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SUME DISTANCE AFTER TKNNYSON'. Half a btr, half a bar. Half a bar mv ardí Into an awful ditcli, Choir and Prccentor hitch, Into a i: css oí pitch, They led the Oíd Hundred. Trebles to right of them, Tenors to left of Üiem, Basses in front of them, Mello wed and thuadered. Oh 1 that Precentor's loo, Vlwn the Sopranos took, Their (iwn lime and hook, i-rom the Oíd Hundred. Scrcechod all the tréboles here, Boggled the tenor's there, Raising the parson's hair, his mind wamlered; Their's not to reason why- This psalm was pitched too high, Theirs but to LasP nd cry - Out the Oíd Hundred. Trebbles to rijjht of thm, Tenors to left of them, Basses in froat of them, Bellowed and thundered. Stormed they with shout and yeil, Not wise they sanje, aor well, Drowning the st-xton's bell, While all the church wouderetl. Diré the Precentor's Rlare. FlashM liis pitchl'ork in air, Sounding fresh keys to bear Out the Oíd Hundred. Swiftly he turn'd his back, H ach'd he his hat from rackt Then from the scTeaminp p;ick Himself lie sundert'l. Tenors to right of hini, Trcbles to lclt of lím, Discnrd'í behind him Bellcnvcd and tfaundered. Oh he,vild howls they wrought; Kiljht to the -nd they fonghtl Some tune tiiey sang, but not, V i the Oíd Hundred. 4. ______


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