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WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED. In Sheep, Russiaand Turkey Bmdings. Tho Unabridged is now nuppliod, at a aumll aJditional oost, with DENISON'S PATENT REFERENCE INDEX. "Theereatest improvement In book-making that nas been made in a huiulred yi-ars." The Cut gi vee but an incomplete idea of ita util ity THE STANDARD. N X!"T'Wfbter- 't hs 118.000 Word, XXjX 3OOO EnBraviiiKS, nnl New Hioprapliicul lictionary. fflXnC Standard in Gov't Printing Office. JLXIJCl 32,000 copies in Public Schools. Sale 30 to 1 (¦( nv other sitíc. PlPdfUaifltoniako a Family intelliirpnt. rV % 1W si help tor SCHOI.AKS, TEACHEK9 and SCHOOLS. Webster is Standard Authnrity with tho l'. S. Suprema Conrt. Kerommendpd I'V the SrntH Sup't of Schools in 30 States, and by over SO College Presidenta. "A UBRART IN ITSEU." The latoht vütidii, in the qiiauuiv of mattf-r it contains, is hohovoj to 1 tlio lafgntt vnluma pubHnhod. It Das 3000 moro Word In t ro cahulnry than aro found in ir.yi.ther Am. Wofy, and nearly 3 timos tho numler of Engraring. It ia the het practical Englih Dlctlonarjeitant - ImVm Quartnly Rniev. It is an ever-present and reliable liooiluaster to tlie wliolo famtly.- ,s'. S. Jlerald. C. k C. MERRIAM 4C0., Pub'rs.Springfield, Mus. ÁTITlTriTl S'ind x CMté tor poettige. IJ IJ I ƒ II aud recelve fre-, contly box r fl I ƒ n of iood whci "ill hiili) yon I I #11 J_tomoremoni'yrLht ay than """inytl.lnK the in Ihin world. All, of elther sex, succütd from ürd hunr. Tbe broad road to fortune opent bi'loru the workern, ¦ luolutcly snre, Al once idiircK.i. TnuK & Co., Augusta, Malne. V f f C f f in presentí, gtvtn away. VI II I II cna " 5 cents potajte,and t 1 1 1 1 1 by mail yu wilf Ket fret a ULIUUUU !'Bckai;e of gooda "f lrge T u!uu ralne, that wil] start you in work that will at onco brin you in mony l'astt r than anything elue in America. All ahont th'$200,000 In present; wuh ench box. AKents wantc uverywhere, of elther sex, of all asrc. Ut uil tlie time, or spare time only, to work for dh at their ownbomes. Forlones tor all workers ahsolutelv (fnred. Don't delay. II. Hallktt C., i'ortand, Malne. An End to Iione Scriipiiiir. Eihvard Shepherd, of H:irii.slim;r, 111., sav8 : "Haviiifr rtceived .o mtich benefli from Electric Bitters, I teel it my iluty to let 8tiffering liuraanity know it. Have bad ii running sore on my le for ei;:lit years; my doctors told me I would have to have the bone scraped or leg nmpntated. I used, instead, tb ree bottle en Eüectrlo Bitters and seven boxes Bucklen's Árnica Salve, and my leg (¦ now sound and well." Electric Bittors are nold at fift.y cents a bottle, bik] Bockten'e Árnica Salve at 250 i)er box by Ebf rbnch & Son. Matthew "Walker, of New Centervllle, Chester county, Pa., has entircly recovered frora a broken neck, suetaineri by being thrown from a wagon. Physicians said bis life coulrl not be saked, but slowly the injury heuled itself, and now Mr. Walker has complete use of his neck. BTIiere Is no otber journalist in Pliiludelphia who owns a trottfng horse equal to the famous pair belonguig to Mr. Sinter of the Record. He also owns the best Holstein cow in the world. "Quinsy troubled me fortwenty yeara. since I started usinj Dr. Tbomas' Eclectric Oil, have not bad an attack. The Oil cures sore throat at onct." lLxi. Ltta Conrad, itaudJib, Mleb.


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