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1886. Har por 's Magazine. 1LLTJ8TRA TKD. Tho December Number will begin the Sevpiity-secoml Volume oí Habprr's Maqazine. Miss Woolson's novel, "East Angela' and Mr. Hnwi'll's 'IiKilan Sumtner", holdlni he foremoHt place In thecurrent serial üoUo, will run througU several numbers, and wUl befollowed byserlal storiesfrom E D. Black - more and Mra. D. M. Cralk. A new editorial üepartmeut, iliscusslug topics suggesled by be current llterature of America and Euope, will be contrtbuted by V. D. Howell's leylnnlnR wllh the Jauuary number. Ttie great llterary event of the year will be tbs publicatlon of a series of papers- taking toe nape of a story and deplcting oharacterUUa eatures oí American features of American oclety as seen atoar leaUlng pleasure reaorU - written by Charles Dudley Warner, and llustratcd by O. 8. Itelnuart. Tbe Maoazine will give especial attentlou to American subjects, trealed by tbe best American wrllers, and lilustruted by leadlug American aulsts. HARPER'S 7ËRI0DICALS. TER YEAK: HARPERS MAGAZINE H 00 HARPER'8 WEEKLY _„ 4 00 I ARl'ER'8 BAZAR 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 HARPER'S FRANKLIN SQUARE LIBRARY, One Year (64 Numbers) .10 00 Postage Free to all subtcribert in the ühlteH States or Canada. . The volumes of the Magazine begin wltli he Numbers for June and December ofeach year. When no time Is speclfled, lt will be underRtood that the subscrlber wishes to bgln with the current Namber. BouDd Voiumesof Harper's Magazine, for bree years back, in neat cloth binding, will besent by mail, postpald, on recelpt of 13.00 per volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 50 cents ach - by mail, postpald. Index toHARPKK's Magazine, Alphabetcal, Analytical, and Ulnsslfled, for Volumes to 60, inclusive, from June, 1850, to Jane, 1880, one vol., Svo, Cloth, $4.00. Remittuaces should bo made by Post-Offloe Mouey Order or Draft, to avold chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy this advertitmunt without tne expresé order oüakkei t Bkothers. Addrets HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 1886. Harper's Weekly. 1LLÜSTRATKD. Harper's Weekly has now for more thao -wenty years, malutalned lts positlon as tbe ading llhiHtrated weekly newspaper lu America. W'lth a constant increase of lltertry and artistic resources, lt is able to offer 'oribe ensulng year attractlons unequallod jy any previous volume, embraclng two captal llluslrated serial atorles.oneby Mr.Tbos. Hardy, among the foremost of living wrltors of fletlou, and theother by Mr. Walter Besan t, one of the most rapldly rising of Engllsh niivpllsts; grapblc llluHtratlons of uuusual interest to readers In all sectlons of thecountry ; entertalning storles, mostly HluHtrated, by the bost writers, and important papers by hlRhautborllleson thechler topics of the day. lüvery one who desires a trustworthy polltIcalKuldo, entertalnlngand Instructlve faraily Journal, entlrely free from objectlonable features either In letterpress or ïlltistratious, shouUl subscribe to Harper's Wïinr. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. PEE TEAR : HARPER'S WEEKLT H 00 HARPER'S MAGAZINE 4 00 HARPER'S BAZAR 4 0 HARPER'S YOÜNG PEOPLE 2 00 HARPER'S FRANKLIN SQUARE LJBRARY, One Year (Si Number) 10 00 Postage Free to all subtcriben in the United States or Canada. The Volumes of the Wiiklt begin wlth the flrst Number for Januaxy of eacb year. W ben no time is mentloned lt will be uaderstood that the subscrlber wishes tocommeoce wlth tbe Number nezt alter the recelpt oí order. Bound Volumes of IIabper's Wekilt for three years back, In neat cloth binding, will be sent by mail, postage paid, or by exprass, free of expense (provlded the frelgbt does not exceed one dollar per volume), for $7.00 per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, sultable tor binding, will be sent, by mail, postpald, on recelpt of (1.00 each. Remittnnees should be made by Poat-Offlce Money Order or Draft, to avold chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy tAit aJc-ertUtme-nt vrithoul toe expresa order oj Uakpie & Beothkrs. Addiess HARPER BROTHERS, New York. ¦ale't Honeythe great Cougb ca r,Mc 0x tl t Ir nni Sulphur Soap heals fc buutlfi, Mc Germán CornRemoTer xllla Oomi Banton Hlirs Hair and Whitker Dre- Black and Brovn.lBa. Fi ke 's Too t har he Drop care In 1 CluaJOSo Dean'i RfeeamaUe PUU ui ion aan, Wc. The new-york tribune THE YORK TRIBUNE enter npon tb new sabscriptioa yoar wlth undlminlibod fmith In the restoraUon to power of the party which hai liown tlie greatest oapacity for safe, patrioUo, luteUint eovcrument. lt tbanks lts agents and frlend for thelr hearty support during the last year. THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE remalas th principal national exponent of tbe argumenta, doctrine and alm of the Republican party. lt Is a atrong, aggrosslvo newspapcr, uncompromislagly Bepnblican, and faithfully devoted to the home loteresU of all America. Tho paper labora earnestly for a protecUT tariff, to develop tho resources of the dliprent State and securo good wages, good food, good olothing and comfortable homos for tbe people, and ltelf pays tlw hlghest prlcos to lts own men of any offloe in New York city ; for eqnal rlghts and an honest vote, North anti Sonth ; ior every practical measnre in th lnterU of morallty and temperance ; and for .uprlght, dlgnllled, patrlotic government. i Republicans Need The Tribune. Evory intoUiirent farmer ; every old soldier ; vtry worker and active man of whatver occuptlon ; Try rood wlfc with a famUy ; and every oitlïen who wn( u lilentlfy hunself wlth theparty oí projrreM, brUUt achievfment and moralitv, needs THE TKIBUNK. THETRIBUNK wUl be good readlni? aftr CondTwa nieeta, when Kvarta, Btierman, Lomn. and otlr brul. lont leailera begin to ask the Admüüstration questtoas ""a's' in a'drícuítural paper THE TRIBDNK is nnsxcelltMl. A Series of War Storles. The (rrsndrr fpatures of tho War for the Union have all beon recordad. Tho minor Incident, the thrUU&j; and romantic episode, are a prest volue, of wtucn only a fow chnpiers have. ever bc'n written. ____ THK NEW-VOKK TR1BI NK offer. A PRIZE OF 230 in cash for tbe lot tory of the late War. written by a private soldier or sallor of the Union forces, or bv an oflleor nndor the rank of Colonel or Navy Captain, about 8,000 words In lengtb. relaung a thrtllinK iiiciaent, ratd, fluht. escape, adventure, or exuerionco. of whlch he himself wat a part or an ey wltaèsa. A PRIZE OF 100 will be givenfor tL secoud best ntory. Twenty flve or more of theM storie will be publlshed durlng 188e. Every ono accepted will bo pald for whether lt wlns a prlieor not Tlie best two will reoeive toe prues. PubUcatloa beitins January Oth. The competfüoa end July lst, 1886. AU niamiaorlpts carefully read. Premiums. Wood's HonsehoM Practlce of Medicine, two haadsoms volumes, prornsely lllustrsKMl; Wolwter's and Worcester's Unabrtdied Dlctlonarles ; KKJpath'i II lUBtrated History of ie Tnlted SUte; Yoonrii Concordaiice of the Blble; and the WaKrbnry WTateb. 8end for sample copy, whloh describes the premiums. TERMS. The Daily, 75 cents a month i $8.80 a yar. The Suday Tribune, lone, tl. 80 a year. The Sejni-Weklr. $2 60 h yi-ar, or 2.00 In clab. The Weekly, 1.M a Íem or tl 00 in clubs. Olve your subseriptloa to HÉ TRIBU NK'S local Club Agent, U there Is one. THE TRIBUNE, New-York. Wlien Baby wa lek, w (rT her C ASTOBIA When ahe was a Child, ahe crled fr CASTO BXa. When she beoarae Hias, she dong to C A9TOKI A Wb.a sa had Childnu, she gavtthtoa CABT'A


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