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W. TREMAIN, ÍHBM Jiü! OFFICE, Oyer Caspcr Rinsey's Grocery Store OOR. HU KON AND FOURT11 8TS., North British Insurance Co. Of London nmi Edinburg. 'X]nta!, $13.000,000, Gold. Detroit Klre :unl Marine Insurance Co. Vmti Ateets $600,1X11). Springflrid Ins. Co. of ]f Asmtchnsetts CY.fh Aasets f 1 ,800.000. Howanl Ihs. ('oinpanr oT New York Cash siati $1,000,000. Agricultura! Ins. Co., Watertown, N.T. Cash Afsefg $1,200,000. Ml T.lberully Adjusted and I'romptly Pald. AGENTS WANTEDMi fSPYOFTHE REBELLION." T-owaflUngbythe icnsntfaiuiandi! N o competí, tion. Oalybookof ii.-ï kind. The 'SPY"rTeaJi many Kerels of the var sover before pnbllibrd. A fraphio account of the conspiracy to ainuinata Íncola. Fcrilous experleaces of onr FDmi Bpiks in tho Rebol Capítol; their brroio bnrai fully reeountod in theao vivid sketches. Th "8py" Is the most thrillin war book ever piïblished. Endorsed by buudreds of Prau aud Aonta' testimoníala. A luga kaoj¦ome book. 688 pages; L0 iUnatrations. tarACENTS W ANTEDI AOENTS Í7TI1Í8 book Ís outtclling all othen. Overonehundred thousavd applicationaforaxeQciM have been roceived. Wa have many agouui wlio Lavo eold tem two to five hundred copia. The "8PY is aold only by oni Afrent, and can not be found In bookaton ¦. H'lla to merebants, farmers, mecbanica.and tvtry. body, Abaolutely the eaóest book to teil ever k.iojnt Wowantonoaeentln every Grand Arrnv Pc-jtandinevery townnhipandcountyln theü 3 Por fnll partlnilars and íírm o aoenti adilress Q. W. CAIUTON & CO., Fubliaaer, New Xoü Tbe most popular Weekly ntwspaper daratad toscience, mechanics, enKineerinc discnveriM, inVKutinna and patonts over published. Every norab illustrsted with splaDdïd eiik-rimnm Thla pnblication fnrnishcsatnostvalujble enCToloptdia of infermation which no person tnould be witbont. Tho popularity of the scientific Amfricak ia such that its circulatioD nearly nquaU tuat of all other papers of ita clasa comhined. Pric, $120 a yoar. Discount toClubs. Sold hy all newsdealera. MUNN 4 CO., Publisher. No. 361Broadwíy. N. Y. ¦"'"' 1W sVIm Munn ('o. havo VVAI tNTS alw haiThlriy¦ ¦¦¦m practice betora Hthe Patent Office and have pnpared Bi ¦¦moro than One Hundred Thou ¦ sand application for patenta in tho ¦-¦F United States and foroign countrirv ¦F Cavoat. Trade-Mark, Copy-riRht. ¦ Autgnments, and all other paper for ¦ securinf to inventora türir ndhts in tb ¦ United States. Canada, Kngltnd, Franc. ¦ Uermanp and other foroigo countries. pre¦ parod at hort not ico and on roaaonabie torms. HB Information as to obtaininp: r.jtcnts cheer¦ fully givcn without oharge. Hind-bookf of ¦" information ent fre. Patenta ontatnM throuph Munn A (. are noticed in the fccientitic Americnn lri. Tho adantaKO of such noticeis woll un(cr'tmid by all persous wbo wih todupoae of tbeir patentl. Addros MUSN CO, OJBc Bainirio A!ffllCJjr. OT Broadway. Vtm Trk.


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