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Before another larae of the Courier. Christmas will have come and gone. As it should be the merriest season of the year, we hope that each And every one of the Courier's naden will enjoy it, and put forth their best endeavor to make their neighbors happy as well :is their own immediate family. And here's to the happy holiday time. Protection Hose Co. announees a hall at Fireman's hall on New YVar's Eve. Joe ï. Jacobs is selling off the stock and personal property on hls late Pittsfifld farm. Clnistmas services will be held at St. Amlivw's church Fritlay, at 9,l. o'clock a m. Oommanlon and sermón. Michigan State Teacher Acaociatlon mwts in Laoslng, December 28-30. Reduced ratcs ïiveu teachers on the rnilroads. WBJ Hayley says tic picked Miree pansies out of 1 1 is yard this moralng, and tliere are several more most reudy to blossom. With 12 out i 86 milla and cK-vators repoiting the re wero 66,788 buliels of heat marketed In this coanty duriiig November. All the wheelnien In town ure nvited to meet In the rink ut 10 o'clock Uhrltt¦hm morning. Bring atong your wheeli and have some fun. Jaioij Hagan, treasurer of Ann Arbor towD, will be at the county treawireri office 011 Thuredays instead of Fridays as irjviously aiinouuced, to receive taxes. Xext week the subscriben of the Coorier will each be prwented with a handsome almaoac. A book tliat will be of value, and contaiu lunch 1 f.irtnatiOD tliat everyoiie wants to km v We learn that Mr. ECoech, who superIntenda the signal Bervice Qags, was offered $5.00 to run op n coW wave May; yesterday, and nobly spurned the bribe. It was a coal dealer who made t offer of coursc. The readers of the ( "i itnn will par don us lor the lack of readjng matter for a couple of weks. This is the printer's harvest time, and yon know he must have one the same as the farmer and the merchant. If the Van de Poel Electric Light Co. will fix their engine whUtle so it won't go oft itself and make Rome, the dog, and all the children In the neighborhood howl for two or thrce hours at a time, t will do a good job. The Union Hook and Ladder Co., will give their last hop of the season at Firemen's Hall, Thursday evening, December 24. Supper will he fiirnialied at Burle-ion's dining hall. The boys anticípate a capital good time. Dr. E. C. Franklin, at one time professor of surgery, and Dean of the faculty in the homeopathie department of the university, for several years, died very suddenly at his home 11 St. Louis, Mo., on the lOtli lust. Charlie Gibson, having declined to work longer in the llnrou street barber shop after Mr. Southard sold it, haa purchased the tonsorial business of the Wansic Bros., moved the same into the vacant store in the old Earl block, and started in business for himself. A service for the Sunday school of St. Andrew's society is to be held to-morrow afternoon at tlie church at 4% o'clock. After this service the conirrcgation will adjourn to the chapel whent the Suuday school scliohirs will tind a Chrlttma tree in readiness for them. Last Wednesday afternoon Timothy R. Amsden, one of the old resident of this city, dropped dead while in Horn's grocery store 011 Washington street. He had been in lll-hcalth lor some two years or more, was aged 77 years, and leaves a wife, one son and two Uaughters. The Good Templars are arranging a series of meetings throughout the county for the next two weeks. TMere will be speaking at Dixboro, December 26th: Augusta, Ktb; ICUan, 2'Jth; Pecble's Corners, 30th ; and at Salem Station the 31st, by K. S. Searl and A. O. Crozier. Geo. Holmes, of Dexter, accompanied by his wife and another lady, ere thrown from the carriage In which tliey were ridinsc Saturday, a. m., near the railroad crossing on Huion street, by reason of the team's becoming scared at a passing cart. No serious injury resulted. Uach A Abel have put in a new cash car pystein in their store. The Knpi.l Service Store R. H. Co., of Detroit, furnish the Invention, and it is a beauty, as well as beinjf 011e of the greatest labor saving aud convenient thlngl whicli a store can have. These new cars might be called 'canuon ball tr.iius with i.ropiïety. If you want to o and see your friends durlng the holidays, the various railroadswill sell ticket as follows: Dec. 24 and 25, good to return U'itil the 2tith Inclusive, and on üec. 31 and Jan 1, good to return Jan. 2 inclusive, one fare for the round trip, or Dec. 21, 20 and 31, and Jan. 1, tickets good to return uutil Jan 4, one and oue-thirü fare for round trip. Services next Sunday at St. Andrew's church, at 10:30 a. m. ; 3 and 7:30 p. m. First niass wlll be celebrated at St. Thomas' Catholic church Christmas ut S a. in. Robert Rcycr will bo fouiul at the clothing store of Fall & Hcndrick duriny their rush. Water was turned on at the high school building this morniug, and everytbing found to work like a charm. On Monday next, the tnembers of the Episcopal church will hold their annual services at the county house. The Unitarian society is too give the uiembers of itó gunday school a Christmus treo at the church Thursday evening. Charles Schacffc. was brought tojail from Scio Monday, on a charge of larceny, and will have bis hearing before Justice Breiman to-day. The condition of wheat in thls county ia 94 per cent., compared with last year year. The condition of horses and cat;ie 100 per cent. and swine 98 per cent. First National bank chestnut: "Never address your conversation to a person engaged in adding a column of figures. 'There is nothing so deaf as an adder.' " Friday nlght last the safe of Wm. Herz of the 5th ward was broken into and 8ome $25 in money abstracted. The same night Fred. 'Schlanderer's safe in the 2d ward, was again blown oien, and a gold ring valued at $10 taken. It is evident that all the thicves are not yet captured. And now we are Informeel that everytliing is in readiness to commence the orectlon of a new depot by the Michigan Central authoiities as soon a. the weather will permit, on the site of the old Hooper brewery on State street. It is said that tlie new structure will be a handsome one, built of ütone, and to cost f25,000. It is with regret that we have to announce the death of John F. Miller, formerly of this city, at li is home In Washington, on Tuesday of last week, Dec. 15. Kr. Miller was the senior partner of the jnfortunate flrm of Miller & Webster, I bankers, and at one time was mayor of :his city. He was highly respected by his ellowmen. At the meeting of Ann Arbor Enatnpment No. 7, I. O. O. F. huid at their lall Friday eve., Dec. 18 the following )fficers were elected: C. P.- Chrtstlan Hoblenker. S. W.- George H. Miller. J. W.- Cieorge Scott. H. l1. Jonathan Hprugue. 8o ribe- Conrad Krapf. Treasurer- E. J. Mortun. Kcpresentallre to Gr. Euoaiupuient- K J orton. At a regular meeting of the councH of Royiil Arcanum, held last Wednesday STeolflff, the following offlcers were chosen f or the ensuing year: Kegent.- G. C. Wilherby. Vtce-ttegeiH- L. 1). Wlues. Chnplalii- ('Iihh. Richards. Siicretary- J. J. A.HeNsluna. Collector- Kn-i. H Belr. Treasurer- S. S. Blllz. Urator- K. Klttredgr. (iiilde-A. K. Martin. Warden - Homer Henderson. Somry- John I. Last Thursilay there was eriebratad, at their homes in Kaisin, the iiOth taniVMf sary, or golden wedding of Mr. and Slrs. S. D. Moore, father and mother of Eli W. Moore, of this city, who with his f.uniiy attended the anniversary observauee, and for whieh occBsion Mrs. Moore wrote anj rend a poera. There were 2ti present, four children, and the balance jfrand and great-rrnd children. A preliminary meeting was held at Fireman'a hall Monday evenin, looking toward the orgunizitiou of au assembly of Knights of Labor, lt is expected that when the grand lodge officer comes here to institute the lodge that there will be 50 charter raetnbers. The next next meeting takes place Wednesday, December 30th, at which time all who desire to becotne charter members should be present. There is to be a rich treat fn store for those who are fond of good sermona. The Cocker League of the M. E. church has seeured Dr. C. H. Payne, president of the Ohio Wesleyan Unirersity for a sermón sometime in January, and Dr. H. B. Kidgeway, president of the Garrett Biblical Institute, of Evanston, Illinois, for another sermón during Februnry. Both of these gentlemen are pnlished pulpit orators. The Christmas scrrice for the M. E. Sunday school occurs this evening. Thure is to be singing, speaking, etc, and each one attending Is required to deposit at the door - as an admission fee - at least one potato and oue apple, and as many more as their generosity will allow. Thu infant class of the Sunday school will each be given a present. The potatoes and apples wilt be distribtttcd amonr tbc deserving poor of the city. There bas been considerable excitement among the people over a letter published last week by the president of the Citizen's League, condemning in severe terms a 4th ward alderman and the city marshal for alleged uubecoming deeds and actioni Libel suits have been talked, but a proper swallowing of the charges by the author of the letter and by the püper publishing it, will without doubt the lujured pnrties and everything flow on smooth once more. There are now 46 saloon In the city.- CouKIKK. Ypsllantl has only 18.- Hentlnel. Ye, ji3t so. But that proves nothing, only that perhaps Ann Arbor's business is that ranch In excess of Ypsilanti's. At one time there was one store in Flint which did as iuucli, if not more business than any half-dozen of its corapetltors. It niay be that the business of Ypsilanti's 13 saloons is equal to Ann Arbor's 45. You cannot always teil by the nuniber of men in an army how well they may fight. ' The entertainment, banquet and dance given by the Odd Fellows at Hangsterfer's hall Thursday evening last, was a line afïair. Representatives of various lodges of the county were present, Milan sending up a car load. The venerable Conrad Krapf presided, and speeches were made by J. Sprague, Major Harry W. öoule, D. Cramer, and Capt. Chas. H. Manly. Songs were song by a trio, consisting of A. Wilsey, D. C. Fall and E. Mallory- and well sung, too. Charlie Gibson gave some music on the harp, and the orchestra rendered some excellent music for waiting ears- for it took a long time to drum up the speakers. After the speechmaking was over the floor was cleared and dancing entered luto by a portion of the audience whlle another portion wended their way below aud partook of a bountiful spread in Frank HHiigsterfer's best tyle- -which is well known. The company enjoyed the occasion very much, to all appearance?, and went to their homes happy and contented. The Milan folks who came up by special traiu returned at 2 o'clock a. m.