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The Quiver, for December, 3 brightand crisp full of pretty briglitcngravings, and dclightful seicctioiis ot' stories, prose and verse. For those who flnd in English literature a charm, tliis bright publication will be joyouslv received. $1.50 peryear. Publlshed by Cassoll & Co., 7:!0 and 741 Broadway, N". Y The Magazine ot Art for December is a number to delight the eye and the mind. lts f rontlspiece la a reproduction by the Berlin Photographic Company of Van Ruysdal's ".Cascade with the Watch Tower," and it is so good that it will doiibtless be honored with a frame by innumerable subucribers of this magazine. The opening paper is on J. W. W'aterliouse, A K. A., illustrated with several tine en;ravings f rom nis best work. One, " The Oracle," is given a full page in whleu to show its beauties. This is followed by a paper on "Art in Egypt," by Wm. Holmeden, iliustrated, and from the oldest country in the world, we jump to one of the newest, America, whose achievements in silver work receive the highest praise. Examples of some particularly fine work are given. This month's paper on " The Romance of Art" is devoted to Torrigiani, "Sculptor and Bravo." Then we have a paper on " The Lower Medway," a river beloved by the gossipiug l'epys, and later Charles Dickens. This is followed by a " Bailad of Dead Actors," written by Wm. E. Henley, and illustrated ty Elihn Vedder. Harry X. Barnett gives the history of the bcginning and the rise of the Royal Academy whicli precedes "A Chapter on Chairs," illustrating some of the mobt striking varieties. Sidney Colvin has a paper on the " Reproductionsof the Pictures in the Brunswick Oallery, illustrated by a page engravingof F. Bodenmuller's "Old Venice." Cassell ik Company, Limited, New York, $3.50 per jear, in advnnce. WIIITNET AND LOWELL CALENDA R3 FOR 1886. The fact that the writings of James Rnssell Lowell and Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney are used for these two calendáis (publlshed by Houghton, Mitflin &' Company, Boston), In in itself enough to make tlioin usually attractive; but apart from tlii-i the calendare are aniong the prettiest in theirdecorations that have yetappeared. The Lowell Calendar has an excellent portralt of the poet and a view of Elmwood, his house in Cambridge. The Whitney Calendar is prinled in gold and light tints. The design is emblematical of the four season, which are'symbolized by usures of little girls dressed in "Kate Oreenaway" style, boaring a garland of spring and summer fluwors. autumn f ruits and winter holly. The color-printing is excellent, and shows a marked advance over recent work of this kind. The popular Holmes, Emerson, Longfellow, and Whittier Calendara ure ru-issued this yeur, their selectlons being newly arranged. All these calendara mensure 9x 12 inches, and are sold at the uniform price of $1. It seems as if, wherever they go, they raust have an educating influence, artistically, as well au in a literary sense. For sale by Geo. Oslus & Co., Aun Arbor.


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