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How often do we beu i iii suddsn fatal teiniiiiatioi) ot a case ol oroup, wlieu a young lile milit have been saved iy the prompt use ui' A yt-r's ('herry Pectoral! Be WÍM! in liniu, and keep ;i bottle of it on hand, ready for iustaut use. Ice Cream Candies, Taliies, Carinéis Italian Creains, at 28 E. Huron streef. Try t li cm. All (Irutreist.s must register undur the new law by üec. 18tli. Purge out tbe lurking distempei that undiiiiiiiies liealth, and the constitutional vigor will return. Those wbo suffer froin au enfeebled und dlsordered state of the xystcm should take Aycr's Sawaparilla to cieanse the blood, and restore vitality. Have umi] Dr. Blgelow's Posilive Cure in myfamllj asa general coagUipediclim One of niy childreii was quickly reiiëveu of ii Bevere attack ofcróup by It Icfieerfullv recommend it. 11. L. CovelI.'Qrand Raplds, Mich. A WORD OF INTEREST TO ETEEI BODY. The COÜRIKR office lias rt-ccived witliin the pui few dajs n large iiivoice of new type and material for its job (lepaxtmenl. L'pwards of $500 worth of liew job t) pi' alone lias bccu addpd, raaktng it one of the lincst eqnlpped oillees in the state. We are propared to print in a neat and tasty inanncr aii) thinir in the line of commercial ,work. Oor merchants will li ere flnd a Urge line of' letter and note heads, bill heads, envelopcs, business cards, Individual rards, circulara and statïimery of every deseriptlon for their use, and at prlees that ill compete witb any to be obtained in eithcr Detroit or Chicago. Everythin;,' nciit and fasty, and warrantcd to gire satisfaclio. We make a gpeclalltj f line wor,k, and have a beautilul line of' i ilclini,stalionery. Party aud dance iiivitatious, programs for slippers and entertainments gotten up in the ncatest style of the printer's art. 1 coarser work, snch as dodirers, posters, hoase proirrams, anctlon bilis, etc., etc., the COÜRIEB olllcecan picase if any une can. Huvini; presses epecially adapted for tliis class of ii intiny, and execli.nt facilities lor rapid turuing out or vtork, we can flye bet ter pnces tlian oilices not se providcd. Onr book and pamphlet departmeut as never in beitcr condition tlian at present. With new type, and erwj conrenlence for iublishin liooks and pamphlet, wo are prepared to make estünates on any lort of a job, from a two-jiage circular t o a (.reek text-book. OUR BOOK BINDERY. In couneetioii vtith the print Int; offlee is a book bindery havin cycry faciiity for pood and .substaniial work. We jou to briny your pcriodicals to us and examine oar 50 cent binding:. 'i Ut] "UOOJ MU17GH" """SyJ ym Lampa are Éifc j 11 H'ï direct ly HtljllHtillg t O f GOOD I ofanyLaiup. over offcred to FAMILY OIL CAN. EVERY FAMILY SHOULD HAVE ONE. MXNUFAOTUREO BV $$infi$ld Mamifarturiv.a fo„ ¦TO-AEEE1T, OmO. No Dropping OU on tne Klooror Table: No Faurat toLeak or pet kuockedopen to wasto Contenta or capse Explosiona. Nu "Vn-kn to Isi. Closes I'ei-feclly AirTiKht. o Lcaliagu- No Kvaporation- Absolulely Safo. A Univeraal nnimhll Neoeciitr. CXjZJ ..ITXJ SEE THXM. For Sale in Ann Arbor by C. C. Warner, s. , .1. Hnuragartner. llrinv Welsch. e. Eberbach. 11. O. Hora, 1'. (i. clUeicher. Kinsry (fe Beabolt. 1271-1284. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S iliiliï AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conptantly on hml, BUEAU, CRACKEKS, CAKES, ETC, For and Hutall Tradc. We uhall lbo koop a Bupply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Deltal Floiir, Bye riour, iSiicliiiiual FJour, Corn Sltal, Feel, Klc, At Whi)lele and Retail. A irener:il utock of GROCERIES ñi PEOVISIÜNS -üiütlyon hand, which wU] lx.' o]d on na re ü itinilili' tcrma as at any ütbor lioae In the city. i s!i j-ald for BUTTKR, EGG and COUNTKY PRODl'Cli mnenlly. Uoodn dolivered to aoy piirt uf thfl f' ' y without oxtra Charge. IUXSEY & SEABOLT.


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