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' Congress convenes next Mcmday. The Ypsilantinn stül feels bad about the : blowing up of the monument to Major Andre, the Uritish spy. The editor oí ' that paper needs vaceinating with Amcr ican patriolism. i The newspapers claim that President Cleveland will recoinmend in hia message the purchasing of the Sandwich Islands by the United Statea for $14,000,000. This country íb too unwieldly now, for its own good. What would the U. S. do with these islands should it conclude to purchase theni f But then, it would make a few more offices to be doled out. The Ovid Union is somewhat mixed on a name. but hits the mark just the same: "The Ypsilanti Commercial, whose edltor is the Itey. Mr. Patterson, says 'that Michiffan's present license law is the brat of the republican party, and it bugs its brat as a dear little darling.' Yes, and this same Patterson bas pawed the earth in defense of the republican party, when looking at it and its WOfk willi impivjudiced eyes. Among the books for the young which the Sunday News recommends is the Arabian Nights Robinson Crusoc, and Don Quixote. The last two are not so very bad (or so very good) but it' the News will condescend to meiition one redeemingquality possessed by the Arabian Nights it will do more thau the average reader ever imagined possible. The book is not only a lot of slush struug together, but much of it is unfit to put in the hands of the young. The Three Riveis Tribune propounds a eonuudruin : "One of our excuanges offered a premium of 5 ets. u bushei on all produce paid on subscription, another one proposes to go fi ve better and give his subscribers an udvance of 10 ets. per bushei and return the produce to the llrst delinquent who shall respoud. W should like to know wbat kind of cusses tbe papers carry on their subscription list, anyhow. He must be a mighty mean fellow who has to be bribed to pay his honest debts In produce." The republican papers In varióos sections of the state are trotting out gentlemen whoia thy think would make good candidatos for governor. Branch County papers insist that it should be a fleur de Luce, asitwere; up in Grand Traverse they want to know what is the matter with Hannah? In the upper península they would be pleased to shlp Chandler; the Saginaws would like to have Benton Ha(n)tch-ett; and with what Joy Detroit would send a Livlng-stone into the chair or l'alm-er off Gov. MeMUlan on to the people. In the meantime Flint is poking around with a Long pole in mighty close proximity to the persimons.


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