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At a special meeting of tlie conimon council Monduy, the aldermen voted to jiive live of their nutnber a trip down to Hendiick's funeral at the expense of' the city. Now, as no such mark of honor had been paid to Gen. Grant or to Gen. Garlield, - men to whoni the country owed more than could be paid for their rallant defense or it,- or to llon. Z. Chandler, to whöm the state owed much - therefore it strikes the ordinary citizen of both partios aüke tliat this was a neat little scheuie to get a holiday at some one else's expense, i. e. at the tax-payers. For wtay should more respect be paid to a deceased vicc-president than was paid by the city to Grant and Garfield, both distinguished presidenta and generáis? Tlie people do not look with faror upou junkettng tours and they believe that public officials should notcatch upon too many perquisites or emolumenta at the public expense. This is especially truc when no good can come to the city thereby.


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