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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. QUALITY AND PRICE MAKE THE DRITE. Good money and good Cloaks are changing hands liere daily and at a rapid pace, because of the confidence. We are detenniiied to Increase the trade of every past seasun. Think of buying a Plust Cloak with as mucli confidence as a yare of mualin. That Is what trade is coming to here. Misses' Cloakg, such an assortment as no other house bas (is that of any account) ? Can't afford to gi?e any more particulars, it would flll the paper It is an educatiou to Wander through the Cloak tanglc and listen to the story. 25 Black and Brown Newiuarkets trimmed with Astrachan $11.00, last week $15.00. 20 Boucle Newmarkets, Extra quality, handsomely trimmed, $9.00 last week $14.00. 20 Mattelesse Newmarkets trimmed with Astrachan f 10.00, last week f14.00. 15 Plain Beaver tailor made Newmarkets 12.00, last week 16.00. In Plush Cloaks we undersell tin m all Ilow do we do it f We give you reliablc goods. We give you a perfect fit. Wc givc you stylish ganneuts. We guarantee all we seü. Plush Cloaks from 1 2.00 to $60.00 These are illustrations of the great Stocks with which we are equipped for the Winter Trade, and tuey speak of our idea of cheapuoss with trustworthiness. Queer tuinble. American Black, Gros Grain Silks of several kinds, down from 20 to 50 cents. They were low before. Prices Leut Week : Price Thü Week : 75e. 60c, $1.50. $1.20. 1.75. 1.50. 3.50. il.OO. The strictly fashionable Driss Goods are Homespuns. We sell the 54-inch, beit quality for $1.00. Last week 1.25. Also the thick rough goods, If you haven't seen them here. you scarcely will see them in Aun Arbor, as a Store that has hut liitle Trad can't touch them. The ¦cheapest Dress Goods in the store is our Colored Tricots at 50 cents, valued at 65 and 70 cents. The next is our 80 cent Cashmere at 60 cents. The next is probably our $1.00 Ladies' Cloth at 75 cents. The cheapeBt collection of Blankets in the county is here. We piek out the cheapest of them all. Two yards and a half in width, fiye pounds of wool - no there's half a pouad of cotton warp in it, and yet the nap ao covers the blankct you will look in vain for the cotton warp except In the border. This blauket will cost you $5.00 a pair. We have blankets at a dollar a pair, and they are the best valué you can get for the money. If you are going to buy a blanket, buy one big enough. The most extravagant blauket is the stingy one that Iets you take cold in the n ght. This flve dollar blunket stands for what we are after. There is blanket wisdom n it. There's housekeeping wisdom. There's economical wisdom. There's every sort of wisdom a blauket can hold. All this is said with the dea that you are reading, are wise. Horse blankets cheaper than ever. The Oüly place you will find a strictly allWool Horse Blanket, 80 cents a pound. BACH & ABEL JfL OUR. m FXmous FINE KID BUTTON- GOM. 8EN8E OR OPERA LASTS, FLEXIBLE SOLES, NICELY TRIMMED AND STAYED. THE BEST SHOE EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY AT LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS. ALL S1ZES AND WIDTHS. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. KOODSPEED'S.rS GRAND OPERA HOUSE! ONE NIGHT ONLY. FEIDAY EVE'G, NOVEMBER 27th. MESTAYER'S EVER POPULAR TOURISTS! _ IN A Pullman Palacs Car The Great Comtc Boom. A CYCLONE OF FUN, The Ureatest Musical Extravaganza ever prodaced. POPULAR PRICES, 35, 50 and 75. Reserve Seats now ou Sale at Boughtou's I'iwt-omco News Depot. TUK OOI 12NOIJGII" JL. ""tf-- I.ampH are fjf ilir Without tlftíS ifo '"f th" "¦ BhÜ itfflfl thefllllngtube adjuating t o uit helghth BrNnnrHní Thi '" th" FAMILY CAN ever oflTered to the public. FAMILY OIL CAN. EVERY FAMILY SHOÜLD HAVE ONE. MANUFACTURE D BV $infl4d iUamifacturhiQ Wc, No Dropping Oil on the Flooror Table: No Faucet to Leuk or egt k nocked open to waste Contenta or cause Explosions. No Torks to Lose, doses Perfectly Air Tight. Ko Leakagc- No Evaporntlon- Alisolutcly Pafe. A 1 Tlluilil lloiiKllioltl Ni Ci'.-Klt V. For Sale in Ana Arbor by C. C. Warner, S. J. nauingartner. Henry W'elscli. C. Eberbach. H. ö. Hom, F. Q. Scblelfber. Klnsey dkScabolt. 1271-138-4. Having tliorouglily repaired our milis, and put in the most modern machinery, we are makinp the very best quality of patent process flour. Dean & Co. are our agents for Ann Arbor. They will delivcr tliis flour at our prlce. Try it and you will use it. Friis & Minnett Buos. 1270-76 Proprietors of Saline milis.


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