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The "gentleman Burglar "visits Ann Arbor

The "gentleman Burglar "visits Ann Arbor image
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A bo'.d, Bliek robbery was coiuinitted last Sunday at the house 1 Rcv. K. H. Steele, on S. Fifth st While the fomily and all other occupants were absent at church in tbe morning, a dandy looklng cbap was seen to go to the front door and ring the bell, to which no one replied. ThU was what waa desired. He went around to the side door uulocked it with a key in liis possession, and wentthrougb tbe house, securing $40 in mom-v, and some watchesand jewelrv, in all amounting to about $200. The house of Rev. W. W. Ramsay was ulso raided Sunday morning. Just after the family had gone to church, a very Bliek looking young man rang the bell and the servant going to the door he told her that he had agreed to walt there for his raother so to accorapany her to church. Of courne, the slick young man was invlted to a seat in the parlor and tbe servant went about her work. After a lapse of half an hour perhaps, the servnot thouglit alie would look in upon the young man to see how he enjoyed waiting so long, and as ehe entered the hall met iiim, but he was prepared for the occasion, and said he was just going to wrap at the door to let her know that he wouldn't wait any longer, and aeemed very much disappointed because of bis mother's non-appearance. 80 he passed out, tut it was noticed that instead of going Co church he turned up Ann street, to the east. This arouscd guspicion and the girl loeked about the house but eould flnd nothing missing. Afier the family returned froin service the incident was related, and a guest from Detroit, Mrs. Howell, went up-staire and found that her purse had been stolen toeether wlth a ticket to Detroit over the Mlch. Central. This was about all the thlef secured. These are about the boldest pieces of work Ter don in Ann Arbor.


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