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Uur cstecineu coutemporary.tne Argus, takes u p the defense of its party in reranl to our article in lust week's issue a√ľout the old soldier becoining unfashlonable. Of course it was not a pleasant th nK to face, and soraething luid to be said excuslng it, just as norihent memben of tliat party since tlie war have been kept busy excusing or denying or defendlng Kukluxisui, tissue ballots and shot-gun elections. It bas always, however, stuck in the throats of honest nortbern democrats to countenance the mmders and violence of their southern brotbers, and we are sure tliey never would have done it if those votes bad not been necessary to party success. 15ut to come back to our inutton, is it not a bold tliiiir for the democracy to dispute the claim of the republicans of being the soldiers' (rienda f And is it not much more an exhlbitlon of rail when they try to malee uiy sane person believe they have put the Union soldiers into office, as they should have done? lu the scventeen states of tlie solid south we dare say there are not ten exUuion foldiers in an office of any account save those put there by tbe republican party, and these few remnants are now licing rapldly displaced by tiiose who fought to destroy the Union. ()n the othei hand, quite a different state of ftffaln obtains in the North, where for instaucc, In New York state at the last election, nearly all the candientes on tlie republlcan ticket were former delenden of their country. And that very f'act seems to anger the democracy, for they turncd in with extra zeul to Uefeat such a ticket, and to put in its place one headed by Hill, tbe former partner of Tweed. Here In our own state, the present Governor was a brave Union gener&l. The republicans, moreover, are continually imtting up for Consrress men like Col. Atkinson and Capt. Allen, only, it Menu, to be bitterly fought by such Wend (f) to the soldier as the democracy.


Ann Arbor Courier
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