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The dcath of the vlce-president gives the filling of the vacancy to the Senate, lience discussion is arising as to the one upou whoru tliis unexpected honor will be conferred. The Senate has a republican majority and should of course have one to preside, who should be in accord wlth that majority. Now, inasmuch as Gen. l.ognn made so gallant a light for it last fall would it not by right be due to htm now. The bitterness of a personal campaign i'oiind no spot on him and. more than half of the voterg of this country Wltbed hhn in that position, which he lost throagh no fault of hi uwn. es, the price is being paid. It may have been a small price, bul the bargain is being carriedout, justthesame : Northvllle has a proMbition postmaĂ­ter. The unprecedeuted sale of reterved seats previou8 to the last Wednedj evenlng's lecture by Archdeacou Farrar sliowed that the hall wasto befilled witli a large audiencc. Many came from :i considerable distance to see and bear the eminent dean of Westminster, and tliey were treated to onc of the most scholarly discourses ever heard even in l uivnsiiy Hall. It was not wrilten as a popular lecture to gain applause, but ratliur to instruct and to impart an Inormsed regard for higher literature. In fact, all ot' his lectures are intensely didactic. He mlght have chosen a subject better suited to a large and mixed assemblage, but we are glad that he did not. For what good is attained, after all, from beinjr told what we already know, even tbougb ttie orator be golden-tongued who tells it to us? For neaily two liourslie toni oriante"s poema, and although his voice is monotonous and his range of gesture conflnctl to the style known as "pump-handle," yet he held the close atteution of all by his polished an classic periods. In ppearanee he is young-looking for a man of 53 years- tall In figure, kind and intellectual in expresaion, large in nose, mouth and hand?, and withal a man of easy dignity andj erldent strength of chara eter. TUE RECEl'TION. After the lecture a reception was givcn him at the home of Prof. Monis under the auspices of Hobart Guild. The fortĂșnate guests were introduced to him, but could not, to their graat regret, long enjoy his company, inasmuch as he had to tuke the H", Y. express to Detroit, where he lectured the next evening. He iliil tliis In order to devote the day to work on his closing Xew York lecture, la which he is to give bis Impresiona of this country. The reception was i flellghtful one nevertheless.


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