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The sophomore hop is to be given h-e. 11. by tlio fraters of '88. Tlie Psi U's trtpped their toes in Thankegiving Tliursilay. J. W. Payne, of Port Clinton, Ohio, lit cli9S of '83, 8i)ent Thanksgiving :it his tome in this city. Dr. Magee, ol' Detroit, M. D. '82, sur('(in df this división of the M ( '. B. R.. was n tlie city Jlonday. Canon Fnrrar's lectura operated linndomely as a narcotie, putting fully one third of the vast audience to sleep. Miss Rose Colby, whn is taking a postgraduate course, visited relatives and Mende overal dayi last week in Pinckney. Tlie university clöcfe arrived in town to-day. It was addretwed to Prof. C. K. Adams, but will hardly be delivered to liim. Miss Mamie Carinan, one of Mr. Moran's short-hand itndenta, lias secured a position with Prof. C. H. titowell as an itnenuensis. Miss Loralne Westbrook formerly of '80, lit. spont last week's vacation with friends in the city. Klie presides over a school at Northville. The univcssity toot ball team played a game in Detroit last Thursday with the Penínsulas of that oily. Result 42 to 0 in favor of our boys. Mot enough to drive otf eninii. Hon. AVm. P. Wells, who holds the Kent professorship In the law school of the university, bas tendered bis resiirnalion to the board of regenta, to take effect at the close of the year. Professional en{adementa is the reason glven. " The Adelphi literaiy society will give a public literary and musical entertainment In room 24, north win2 of the university, on Saturdr.y eveniiiR, Dec. 5. at 8 o'clock. Some of thé best musicnl ltaient of the city will assi-t. The public is cordially invited. Admission ircc. The lecture association are getting out new season tickets. This is an admirable chance, as one ticket now will admit to the whole business with no extra tickets or no punching of tickets. 'J'his will occaston freneral rejoicing on the part of geaaon ticket holders. Among the events in Detroit occupying the attention of the U. of M. alumni in that city, was the nnnual banqueta given by the resident D. K. E. 's and Psi U.'s, the ffirmer at the Detroit club house, and the latter at the Biddle house. Both were very fine afl'iiirs held on the evening preceding Thanksgiving, and many guests trom this city were present. A copy of the Winona MInn. Daily Republican of Nov. 28, has an extended description of the fine new drug store of Messrs. A. M. Pett & Son, on Centeist. of that city. Willard F Pett, pharmic, '85, will be remembered by our cilizens and student?, wbo together with E. A. Tapper also a pharmic gradúate, will liavc personal supervisión of the business of the houM "Nlobe," the statue which the class of '85 iiresented to the univeruity, as a memorial of Frank K. Ferguson, arrived Tuesday and hal been placed In the art yallery. It U piaster cast the original heilig in the Utizi gallery, at Florence, Italy, and representa Niobe and her children dyiiiil by the avrows of Appollo and Diana. This cast íb froui Kichler, of Berlín, and is a handaome aildition to the art gallery. Lambda chapter of Beta Theta Pi had a Thanksgiving reunión on the occasion of an initiatlon Saturday evening. Besides the present college memben there were the following: W. O. Hansom of Lansing, ckss of '48 F. L. Parker, "47 ; A N. Grant, '8ü; D. A. Garwood, O. F. Hunt and Willis Boughton of '81 ; J. H. Grant, F. L. Vork and J. E. Beal of '82; O S ' Sprafrue and Frank Lodge of Detroit. A fine ïmnquet at Hangsterfer's with songs, speeches and toasts concluded the evening.