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APV'CEM ot the s:d fiorn Liondon state tüat i ten-ible cyclone had swept over the Phillippine Islands. Over eight thousand buildings were destroyed and twenty-two persous killed. In Bengal 5,000 people were irowned and 150 villages swept away by a syclone, and 1,241 square miles in the moors Bedabad and Uuddea districts were devastated. A mob took Irwin Grubb, an alleged murierer, from the jail at Pineville, Mo., on the nigbt of the 21st and hanged him. Navigation at Montieal closed on th ilst. The export of cattle tor the season was 6100 head. The opinión prevailed in Europe on jh 22d that the Powers were about to intervene and stop hostillties in the Balkans. rhe battle-Leld at Slivnitza was still strewn with dead or wounded soldiers, the medical and ambulance corps of both armies being insufficient to meet the de mnnds upon them. Rev. Henry Ward Beecber, in a sermón on the 23d to the memory of H. B. Claflin, stated that the dead morchant left $1.000,000 to privatf chn.


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