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Mr. Editor. - We ask space enoiigh in your columns to cali the attention of tlmse who have it in their power, aud wkose duly it is to see that the streets of this city are at least partially protected, after darle, from the muny dangcrs tliat all lonely, dismal and unlighted localities are heir to. Now, in some of the " notnriously wicked " large cities, we are infonned, the thieves, blacklegs and higliway-meu must seek the by-ways and uiiinhabited places to ply their vocation; but, in the classic city of Aun Albor this is and would be muiecessnry, for, after nifjlit closes in upon us it would be bard to √ľnd a spot (over 20 rods from the electric lijrhts) wblch would not be well ailapied for the prosecution of thelrdeeds of darkuess. Nor, is this al!? Is the city blameless? Is the city nrt liable for any accident whicb may occur on its strccts on account of insufficient light? Now, we know, il is dangerous for any person to drive down the streets of this city after dusk, especially down Detroit street withiu ten or fifteen minutes of tnilu time, on iiceount of no attempt whatever of the city authorities to lijjlit the uiain Uioioughfiires of the city, and the cotisequently blind and reckless drivna of some of thu haok ililiniia


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