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Aun Arbor Post Office. Aun Arbor Time. Office Houn : Oeneral 7:30 . m lo 8:00 p. m Hundí.;::." 9:00 to 10:00 ..m. loüliiK ud openini of .Tlall. Malla Olote- OOINO BAST. Lockpouchto Detroit - - .SiiS' mDeiroít 4 Urand Raptds K. P. 0 10:30 . m. Detroit Chicago R. P. O -.. 6:15 p. m. Kí. br.e rtiver 4 Chicago R. P. O. 6:00 p,m. 4. i ' R. P. O 8.00 p. m. QOINQ WEST. Detroit, Jnckson A Nllee. 9:15 a. m. Detroit Chicago R. P.0 1(f m' Detroit (Iraní Kapids.... _ 5:15 p.m. Detroit JE Chicago K. P, O - 8:00 p. m. QOINU NOKTH. South Lyon 4 Toledo R. P. O :40 a. m. UOlNU BOUTH. Lock Pouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m. SoulU Lyon Toledo R. P. O 3:00 p. m. MAILS DI8TRIBUTBD (Eaxtern.) Detroit Chicago R. P. O.. 7:45 a. m. üetruit malí mDeuoit Chicago K. P. 0 11:) a. m. Detroit Grana Kaplds :40 p. m. (Western.) Detroit Chicago K. P. O ,7,:4$-m. Detroit Urand Kapídü 11, Oa.m. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O, 6:40 p. m. (Northern.) Sonth Lyon Toledo R. P. O. - 8:30 p. m. (Southern.) 8onth Lyon & Toledo R. P. O 11:00 a. m. Lock pouch trom Toledo - 7:45 p. m. Ann Arbor Whitmorc Lake mail close 9:30 .. m., aua U "trlb 40&-buFFri p Dated.Jnly 1,1885. rrlenda or The Conrler, who havf bnslness at the Probate oort. wlll p lease request Jndse H arriman to end their Prlntlns to thls office.


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