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The G. A. R. Camp-fire

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ne camp me ana uook presentación, given by Welch Post, G. A. R., at the opera house last Friday evening, was i success in every way. Nothwithstanding the vcry inclement weather, the boose was filled full. The programme was an entertainlng onc, the only objection beIng the lungth - the boys always feeling af raid that tlie pcuple won't get their two shillin' worth, and so putting too man; attractions on the board. The singing b; the male quartet was good, several ])atri otic airs being rendered in a way to mee the approval of even the "gallery god?, while the instrumental music by th Hay dn band, (composed of high schoo boys) surprised everybody, by ts exee] lence. The tableaus, under the supervisión o Capt. Manly, we re excellent representa tions of the old battle scènes they wer intended to represent, the only criticisn being the briefness of the time allowec the audience to look apon tlietn. Thi was caused by the positions tliat had to be assumed by a few of the participant it being Impossible to maintain thein bu a second or two. The scène trom the Beid of Gettysburg-, where the gallan 4th Michigan lost its colors, and brave Col. Jeffords his llfe, waeagTand tableau Capt. Campbell's introuctory reniarks nn also rood. In the ronding by Mr. Garrigues, slu laboUed innlerthedisadvantasre of having a selectioti in whieh the audience couk not interest itseif, and consequently were a Irifle restless and noisy. Capt. Francis Brownell, the man who shot the naurderer of Col. Ellaworth, the iir.-t man to lay down his life in the Unloi canse, was p resent and L;ive an excellent KCltatiOB, in memoi'y of tlie old soldieii The speech of Col. John Atkmson, o Detroit, was in enlogy of the late Gen George 11. McClellan, ander whom lie servid, and in regard to whom lie gave gave sonie items of history not generalij known. The Kecord Book, the object of which, together with the nnines of the doneis, luis been given in these columns, was presented to the post by President Angelí, who spoke in euology of the brave privates whose sacritiees were no less great, and whose mertti were u deservin}; as the great generala whose namea faroe had made inmortal in our nlstory. Hls remarks were eloquent and well received. Tothls Col. H. s. Deaa, oommanderoi the post, responded in a brief addreaa, his words being well cliosen and erldently heartfelt. The old soliliers oould not en.jov a cainp-flie unless there WM lome mlrth about it, and contequently, J. K HarkIni was Bandwiched in türuugh tlie evening's progranime, and he never fails. lic always "DiinffS down the house," dress circle M well as pilleries, and mits the entire audience in a happy frame of mind. He is simply inimitable; and raie of tht' best drawing cards Aun Arbor can produce. The awkward f([iiad under command of Capt. Sid Millard did well, especially the fellow who got down on hiït knees to lift the gun 011 his shoulder every time the order "shoukler arme' wal given. Uut tor piize drillinji Co. A, ander tbe command of Capt. Schuh, tooh the audieuce. Themembeis of that organización went throup;h with scirae very difücult and some very beautiful inovements, eliciting words of praise from ill who had the pleasure ot seeing them. The boys may well leel proud oftheir achievementa, and Aun Arbor ghould feeJ proud of such vrell-drllled soldier. Ayer'sSarsaparilla tboronghly cleanses the blood, Btlmulatea the vital functioiis, and restores the health and strength. No one whose blood is iinpure OM feel well. There is a weary, languid feeling, and ¦often a sense of dlscounijfement and deipondenOT. Persons having this feeling should take Ayer's Sarsaparilla to pnrify and vitallze the blood. There is si fmnlly in this city who lias every renson to believe tliat "it never Mini but t pours." One day last week all these mishaps occurred: One sou attciulhig the law departraent lud new silk umbrella which be took to lecturea with liim and placed in a seat by hia alde, this was taken by a nother student (in niisiako ol course), but failed to be returned. In the afternoou he went down to the river and beforc goin hoiight liira a new waterproof coat and lint wbicb he left in a boat house while going out for a row. Vhen he returned both were gone. Tlie panie day a sister attendtng thu high school liad u new pair of rabben teken f rom the oloak room. In the afteruoon anotlier sister went out to :i neighbori for a ohat, and upon returolng bonifi found that the pel dog had u.-cil a brand new bonnet tor h plaything In her absence and had toni t il] to pieoe, liad luck didn't propoae to show any partiality I ix that fainily. 'i' have reoelved two ha ndsome volumes entitled: "William Lloyd Garrlson; the History of hls Life, told by his Children." These volumes conlain about 500 pages euch, are publlshed by the Century Publislniifr Co., at 2.50 per volume, and sold by tubscription, ('has. M. Arnolil bfinn; the agent for Michigan. A review of tbc boon will be givcn next week. A Tliauksgiving children's service was held at St. Andrew's cliurch last evening, and was an enjoyable occasion. The services consistid oftlnging ofharvest Lome solios by the children, and presentations by the classes of emblema, with the recitation of appropriato verses. The rector made a short address, and afterwardi cream and cake were served, and a joyous social time had.


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