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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thi8 powdernever varíes. A marvel of purity, strength and wholesomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competitlon with the multitnde of low test, short welght, alum or phosphute nowders. rtold only In can. Koyal Haklng !¦.. iI.t Co.. 106 Wall st., N. Y. Ci TÜ5S I OIMI IBLOODHUMORSI HUMILIATiNO iErnptions, Itching and BurnIng Sttiu Tortures, Loatheome Sorew, and every species of Itchlng, Scaly, Ptmply, InherIted. Scrofulmis, and Contagious Dlweases of the Blood. Skin, and Scalp, wlth Loss of Hair trom infan y to oíd age, ar poetttveiy cored by Cuticüba the ureat Skin Care, and Cutioura Soap, an exquislte Skin beauttüer, externally and Cuticura, ftssoLuvtMT, the New Blood Purifler, Internallj. COVERED WITH SORES. I hsve been afflicted eince lat March with a Skin ripease th doctors called Eczema. My tace wa Cüvrred wlth ecabn'and sores, and the itchio and burning were a!mo4 unbcarable. tieeing your Cl'TICUBA Rembdik8 so higbly recommendcd. I concluded to give them a trial, u-ing the Ciiticarn and the C'uiicura Soap externally, and Resolrenl internally, for four monthp. 1 cail myrelf cored, In gratitude for wbich I make this public statement. MRS. CLARA A. FREDKRICK, Broad Brook, Oonn. SCALP, FACE, EARS, AND NECK. I wasafBicted with Eczema on the Scalp, Pce, Ears an l Ncck, whlch the Dragnixt, wliere I got yonr rf-mooi ""c uf me ihfiuiho that had rmne under hls notice. Ue advlued me to trv your CUTICUKA Remedies, nd after five day' use my icalp and patt of my face were entirely ciirert, nd 4 hope in anothtr wcc'k to have mi neck. eam.and the othcr part of my facecured. ' HERMAN SLADE, HO K. 4thSt.,New York. ITCHING DISEASES CURED. 'nticnra tana at the hcad of lts class, e'pocally is thls the cae with the Cutlcotaeoap. Have had un umiannlly uood tale thi slimmer uwinir to the prcvalence of n agu'ravattd fnrm of Itch through some localitiea in the country, in whlch the Coticura remedie proved atislactory. W. L UARDIGO, Druooist. Union Town, Ky. CURE I EVERT CASE. Your Cuticura Remedies outsell all other mcdiciDes I kvep fnr skin difeapes. My customers and patieuts say thiy have effected a cure in every in¦tanca, wbure otber remedi. have falled. H. W. BROCKWAY, M. D. Franklin Falls, N. U. CÜTICÜRA REMEDIES, are sold by all druggista. Prlce: Coticura, 50 Crs.; Resoltent, il; Soap, 26cts. Prepared by the Potter Dudo and Chimcal Co., Boston, Mass. 9end tor ' Ilow to Cure Skin Diseasca." n TTI-IPY the Complexión and Skin by ijÜiXiU niing the Cuticura Soap. CATARRH Complete Troatment, wlth Inhaler, for Evcry Form or Catarrh, $1. saïdfoed'sTadTcal cure p--- S7 Hcad Cüld, Watcry Dl f vy charge f rom the Noe ¦AnpMWvJSs. ud Ky' Blne!lnï Nollc" ? f i íM'&" In the Head. Nervomanil Í7V4ie Tfe'D Headachc and Fever InvO-3 jSptantlyrelleved. K ' JS' choklnR mucu! dlslored. __i - Jk. -Jitt membranc cHanni'd and Y) JjL hoalod.breath Bweetoned' ƒ ' rr 3 aincll. tante, and hearing reslorcd. and ravages checkfd. ,„.,„, Cough. Bronohlti, Dropping into the Throat Pain in the Che.t. Dy.pcpMa, W.itlng of Strengü, and Vlesh. Loss of Slci'p, etc, cured. ot bo.tle Bdld cur,.. one box C.t.rrh.l SolT.n andonn Dr. Sanford's Inhaler, In one paclcane. at all drusts. for,.. A.k for Sanford's KadlcnlCun; . „urcdUllllallonof W.tch Hml, Am. Plne Ca. Fte Mwlgold. ( -I..V.T m.-"n.. MO. Pottk De.-. Aku T.iII)!l!Y PA1S8." and thl 4bn wc-nry .natioD ever pre-ent wl th th om TSfc „f nnlnlul kidney, weak back-, over 11 wo5 Srwwi SS by tandli,K, wijking, X d M the MWtas machine, cnred by t_UTiSCOTT!S EMEI10N "önüËciDUWEon. Almost asPalatabloas Milk ¦ BELPgssssstsaë Z cd offcV : To all who are not well "'¦d w wlM .end 1 to pay for tho troubl of writing n Fa f,. ïricau: Jirection, etc., ent 1 froc , „,,, n'y ab.olutely uro lor all who nart at once. üon', geïay. AddrwB 8tino & Co-, I ortland , Maine. Mmoro money than at anythlDK ele by ta Ing an a.'eucy for the bent alllng book out. ncgiuners gucceed giandlj. Non rail. Terms free. HalltT Book Co. ' FortWud, Malaa.


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