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Death Of Mrs. B. F. Cocker

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It was witli fee] inga of sadness tuut the people of Ann Arbor read the anuouncement of the denth of Mrs. Dr. B. V. Cockcr, at Adrián, iu the papers last Wedncsday evening. Sbe was a lady wlio was beloved by aoquaintancw for her purity, and the many noble qualitles of her heart and mind. Her excellent life will eTerromain a awret raemory in the uilnds of the people here who knew her go many years. The following sketch of her life i taken f rom the Atli ian Times, and the eulogy upon her lile and character Is but a faint indication of her true worth : Mrs. Benjamin F. Cocker died at the home of her ou, Prof. Wm. J. Cocker, on Deunls straat, at about ï o'clock Wednesdny a. m. Har demlse was very sudden. Htnce the dsath of her eminent and revered hunuaud, in 1888, she has spent ¦ year wiih her youuger non. Mr. Heury J. Cooker, of Cleveland, returning Irom there In September lust. Ou har return Prof. Cocker, her older sou, not leed for the ü rat time, a visible decline lrom the tturdy health wlilcti had marked her life, and wblch had enabled her ho generously to ¦ulit oer husband in hls great Ule work, and to 11 ve to her famlly t hul self sacrlncing cara for whlch she was reinarkable. hul her health was not thought to be glvlng wuy tu an eztent whlch would be daugerous, and neltuer her famlly nor herself, apprehended so sudden a terinlnation of hor life. During tba past few weeks there had been an lndlsposlilon on her part to enjoy thedally walks, In the open air, that had Deen her wout, but her temperament ramal ned so cheerf ui, and there was so llttle ludlcatlon of danser, that no alarm was feit. Only that evenlnx sat In the famlly clrcla, and took an active part lu anicrry anil anlmatd conversatlon, apparently enjoylng the evening heartily. At ona o'clock the next raornlng heawoke, In Home dlstress, but after a Tittle attentlon from tha famlly, aha rested, appsrently, until slx o'clock, when the flrst iuuicallous of sevf re lllness were manlfested. Even then she dld not feel sufflcleutly unwell to desire the ald of a physldan. irof. Cocker, however, summoued Miss Dr. Mina Logue, but before shecould reaoh herslde the gentle spirit had ned, and the palns of earth were ended. Flve minutes bafore her deatb Mrs. Cocker anise nd walked to the door of her room. Ho IndomltabU- a win la omotimeB llnked wlth the klndest and most motherly attntuieH. Mrs. Cocker was a fitting companlon for the dlHtlugulshed husband, wlio died two years ago. When, In 1K.VI, lll-hoalth drove him from thelr comfortable home in Kngland, to seek hls only hope of health In anotherhemlsphera.sheaooompamed hlm with true devotlon, and when they roached Australia, sbe endurad wlth hlm the privatlons and pleasures of a oareer as checkered and romantic as watt ever deltneated on the pages of flctlon. Through prosperlty and through adversity her life was one of devotlon, and wben they reached Adrián In 1H57, pennllesH and bomeless, her cheerful dlspcsltlon lent the encouragement whlch tbe llttle family needed. As a wlfe and mother she was u model. Her true and gentle sympathy and ald undoubtedly was a factor of the hlgheHt lmportance, lu the rlse of her husbaud to eratnence, and was evlnoed in the wlse and tender care lavlshed upon ber chlldreu. In the memorial discourse on the life and services of Prof. Benjamin Franklln Cocker, dellvered In Unlverslty hall, at Ann Arbor, June 34, 1883, by Prof. Alexander Wiuohell, at tbe request of the senate, the following veraoious and touchlng tribute Is paid to Mrs. Cocker : "I thlnk I need not even here forbear to ezpress my admirallon of the beautlful devotlon of a wlfe, wuoseemedonly to live for the purpose of prolonging and blessing another life. Sheholdsan Inalienable title to a share in these lntellectual results. Memory will always retaln the knowledgeof sweetand beautlful amenitles not In - teoded for olhers' obaervation. and a nympathetio recollection will never forget the pang of a broken affection whlcb followed a dear boy out from the family circle into the mystery of the uneen world." A generous and just tributa Is also paid tlie lady in her husband'K life, wblch Is wi ltten in the Amertoan blograpblcal hlstory oí eminent and ' self made men. Mrs. Cockcr was 67 vears old.