicago and Donver, Chicago and Omaha, Chicago and Councll Bluffs, Chicago and St. Joseph, Chicago and Atchison, Chicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Rnplds, Chicago and Sloux City, Peoría and Council Bluffs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Denver, Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all points In Northwest, West and Southwest. Itsequipment Is complete and flrst class In every particular, and at all Important polnts Interlocking Switches and Signáis are usod. thus insurlng comfort and safety. For Tickets. Rates. General Information, etc, regardlng the Burlinqton Route, cali on any Ticket Agent In the United States or Canada, or addresJ T. J. POTTER 18T V.P. &. Gen. Man., Chicmo. HENRY B. STONE, AsT. Oen. Man., Chkaoo. PERCEVAL LOWELL, Gen. P8. AaT., ChiCAOO. Coiiimlssioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Waehtetiawv. The underpigned having been appoinled by the Probate Court fur sald Connty, CommUalonew to examine mi adjast all claims and ileinuMN iil all perrons agalnst the extaie of Jacob H. 11 te-k-, laie of -aid countv, deoeased. herehy give iiotlce thttt mx inonthH Iroin date are Uowed, by order of Hiii'l Probate Conrt, for credltors to preeeni tlicir claim agulnst the estáte oí nald deceanod, and ttiat Ihey wiil meet at the I'rohaTe Office il) the city of A'ii Arbor, in aid cunnty, n Tneaday, tho 2it h rlny of .lanttary, and on Monday, the 2(! h day of" April next, at ten o'clock A. M. ol 'ach ofsai'ldaya, to recelve, examine mid mijn! iiul claimn. Dnl.d. octob.-r. 2lh 1885. I1KNKY I). I'LATT, 1 BfcN.J. BHOff.N, VCommiêloner. J. EVAKT SM1TH. ) _________ Real Eslate for Sale. OTATKOFMIC'HIUAN.Countyof In the Matter of Ihc EeUte of Margaiet C. KIiil', drceaied. Ifotice íf hereby given. that 1d of an order praoted to the underigned administrator ol tin iKtatc of aald doceaaed. h the Hou. Jode of la for the Oonnty 'i Wa-ht.-naw, on tl dtiy of Oetober, A.D. 18S". there wi'l be sold at ptiblh vendor, to the hlnhest bidder, at Bnal mm' (liM)r of the Court Houee,irj tho Cltyoi Ann Arbor, in the Couutj of WaHhtenaw. In t-.ui S'_tt-, uu Satuidny, t'ie IJth day ol Decemhr, A. D. I8r5. at ten oMi)ck In the forenuon ol that day (subject to ill enenmbrances by inorUage or otlierwlM existiitL' at the time of the death of eaid deceascd! the folio-. ing deocrlbi-cl real etate. t"-lt: Lol two -), ihr.-. (;!-, four (4), Bve ("¦ . six (), nntl reviu (1). In blook one (1). Hsrlddif'l ad u cfty of Ann Arbor, Wachten iw t.;o_ity ie Michigan. BENJAMIN J. COMBAD, AdmlDtatrator. Dated Oct. 2K, 1885. Real Eslale for Sule. ClTATB ut' MIClliüAX, Coaniy of WnshO In the ïnaltor of the estato of Ablgall I.. M:iyimrci, au Incompiteut person. NOÏ1CE la bereby elven, that In pursuanee of an order Rraated lo m derl({ned %unriliati, ol Ahigall L. Mainanl. l the Hou. .ludge of Probate for the Coaniy of WashteIMW, on tbc MHh llu.v ol UOtOtWT A. i tberewlll be aold al public vendue, to me utgbesï bidder, at the ea) front door ol the Court House in the City ol Ann Artior, In the Connty of WaMleDaw In kü'1 state, on Tueaday, ihc 39d day ol December, A. D. 15, it lü o'clock In the (oienoon ol Ibat day isviijfct to all enomnbranoefl by mort gKe oi otberwlseexUtlngat the Uraeoi the .,tu, uii mm riiit, titit; and intcrpKt of sald Incompetent person, tlie followiiin de.sctibt-d Real Batato, to-wit ¦ Loi. number ñve in Block nninber flve South range two east, In the city ol Ann Arbor, Washtenaw C'ounty in Michigan; alaoa strip ol land iour rods wide, north aml aontb lylogdireetly eat ol and adjolnlng aald lot, nnmber live, aud extendlng eaiitto tbeweM llaeol range three ea-t, in the city of Ann Arbor aloiCNHid. Al.-o lots iiunilwr 11 and stx in blook number nve Boutti and Dumberon east In thé city of Ann Arbor aloreKaui. Also lot number one In block mimhcr six in Forest 11111 Cemrtery. Alao all ibe lighi uilcand 'ntereal of Hid lnconapetenldlie same being an undivhli'il l-7th. ont'-st'vt'iit h), in the sou til li . 11 of lots six aud eleven and all ol lols aeveD. elüiit, and ten In blook three south rani4e lince oast. In the city of Ann Arbor, Waslilenaw C'ounty In Michigan FRANCIS E. LANSINli, Uuaidlan. Dated Oct. 30, 1885. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULThnviuKbi-en made in thecondltionr of a cel tuin murtgage exeented by Jacob Hoff-ai-tter a d Gertrude Hofft' tur, his wlie, to Chn.--.ijH! II flM t er, dated die flftn day uf Mas, 1-si.tiiul retorded in theoftlcecii the Rrcüatar ol Deed for the Coutiiy f Wafhtenaw in the S'atf of Michigan, on the s-ixth day ol May, 1884. in Ulier Ii4 ut MorIL:ai.ret on paye 31, by which naid lefault the power oi aald coiitained in said mortyaie li.itbeenme operative and no proceedingt in Law or Equity haviiifcr been in!tnuied to recover the debt uoared by sald mortiaize, or any nart ihereof. aud ihe Biim of oue Ihoonand aod ninety dollars benig now claimed to be du-? on uuch morigage. The atd mortifiRee hereby declarlnL' bis Inieuiioti to com-lder to wholc amount of the principal uin in fula in rtgage meutiond to be due accordiug to the corenant tbereln c jntaini-.d. Notice iu, thcre lore, herehy Riveu, that baid morigage wül be I. recosed by a sale of the mortaagid premliea Ibi-reln dencribed or gome part thereof, vl : All that certain plece or pared of lnd sitúate and being in the Couuty of ahti-uaw and State ol Michino and deecribed as foltowa, in uit ¦ Bein Loi flve (5) in block two (2) South of Huron Sireet. Range ex Eat according to the record d plat of ihe village (uow city) of Aun Albur. Michigan, al public randneat the East door of the ourt Huuaa iD tbr City ol Ann Arbor on the twenty-eighth dav of Jai.nary cext. at ii-n o'clock in tiV for,-nouii ol that day. CHKHT1AN ll.ül'FSl ÜT I EK, . ._ _ Morivagee. J. F. I-awkkncf-, Atti.m y lor Mortitagec. 1271-1281 Dated, Nov. 8, 1888. THE ÏT Eutlsr OvctöIlcsc to weau ovi::ï yoch roor, doots, are thoe now mado by the "CarCee" IinbbeiCo ., cipreBsly for Michigan trade lur the of 1886 and 8. ¦Rn I'ATU WAItATi:is :iitoraIng apart in citier itoloornpper aml fmaranteed to givo üatisfaction In cvriy r. et. Made lor Hcputation, givlng IS wcaret inoro for liiti tnonej thaa he car. getin any othar mako of goods. Of BEST 11OOT STOCBl, and nol ol ordlnary ovenboe ttock. soles wade the same as Babbel Boot Soles h.iving a tliiclc noli: añil then a tap solo upon that. Tlús tap ia thickened in t!ie middlc, an.l is ioui.i: thick on tu ¦ i:.i.n. Thia is the great v--ir ; polnt. Tüo Doublé Thick Buil and tho Koot ÓUcU npp'cr, give shoo which will potitlvely tino, m j c' sUoc iu the roarket even of lii no hick: ., r:;.CE. Thonsandi of do 1 Boot vreerers thia Beaaon. , THEWARrirth l SECU!?ESYOU. Caü for the "CaneUi DoutU ThlcX ! Warrant tttatnptil nu 001 nj shue. Kor sale to the trmle liy K. & J. CUMMIXOS &C0., Detroit. WEnted ,000 ASENTS, MEN AND WOMEN, orJOHN B.GOUGlI'aenUrily ]ustpiülii-hro "LtVSKÖTRÜTKSaM i'rJï'ïSÊST.:iii,i;';:,;Vlim'i"i s"Us otLIFB Joirx B. GouGn 4ftX c-in palnl fchem. Al (Itm. in ir¦S n..iML-t ..;iM.hi TSf t th-.ï. fc. ti"st Rinuiif iti eottoti , t . f-' - é aM wiihin(Uüfo)(iexprinoBiuiU Ij r r_(9r_Ri0 scnnl rrTiiiniiiO'tvt1'-. nevt-r bcforr ¦ EiH publisiiod Tn1 1 f nis humot jIHJHEB aiv '1' '¦ A innen::) tlHH ct-iit flovnl OriLvo Vol, in UC WAMT 1 Ol '""¦ enterpríí!s23W' M__i "Artl Ing, liit-iiktnt cun, - HBMffiHH TaruMMip.'ly tlilR botk to the "¦¦¦¦a tii of thouanda who nr wuitiiip for it NüCompftitlon, muí it Is rmw ooi ¦,-!!. uk ; 11 (Ui prslOto 1. M Mes. etc. iveit thrii iinguaiifled rntlur.M-nii nt .ïnd wi-U n God i note it Ironr H"if to makt n,m nvul ;it tho 'fllntinH' nrn. .'af, a tkoroughty flrtt-cUtêê book. Exclusive Uriítory and verj 8pc!al Tirmi" KlvotL Snrl for largo llluetraw nniilnr póntojlniryr fuUpartiruliirB. AdrirvM A. G. VETTLZ


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