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Chas. H. Ball of Webster, died Nov. 25th, aged 37. Chelsea is to indulge in a Franklin Square library. No CUriatniaa tres ftt tti it. E. CluirHi ín Salem this yeitr. Leander Easton has moved from Chelsea back to his farm in Lima. One eider mili at Milán has used up over 10.000 bushels of apples this fall. The Lima Sunday school is to be held at the parsonage hereafter each Sunday p. ui. Jas. Hannuli, of Dexter, returned from liis hunting1 expedition with two tine deer. Ellsworth Hyder, of Salem, was married recently to Miss Eva D. Carr, of Fowlerville. The Nortli Lakers show their excellent íood sense by keeplng up a tlourishing lyceum. Edgar Doyle, of Jackson, and Miss Leha E. Ouerin of Dexter, were married Nor. lfltu. The winter term of school in Dist. Xo. 8, Lima, opened the 2'M, with P. J. Le liman as teacher. Leander Kanton hns purchased the farm of Chas. Guerin, of Lima, who will remove to Chelsoa. At North Lake hogs are said to be dyIng in their pens without cause, unlees it be bccause of low prices. Mercy, what a cyclone country ! There are said to bo about 1,500 bushcls of bcans yet to thresh around North Lake. Frank Green and wife of Pittsfield have moved to Ypsilanti to reside, leaving the farm in charge of Charles, their son. Some of the young ladies ia Ypsilanti liave formed a society to learn to cook, and cali it " La Coterie de la Cuisine," with 17 raembers. 400 pounds of dresaed meat from two pigs, aged six months, is a pretty good story; but nevertheless a true one. Next. - Brighton Citizen. Emanuel Forsyth. of Pittstleld, raised 355 bushels of beets otf of 55 square rods of ground, or 1000 bushels or over to the acre. Who can beet that ? The leg-rot is a new disease araong hogs in some locaiities. It begins in the toot aud gradually works up to the knee.when the porker dies. - Pinckney Dispatch. Chelgea Company haveshlpped to New York 275 barrels of ponltry -iuce the season opened. One day they paid out over $1,700 for live fowls.- Herald. THe Ulules ut lüc ruru iliurrli, 1t Öu perlor pleced a hiindsonie qnilt, valued at f 50 , and put it up to be Tnteti for by sevral candidates. Airs. E. M. Cole was tlie lucky won. Avery enjoyable concert was g-I ven by the members of the Dixboro Sun day school at the Dixboro cliurch last Suuday evening. It was well attendud and gave the utmost satisfaction. Alvln, a 9-year oíd son of H. J. Datia of Leroy, last week made a record for himself by huskiug 32 bushels of corn in one day - and that Is not all, he s:iys he can do it every day. - Stockbridge Sun. Tbe Lyceum at North Lake has chosen Ihe following oflicers for the year; President, K. S. Whalian; vice president, Geo. Querin; secretary, Win. H. Qlenn ; treasurer, C. V. Watts, with a full list of com mittees. Jacob Waltz, of Lyndon, broke both tones in his left arm while carrying a 20ajallon crock down stairs, last TüureUay. He slipped, and his arm was crushed between the crock and the wall. - Chelsea Herald. The merchante of the village have agreed to close their places of business, at elght o'clock, town time. This arrangement will give the business men a little more time for aocial enjoyment and readiug. - Saline Observer. North Lake is to have a railroad - a branch of the Central from Dexter to Mason and Lanslng. - Chelsea Herald. How? When 1 Where ? This must be one of the paper railroads, cli ? It is astonishing how onany thrngs thcy do make out of paper thcsi; days. Prof. H. W. Brown, of Ypsilanti, whose cat once run across the outside porch of President Cleveland' great-grandinother'a cousin on his unciera side, has gone to Washington to get the position of doorIceeper on the strength of it. He may turn from Brown to gray before it is did. Jacob Reichert, treasurer of Scio township, will be at the couuty treasurer's office, Ann Arbor, on the second Thursday, and every Thureday thereafter during the month of December, and at Gregory & Sou's bank, Dexter, each Saturday duriug the same month, to receive taxes. - Dexter Leader. Saline ha a number of bicycle enthtiBiasts, whoiaake good use of the riñe roads In this section when they are in good wheellngcondition, but the raiiin this fall have ciiu.-fil the wheels to disappear. B. P. DaTeiiort, cashier at the bank, uses his wheel dally in traveling to and fro bctweeu hia residence and his place of business. - Observer. The liberality of some men is like unto the undercruht of a pumpkin pie baked in au oven that doesn't heat on the bottom. Just listen to this, from the South Lyon Excelsior: " We found a 2-cent lead pencil, the otlier day. The owner can liave the same by calling at this office describina property and paying for fadvertiseraent, which at 5c. per line, amounts to 30 cU." A G. A. R. post has been started at South Lyon, witli 19 conirades, nained Stansill post, and the following ofllcers chosen: Commander - W. A. vVeathcrhead; Sen. více commander - Marshall Korden: Jun. vice commander - A. C. Washburn; quartermaster- J. T. Hodgeman; surgeon- H. Force) officer of the day- ChalettCalkins; oflicerof tlieguard -II. C. English. Tbe wlilstle, on the pay train ofthe Wivbash soumis like uu Solían üurp with the roouthplece sprung. Thero ure imra of suhscrlbers ou our oooks who have not ptdd anytbtng on the Journal aluoe 11a estubllshi ent ; ir rneats subsorlber only had awlilsile like the Wabavti, It would not sound ho Incompatible just now.- Mllan Journal. Why don't you man the brakes with D. Bill, p d. q., and toot so loud in their ears that it will make the rims of them eringe, tlmt if they don't pay their fan-, they'll be iut off the train mighty sudden ? Tliore is no doubt that Milán has as gooi a showing for natural gas as Toledo or any othor town in this neck of woods, the actual article having been discovercel on the farm of A. H. Kinear, about one raile from the villago, a number of years ago, when borinit for a well. The tale then told, ia that the gas shot up with tremendous force and ñame, and tbat Mr. K . and fainily were so terrifled with the noisc that the well had to be stopped oft' with rookï.- Mllan Journal. Capt. Isaac Savery, fatlier of G. C. and I. P. Savery. was boni at IMymoutli, Mass., May 10, 1786, and married Temperance Cornish In 1S09. [Ie died in 1308, and his wife in 1872. Th'o result of tiiis marringe was 12 chiUiren, 10 of wlioin are now living, and tlicir aggregate agei are 608 Jcais. Thcir nnmvr aml nges ar aa ful. lows ; Hiinnah 78 years, Clarisa, 72. ;(. C. 70, Temperance GS, Louisa 66, siarah 64, Lucinda 03, Isaac P. 59, Amanda 58, Mary B., the youngest, 52 years - Dexter Leader. Boys will liavc tlieir fnn, but in the light of a more sage experienoe don't prove so funny as they suppose. Last Saturday nifrht the sign on Dr. Kinne's residence was taken off and put upon Mr. Thornton's house opposite. ïhey then proceeded to play summoning a physician. But Mr. and Mrs. T. not underatandlnf, the program fniled to respond.- Yps. Commercial. Now if tliat happened in Ann Arbor, wliat a racket thcre would liave been over it, eh ? The " fnn " would have been termed vandalisui ihen. Even Saline has n eider and jelly mili. -Courier. Certalnly, and lias liad the saine for a nuinber of years, and Messrs. ¦ Barf it Son do a large business, whicli ill fa vorably comparo with any mili In the county. But, why tbe tarcaam In the above Item f It can't be that Ann Arbor isjealousof Saliue and lts industries. - Observer. No sarcasm intendcd, we assure you. We siraply dosired tu cal! tlie attention of a certafn editor to the fact that Ann Arbor wa? no exteption in that respect, and that in ctitlciglng thia place foiliavinccidcr milis, it rat critici.-iiij all its neihbors as well. Wliidnorc Lake Items. Seven persons liave joined tbe bookkeepingclass. Fifty-seven couplos at the Thanksgiving: dance at the Lake house. An entertainment will be given at the M. E. church Christmas night. A social will be held at the residence of E. Field iu Green Oak, Dec. llth. The literary society give their second recital at the M. E. cbureb, Frlday evenn, Dec. 4th. A very pleasaut social whs held at the residence of Geo. M. Fi-ld last Friday evening and a social society organlzed.