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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thispowdernever varíes. A marvel of purity, fitreuth and wholcsoraeness. More eoon om leal t 1ih.ii the ordlnary kinds, and cannut soul Ui ,..iiiiiii(,ii wlth tha muit iludo Of ow tesl, short welght, aluin or pliosphate sowders. soid only in cnns. Korailiaklnc Powdar i'o.. KM Wall st.. N.V. SYfSCALÖLOl CLEANSED, PURIF1ED AND BEAUTIFIEI) BY THE OUTICURA REMEDIES. IriORCleansingthe Skin and Scalpof Dieflgiirlng 1 üinh ilMiuor?,furallHj íuk Itchlug, Buruingand li. tl uum ttioii, lor curing tbe flrsi symptomB ui i, Pturlaals, Mtlk Crust, Cald llead, Scrolnla uul iitüur iuherited t-kin and blood disease, Culi¦iir.i. tbc great Skin Cure, and Cmlcura Sof.p, uu exqulllte skin tteautitter, externally, and Onilcma U''iolveat( the new Blood Purifier, luturnally are mmüiole. Abaolutely pure. NAUCrHT BUT GOOD. We h been aeluiJK jour Cüticüka Keukmks Tor the past thre or toar yearf, and have never nearü auia Uut good word in tbeir favor. Yuur i ia boapu decideuly ihe best peiling1 me dciii'il 8i,iji we hand Ie, and ia highiy prtzed bere lor iu duutüiou atid flofteninü effect upoo the sklo. J. CUFTON WUKAI'Jr., v lucbeter, Va., UrDggisU THE LAKWEST SALE. lmii saien oi umtcura are us ittre, n noi mrer. ihan any medicine we teil ; and we nsuure you that wc uever bad i single instauce in which the piir.-hHrUT wa dieiMlefled. Ah to ourSoap, we can suil no other, everyhotly wants Cuilcnra. MILLKK & CHAHMAN, l.uni-, ti,;i, Mo. DruggistB. SALT RHEUM CCKEI). Two oí tne r. oret capes oí tíalt Rheum I ever paw wcre enred by your Uutlcura Remedie, and their ¦élesezceud tBOteofall oihir llke remedies. I scil etj littto . auy uther medicinal soap then ita UKO. A. ANTUONY, Kewanee, 111. Druggiat. BABBER'S ITCH CDRED. I hmve bt'cü BttlliDg vuur CuLicura Remedies for tlu' last stï yearr, und" 1 flnd tbat tbey glve unlveraal nuil-ff ctimi. They cured me oi a very suvert cup e of Barbei's ltch when other remedes lailed. W. C. ANDKiSWS, Druïgist, Coktland, O. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIBE THEM. TbsOnUeara Komedies are excellent remedies for all skin uiscanes. CLTirüRA REMEDIES, are sold by all clruKf;ita. Prlce: Ccnclha, 50 Ot.; üesolvïnt, SI; Soap, 2öcts. l'repared by the IVitkr Ukuq and Chiiiul Co., Boston, Ma(. Srnd lor "Hom to i-ure Skin DlaeaMrN" ft? TTT55 Pimplea, Skin Blemlabsa and Baby UTXy U iO9 II i.üioi - cured bj Cuticara Soap. CATARRH „-SSi rpnE Great Balsamlc Dis,í=í?"'Qr tilhition ol WitchHaie!, Vwfe-'"' Tl( American Pine Casada Kir, ¦W'V-íí,. ifW Marigold.Clover Blosiom )-vi-"Vj; etc., called Manford'H ¦ "SÍHJ Madlcal Cure, for the Lmi jfif' '"mediale relief and perÍ4 sWí mauent cure of everj form S ' J ot Catarrh, from a simple ' ' - p Uold in the Hiiid to Lob of ¦' Smcll, Tftsle and Hearing, Congh and Catarrhal Consumptivn. Complete truatment, consistlnï of one bott'e K.i.iical Cure, one box Solvent and oiie Improved Inbaler, In one package, may now be had of all Dragaist for J1.00. Ask for SANKOltD'3 ItADICAL CUKE. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. "Thü only absolute speclñc we know of."-ei. Times. "The bist we hye found In a lifetime of [nffertnjr."- Rn. Dr. Wéggln, Boston. "After a !oni? atruu'U'le with Catarrb the Radical Cuki bas conuii'-ied."- Rev. S. W. Monroe, LewUburg, Pa. I have n.iUc.nnd a case that it did not relieve at oucv."--Amirew Lee, Manchesier, Mats. a"7 MUST OIVE VP, I cannot bear tbis pain; I ache all overoud nothiug I try doen me any good." Back-ache. weaknew, l'terine palnü, Sorenefs. Lamoiii's, Hacking Couuh, Pleuriny md chest pain curud by that new, orlgnu elegant antidote to pain and inflaiumation the Cf'IcrRA Anti-Pain Pi.aStek. Kpecially adaptad to ladles by reason of lts delicate, (dor and eentle medicinal action. At Drugelets 25c Í 'vo%r 1. Malled free by Potmu lBDa AND ClIEBICAI. CO.. HOStOIl, MaS. scores ElüUüiUI OF PURE COD LIYERODL And Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda Almost asPalatableas MHk The only pn-paratlon of CO pihü canbe tikeu reaüily and tolerated for lom "¦ .,4f7iTr&.' ¦-"ns. anamTITWfT-nr.-i-nv: roiuis AM THBUA'rAfi nTTTglLj:- "-U'sT'v; "'s"ltPKIt8 llli,ii:i ¦¦'"'- ¦¦..¦ -nu in lumnlt. hUcrlbod and endonad Vy II ïët AJlMK ""fÖTsaLE BY ALL 0RUGQIST8.' Mmore money than at anythiDg else by tak forth best selllng book out Beginner, sucoecd K.nndly. None fall. Terms frte. Hallbtt Book Co., Portland, Malnc. TTT-IT O for workinz people. Send 10 cents li I 1 postaife. and we wlll mail you ree t H H I F rnyal, valuable ampie box ot goods I lal ihai will put you tu the way of mata J-llJJ-1 ing more money in a few days tban yon everthongM posible at any buiiness. Cap tul not nuulred. Yon can live at home and work "¦ spare urne only. or 11 the time AUol 1 both ui of all age, grundly uccefal. ö cents to ï,'i "I veolng. That .11 wbo want v irk miiT test the bostueia, we make tbl onpar. .VlJl -d off: To all who ate not well satlsfledwe wl ïenu $1 to pay for the trouble of writlng us. Poll rticulare. directlona, etc, aent free. Immenae Ray ahsoluwly ar. fr H _ho t"t at once Don t dalay Addr. Sti!uomCo, Portland, Malu


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