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M VSO VU' lUKIiCrOiCV' An'x rbor Commandküv, Nti. 18 ramt flrst TuesJay of (n-h numtli. VV. G. Doty. K. C; W. A. Tolohard, itoaorder. Wasiitcvavv i'ihitki;, No. ii, It A. M.- Mci'ts Bral Monday eacb moutb. Isaac Hanüy, II P.; '.. ttouth, Seoretary. BUSINESS CAR DS. UKAI.: CLOTR CASKETS, METALIG And Oommoa riilltis. Calli attentd i Dajr or Ntghl. KinbHlmiiiK speoially. storeroom on E. WMhlDgtÖD slreet. Reiidfcnoe Cor. Llberly int Fililí. " BEAL ESTAJE INBÜRANGE AGENGY. J. A. SESSIONS, ATTORMBY AND XDIAKV 'l i'.LIC Rea! Kstate lotd or rnili-J and routs mlleoted on raasonable Ierras. Mout bul olil and Brmt-olaw [nsaranee Companles represenled - Wllh insiu.iiir. ital oí ÏIU.IIOD.DOII. Hales OS lOW as DF Ol i Diurwce cnmpnny and losaea prompt!; pald. Offlue in Nattoual Baak Blook, Muin treet, Aau Arbur, Mtuh. V. II. ÍACK8ON, TyElTSI TiilllSliTü. OFFICK : OTer Bach & Alxl's Dry (ood Store. Entruncf m't to Natiomil lïank. VIIlln I1KKX, House, Sign, Ornamontal and FRESCO PAINTER! PnperiDK, GUJni;, QUdlne, nd Cilcimiiiint, snd work or every aawrlDtioo dono lo in wi style. and warrar.tid M - otion. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor, j W. W. & A C. MCIIOI.S, Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savinirs Bank, Masoiiic 'JVmplt' BtMk. GASorVITALIZED AIR Administored for the palnlew extractiin u( teeth. .rosi;ill BLKRt, The rracfical tailor am) mm, Of the late flrm o. WINANS & BEKRY. haa locatcd his place of bnslBSM ut NO. 7 HURON STREET, WITH A HI,I, LINE OF Suitings and Trouserings, And wuulil nay to hta oM aml i e m M that U they ani a GOUD Fl V and NOBB1 KI f at RKASoNAitl.K PRICE, cali onhünandthej wlll be sure to (fut one. __ CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Securtty Rcld for protaetioB of the pollcy CHRISTÍAN MACK Bepresenta the followlne nr-chi-f ni whlch poe. the MtM tam riñe i 00 VW Ioüscb in Hiziy-tlve juars: Mtnn, of Hartford f 9,192,644 Franklin of Philadelphia 8,118,713 Germanla, N. Y í.00, 7-29 Germán American, N Y 4,065,368 London A.Hurance, Lonilon... 1,416,788 Michigan F. & M., Datrott. . . 387,608 N. Y. ünderwriters, N. Y 2,590,079 National, Hartford 1,774,505 PhCBoix, Brooklyn 3,739,036 Lossen liberallv adjusted añil prnmptly paúl. Polieie issued at the lowwl ratos ol premium. 1 lWltf LTJMBBRI LTJM3ER! LXTMBSR! ir yon contémplate bulWintr, ckH at FERDON tai Iíij! Comer Fourih aml Depot Sts., and ge our ligara for til kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our mra Lamber and gmrantee AERY LOW PRICES 4VGive us a cali :inl we wtll nukt it to your interest, as our large and wcll tjradcd stick fully ¦ usuins our asscrtion. TelepSon ConneUions with Otice. T. J. KEKCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop "wTTremain, CtEXERAL, OFFICE, OTer Casscr Rinsey's Grocery Store, COK. tüRON AND FOOBTH 98., North British Insurance Co., üf London and EiliniMirir. K'apital, 13.000,000, oíd. Detroit Fire aml Marine [usuran Co., Cat Asíets 6(Kl,ii. Spriniriifiíi Ins. Co. of Samaehuetta, 8 tl,8tW.Il. Howanl Ihs. Compaur t Wew York, (.'ah AsU fl.iXKi.OOO. Agrlcuiturai Iiis Co., Watcrl oh n, S.T., Uuta A8et l,200,nOO. Louei Mberall.r Adjuntad nd IToraptly rld.


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