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Good-bye, old year. 1880 no inore, forevcr. Game of polo at the rink to-niiiht, Mt. Clemens vs. Universities. It is actually so. Dr. Jenkitii shot 1 1 ie two bears all rilit enough. The Knights of Labor will meet tonight to perfect their OrganiEatlon. Another school room is bcing made out of the high school chapel by means of a partition. Thig paper is the last issue of Vol. 24. Next week the Coirikk coiiiuienres on its 25th year. At the recent election of officers of the T., A. A. & X. M. B. R. Co., Gov. Asliley was re-elected president. The marriage of Victor Borg and Mis Laura Qchleicher occurred last Thursday p. ui., at the home of the bride' parents. Next Sunday at the M. E. church, love feast will occur at 9 o'clock a. m., and sacrament of the Lord's Supper at 10} o'clock. And after to-morrow t will be entirely proper for you to write 1S85 and thcn scratch out tltc 5 and make i 0 out of it - if you cati. Miss Bridget Ryan boa hought the soulh lot of the Cate properiy on Maynard Street, and will build :i re.Mdence thereon next spring. Thomas L. Hewitt has reocived a pencion of $4 per month. thrpuph O. L Matthews. He also obtained a pension for A. W. Fellows of Manchester. There will be a ratoli meeting at the M. E. church to-morrow evening, with services approprinte to the consecration of the New Yeart bhth. Rey. S. 11. Adams will proach a seimon during the eveninjr. The store? of Bich & Abel, D. F. Schairer, Wines fc Worden :ind Mack & Schmid will close t 0 o'clock p. m. each ni?ht excent. on Saturdays, commenclnx witti next Mnnday, Jan. 4, and eontinunsr until Airil lst. The county mpd;cal society held a quarterly meeting at tlie connoil room yi'sterday. Small Rttendsnce. Borne very interestin papera were read by Drs. Bntwell of Ypsilanti. and Breakey and Kapp, of Ann Arhor. By refraanoe to ooi adrertMnz col-' umus it will be peen that Becretary Fairchild has called the anima] meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fiie Insurance Co., for Wedneartay. Jan. 13th, 1886, for the election of ofllcers, etc. The January meeting of the pomologi" cal society will be omited next Saturday because of the Hnlichiy season. The paper of Prof. Spaulding on thfi Potato Rot, will be read and discussed at the meetinpr to be held Feb. 6th. The Sarings bank has just declared a serai-annual dividend of 5 per cent. The lst national bank has declared one of 4 per cent., and the Farmers' & Mechanica one of 3VL per cent. Bank stock is evidently good property these daya. The Codrikr job rooms have just recelved a series of the handsomest script ever printed upon a card or invitation, and invites the patronage of the public in the line of neat individual cards, wedding 8tationery and party Invitations. The annual meeting of the raembers of the First M. E. church of this city wül be iiciu iiiununy evenme at tne enurch, when three trustees will be elected in tlie place of Dr. W. F. Breakey, Henry M. Osborn and Dr. W. W. Nicholi, whose terms expire. A young maa of thls city who was married tlie other night started south on nis wedding trip over tlie T., & A. A. R. R. Going to tlie depot Iip purchased one ticket, but after a little refiVction he concluid that tlie railroad company didn't consider a man and wife as one person, and carne back to tbe ticket office frankly acknowledged that he forirot that lie was murrled, and bought another ticket. To-morrow evening Eugene Mutschel, of this city - a young man so well and favorably known tliat any words of comraendation or pratte from our pen would be superftiimia- will lend to the altar ftfl Clara Spoor, daughter of Chas. Spoor, Ej., of thls city. The yoong eouple verv sensibly go to house-kêeplng on Washington et, at once, wbere their iminy rienda will be most happy to giert them. The aloonists of this city have been in the habit lately of selliiijr liquor tr minors to a considerable ex tent, and the attention of tlie school board Mondny night was called to the friet that i number of the high school scholars had been in the habit of obtaining liquor at wveral saloon. We nndert-tand that thrre are good cases urslnst tbe laloon-keepcn and they oujrht to be proaecated. To debaucb boys undcr age is a crime not only against the individual Imt against the public welfare and the school sytcni. A new wood yard Iihs been started on the vacant land north of Agricuitural hall, on Detroit street, and ¦ "business office" erected thereou that Hcnry Dodsley says resembles the leuning tower of Pisa, the CoIossuí at RhodM, the Egyptian pyramids, the statue of "Liliertv enlightenin;; the worJd" in New Vork harbor, and the Chicago fire, all combmed, especially the lirst and last ni.ntioned. Artists seeking irregular outlines for beautiful crayon and chalk-talk sketches with a Oreco-Roman grip, should basten and sketch it before it lades. Elder Davis has a new curiosity, and a truly wonderful one. The label tells the story as follows: "This ciirious root ffrowth was found growing in a cavity of a tree 42 feet from the ground. Cut and presented by Chas. H. Lemmon, Dexter." Aa atated It is a root growth, the roota filling a large eavity in a red oak tree, just below where the tree forked out. Mr. Lemmon also brougUt in a Piece of a log out of the lirst log house Dunt n the county without the aid of epirituous Iiquors at the raMng. It [8 a jrrand collection Mr. Davis e gettin for the pioneer society. City treasurer Watts reporta $.10,128.96 of taxe3 collected up to Dec. 29th. The ainpbictyonic circlc meets Sntiir1 1 ;i y nijítit at the residenceof L. D. Winea. There will ba service at St Aiulrew's clnirch New Ycar'a day, at !ljL o'clock it. m. The ringing of the tire alarm Cliristmas inorniiifr was caused by a burning eliimney in a State st. residencc. "Oh, you be darned," as the Christmas present said when it süpped through the liole f il the heel of the hung-up stocklng. John W. Wise, agent for Gen. Grant's Personal meraoirs, will malee a final canvas and delivery of Vol. I, early in January. The Germán Mutual Fire Ins. Co. is in session in the city to-day, and the fire eompany will give an exhibition play this p. m. There ia a meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society in session at the M. E. chnreb this p. in., commencing at 3 o'clock. Franklin M. Hawkins, of Ann Arbor tOWH, died Dec. 25, 1885. at the age of 28 yenrs, of diabetes. Funeral was held Monday from the house. The meeting of the finance committee of the eouneil will be beid Satiirday evening tliis week instead of Friday evening, on account of New Years day. Frank L. ilallory and Miss Fanny Hobson were united in marriasie Saturd:iv vcnitiir iy Hev. S. FTaskelI, at the reaideoce of the bride's parents. A new street bas been layed out in Deroit, and dedleatai to publio purposes, by Geo. W. Snover- a former Ann Arboritê - to be kuown as "Ann Arbor place." The sulijects of Rev. J. T. Bixby's sermons at the Unitarias Church next Sunday will be in the morning: "Modern Fericlios." In the evening: "How Sciince iind Religión may work together." There were GO couplca present at the Kuirlits Templar social and dance last evening at Mnsonic temple, notwithstanding the inclement weather, and it v;i mie of the most cujoyable occasions of tlie season. Abont tliirty members of St. Andrew's hiirch went to thecounty house Monday ifternoon and held their annual Cbristmus tree for the inmates tliereof. having present for everyone. It was a grand day fur the people there. Senator Kempf hs the appointing of a cadet (o the Military and Naval Acadeluy, at Oxford, Md. Tliis is not the govei ¦nineni military acailemy at Annapolis, Md., but a private school, and the expenae are Ixed al $15 per annum. A foot race OOcniTed 'n the campus Monday p. m. between L. P. .focelyn I junior lit., Miul an "amateur-professional" from Chelwa. The Clielseaite came out i aliead. and sorry to relate bis friends ( took away a few smill wagers withthem. The Ann Arbor Schutzen-Hund have tbeir scbuuen house connected with the : larL'c-ts by Heil Iclephone. The experi' mout luis licen tricit and worltï to a diarin. This is the only society of the kinl In the tate having thiseoiivenienee. , Watlitenaw lodge No. 9, I. o. o. K., held Ihcir eli-etion last Kriday night and I ele:ted the followlBg offleer; N. (i.- Jolm 9. McOeery. V. U.- H. C. Clark. Sec'y.-Hownnl K Oiilley. Financial Sec'y- C. Krapf. Treaa. -E. .1 Morton'. Rep. lo i i.imi tiodga- Howiird E. lildley. ( 'Iirisa Whiil irk. of A'in Albor town, oled t the home of hor st:r Mr Renuick. n Xorthtii-ld, Dec. 2:J, 1885, aged 41 vinrs. 1 momlis, of heirt disra-e. Deceased wa born in Ann Arbor town, where hí bad alnys reüided Ponera! was held Sund.iy from I.Haml ehuTeh, In Hortlineld. it s s.iiil Uiattinee i In ívsolution wís pamed iy Ua aminril tastrncEliig the city ni u-hul to '¦iifoi-ce the law, In relation to lile akjaing of saloon, tbe maker- of din. licite kc.vs liave done i landofflce busIneM Toóse lio frequent the saloon are now prorided to a #reat extem witli keya to let tliem in at hours whirh tlie law saya are forbklden. Wlieat is coming in very slow at 80 cts. for white and 87 ets. for red, the low pnce feeeping back the cereal, only tboae selling who feel obliged todo so. The mili report ¦ brisk demand for flour, liowcver, the low price making it au object for boyera to pinchase now, and milleis re running tlieir establishment night iiud day to keep orders filled. Christmas was one of the dullest days Anu Arbor ever experienced. The weather was quite sharp, and everyone was engaged indoors at their hornea in íainily nuniotis, etc. Tho nlooni appeared to be all closed. Little or no drunkeness and no broils, turmoiU or tnurden Ui blot the meinory oí what ought to be the gladdest day of all the year. A certain well-known gentleman of tliis city has two wide awake Sons who g:ive their father a present quite unlque, to say the least. On the family Christmas tree was a paper hearing these words : ''For a Merry Chriptmas to papa we dónate our services ot sawing and splittinsf the last load of wood which he bought for lis, which is $100." Signed by both young lads. At an election of ofliceis of the K. O. T. tS% held Dec. 23, the fullowing offlceri were chosen, and will be laiUlled Januury 13. rust Cominander- 8idney W. HUlurd Cominandsr- Kred. llurk"r. Lleut. Commauder- K. S. Sanford. Record Keeper- Víctor Horg. Tent Physician- W. F Breakey. KI nance Keeper- Hudson T. Morton Prelate-Fred. Smith. Hlr Kt. Sargent- Oeo. Denaler. ICaMsr at Arras- Charles Rlchardn Ist. Master of John C. Fisher. lid. JlaMiT of Guard8- LouU Steerly Sentlnel- Win. Cozzeus. Picket- C. E. Uodfrey. In tpeaklng of the water (?) works banquet recently held here the Chelsea Heiald remarks: "VVhy mar so happy an occasion by the lntroduction of oue feature that, before lts intrcKluction, was known by the generous donors of the banquet to be undesirable, probably, to every guest, repujinant to most of them, and offensive, mortifying to all the best riti.ens both of the city and country at larjre? Mn-t uch tliings continue? God forbld : and hasten the day when an old old fashinned 'hlgli old time' shall occur nevi-rmore. One of Ann Arbor's young gentlemen who is soon to lead one of Ann Arbor's faire-t daughters to the aitar has been making graat preparations recently for that event. He has had a house rented for some time, and the overflowing enthusiasm and devotion displayed by liini in gettlng it furuished and ready for the brille bas been a thing for which his companions have loaded him with heaps tipon hcaps of pr.iise. A day or two since he took one of his chuma up toiook over the dweiling and help him admire the resnlts of his work. T his friend had been married some time, and is naturally a practical sort of a fellow, and his description of the place is truly appalling. He says: "There are handsome carpeta, lace curtains, beautiful pictures on the elaborately decorated walls, tables, stands, bric-a-bracs, articles of virtu in variety. Handsome chamber sets, witb fine Unen and all the tixings, but not athin for the culinary departmeat. A kitchen stove to be sure, but no furniture for it; no pots and kettles; no dishes; and not a partiële of any provisions, save two cabbages in one corner of the cellar, said to have been stolen from the prospectivo fatherin-law. The poor fellow expecU to survive on two cabbages. and love! Oh ! how hungry Iie'll get !'