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W Troyal 'iswisj jk B POWDER Absolutely Pure. TIn powdri urn t vnrlPK. A minvH nf pnriiy, st renutli a ml wholcsornonesK. More ccouomical tlmu the ordiujiry klndsand cannot be BOld in competition wlth the multitude of low test, hort welglit, aluin or phosptmte powdcrs. Soldonly inoans. Kof al Baking I'owder Co.. I(H Wall st., N. Y. ïtchinc: SKIX MSEASKS ISTATÏ RELIEVE1) BY CÜTICURA. 11 {KVI'MICNT A wurm hath wlth CnrieüRA Soap aud a sliuflu application oí C'i r ouka, i,c n.i'iiid'! Care. Thu repeated daily, wllh ¦ of Cdwoum Hesolvbnt, the New Blood l'urllier, lo keep the blood cool, the pe-spiration pure and unirritalirif, the bowela opeu. the Hver and kidneys active, will speedily cure. Eczema. Tetter. Ringworm, Heoriasie, Lichen, Puritu-, S.'iiM Henil, Dandrufl' and every spec es of Itchlng, Scal' and Pimply lli.morn of theScalpand skin, when the böt physiclans and remedia fail. t.iiKjii on a ranu, Your notl ralaable Canotnu Remeimsh have done mv child so mach (jood thai I feel like nnyint' thin forthe benenr of thoe who are EroaMed wtth -km dleae. My llttle t'irl wan tronoled with Eczema, and I tried seventl doctürg and medicine, hut did not do her any irood until I used the Cdticur Remei!k which speedily cured her Tor which I ow,' yon many and many nij;hts of rest. ANl'ON BOBSMUH, MlBMIg, Bd. TK'ITKR iF THK SCAIiP. 1 wan iilinnst periedly iHlld, eUBtd by Tetter of th.' inpor ihescalp. 1 us.(d ynur Cuticuba Kem KuiEsabuut six weeks, and ihey cured my sciilp i iv. aini mm' my lirtir is coming back an thiek aseverit m J. P. U1IO1CE. hilesboro' Texa". COVERRD WITH UMI III lis. I to teil you (hit your C'uticuba Kesolvknt i8ma?niflcent. About ihree mouthn ai;o my face was cuvereil with blotche, and after using three boules of Uks.ilvknt 1 was perfectly cured. FREDSRICK MAITRE. T, St. Charles Street, New Orleans, La. KNOW ITH V1ÜK. All or your Ci'ticuka Hemedies give very good latisfactioo. The Cuticuka I especially recomiiiend lur the discase lor which it 1 used. I kuuw fnim exiierieiice itx value. Dn. H. J. PKATT, Monticello, Wis. UI.ST KOR ITCniXfW DISBASB8. One nf our cutonwn av yoni CvneoBi RemEnxKsaretne ben he can flnd for ilchinï of the skin. He tried all others and fouud no relief until "Vïsfnï'san" Ohio. F. J. ALDRICa, Drtl?(;l8t. Sol1 cverywhore. Pne : ('mieari. 60 een. Sou 25 c l("-olveui, tl.O i. Prepared by the POTTB OBUS AMi l'IIi MK'AI. ('O., lUWT.lS. Sfiul for "Huw to eore Skin Ilneas" Mfpii, BI ickhoida Win. Blemtobei md Buby JrllVi Humor, use Co t leur soa. SNEEZE ! SMZE! tNEF.K until yonr hcad se' nis reato to fly off; uutil your nosií and ejes die èhare exceMve quantlea ¦ f Ihln, irrltatlne watery fl .i.d: until your bead aabea in'Mitb and ih'Oiit panheil, .lid blood at fever heal. Thli i nn Acute t'a'arrh, and is instantly re:ieved ba hlngle dosP. and iierma ii. nilv ( nred bp on buttl „f.SAMif )S' ItADI' AI.CUKK. lOKCATAIlHII. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. Th 01 Iv :ih-iilute ipactflc kno of." Ked. 1met "Th( liei we h'.ve found In a lifetinie ol -uiVeni;. .¦--.'.. Dr. Wéagin, Bosto. "After a 11 lh.: lilUAI. l'PKEhiliconiiu.'reil. '-¦¦''. 8. W M.mroe, Lfwithurti. Ii. [ bare no t fonnd a ose thal it did not at once."- Ai ¦ Tandíetítr, M".i. 110 WS TOUR HHEUMATIZt is a question that appeaN to every uirtured viciim ui Hlieomatlsm.wno linils the ordinary piasters and liiilmenis power le a to relli ve him. Ti uch the -9S i'TTii-i-KA Anti Pain Plastkk Is lkl an elegant and ncverlallidi; smirce oí ftïï i'-lief. banishiuK rheumatic, ucuralt-ic, -i'iatic, endden, sbarp and uervuus Xpuinsas liy mnglc. New, original, Mieeuy, r-ale. At druiL'is's, ï.jc.; flve for one dollar, mat led fr. e. POTTKH Ditrií a m M edica i. OoT, Botton. SCOTT'S EMULSIÓN OF PURE GGBUVER OIL And Hypophosphïtes of Lime & Soda Almost as Palatableas Milk. The ouly preption of COD UTEB OIL tta can be tak.-, .;.,1 for long tun ¦ffTsil'MKm vou rwmwiPTrox, srnnn lol s ' kt'fvx ilQNs. :AK31IA, (¦!¦. FulTö.s;n.l:MJl;iilij_iiïs0lt'K'ts 0F flIILDRF.X It is mnryrlloiM In Hl n-wlt. l'res:nled v.ul .¦!. ;,.,-. ,-lby tuo bcál t'nyaiciani in the countrien of thu world. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. i Blhle.-. at i-1 L MI I l I f I Testamenta at 1-ki gion cllHLJLl 1 .3 the prleeaof I SM Af rfl 'ditlona. an.l flOJÜ eflDini F"! I '" "" K"iíiih m tj-pe, .lh IHLLL'i l'Ir.prlntlnKaiHl aocntiïr Bi-all for two ir.v-. Hare NVERSION BB "hnn.- for gratt t- makc AMf Ut. Tkkmk ïk.iiï i.ihkkaI'. B WM The Hcnry Bill fil. Co., H m ,Vyrii'-',"'i , ''"'in. i-j-i.i AlT-Tím Senil six cent for poetage. I ' li1 and receive free, a -ostly box r K I H ol goodi which will help you I I II II t more bom; ritfht'away than ¦ AI"LIJ-IJlanyii,in;; els,' In Ihld world. All of etther tex, tacceed kom tirst honr. The hroid r.iad lo foituue npeM helore the workers, ¦ hüolntuly nn. At once addresí, Truï Oo., SUBSCRIBE forlTCOURIEE,


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