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The tact that an ffort is beinr un ¦' m (DO city ;i lodjre of Knights o' Labor, it nigbt be well for the paople to caow wh:it their objects are,eonsequenlly we print below Ihéir declaration ol princlles, as taken froiu the Labor Leaf, the afficial oigan of the Orgaulmtton forthis KM: 0KCLA.RA.TION OF PIUNCin.ES OF THE KNIQHTS OF LAliOU OK NORTII A.MKltll A. The alanningdevelopmenland aggressveness oi' great capitalista and corporations, unless ohecked, will inevitably lead to the pauperization and hopeless degraJation of the toiling rnasses. It is Imperativo, if we desire to enjoy tlie full blessings of lite, that a check be !ut upon unjuat accmnulation, and the power for evil of aggregated wealtli. JMiis much disired object can bc aeoaotplHbed onl by the uiiited efforta of those wfBobey the divine injunetion, "In the stffat of thy face sbalt tliou eat bread." Therefore we liave forined the Order of Knights of Labor, for the pnrpose of orirtmizing aiul diréctlng the power of the industrial tnasses, not as a political party, for it is more - In it are crystalized senti mcnts and measures for the benelit of the whole people, but it should be borne in niind, when exeicising the right of suftrage, tlrat most of the objrets herein set forth can only be obtained through legislation, and that it is the duty of all to assist in nominatlng and supporting with their votes only such candldates as will pledge the ir support tothose measures, reardless of party. But no nne shall, howi'vir, be compeöed to vote with the majority, and calling upon all who helieve in securing " the greatest good to the greateet uuuiber," te juin and assist us we declare to tilt; world tlmt our aims are: 1. To make industrial moral worth,not wealth, the true standard of iiidrulual and national greatnes-s. 2. To secure to the workcrs the full enjoyiuent of the wealth tbey créate, sutfietent leisure in wlllch to develop their intellectnal, moral and social faculties; all of the benetiti', recreation and plcaaurcs of asso ciation; in a word. to 'eimble theiu to share Ihe 'uins and honors of advancing civiliZillioil. In order to secure these resulta wc deniand at the haiids of the state: 't. 'l'lie esliiblishnient ol bureaus of labor statistici, that we inay arrive at a correct knowleilge of llie eilucational, uxirul and liiiancial condUion of thelaliorinj nM, 4. Th:it tlir ptlbHe lands, the heritage of the people, beCMMwd tot actual settlers; not anotheracre lor 01 speonlator, and th il all lamls ni.w held tor SpeOulative purpoaea be tuxd to their full va In e. S The abroiialion or all laws that do not bëar cqually upon i-apilal ur.l labor, aud the lemoval of unjust technicalitieg, ilelaygRnd discriminaiious in thciidniiniü tration of justice. il The doptlon of measures providing for the health and safety of those enjtaged in uiiuing, inauufactuiiug and building mdattrlos, and for indam niflcatlou to those engajfed thrrein for injuries received throiigh lack of neoeMary safeguards. 7. The recojjiiition by ineorpdration of trades' unions, orders, and such other aslociationa as may be organized by the workingmasses to improve their condition and protect their rijihts. 8. Theenactnient of laws tocompel corporattom to pay their employés weekly in Ivwtul inoney, for the labor of tlie precedinj: week, and trivinj; inechanics and laborera a lirst Hen upon the product of their labor to the extent of their full wages. 9. The abolition of the contract system on national, state and municipal works. 10. The enactment of laws providinji for arbitfatiiin bi-twecn employcrs ani: finployed, andtoenfore the decisión of the arbitra tOÏB. 11. The prohihition by law of the etnployment of chililrcn under flftorn year ol tge in workshops, mines, and fai;tories. 12. To prohibit the hlrlog out of convict labor. 18. That a graduated incoiue tax be levied. And wc (Iemand at tlie hands of all gov erntnents : 14. The establishment of a nationa monetary system. in which a circulaüiif; inciHuin In nccessary quantity shall issue direct to the people, without ihe interven tlon of hanks; that all the national issne símil be full legal tender in paynient of al debts, public and private; and that the oveinineiit shall not fiiaiantee or recog uie private banks, or créate any banking corpora tiom. Í5. Thiit interest hearing bonds, billso credit, or note shall never be issueil In ihe i;overninent, hut that, when neei ai i-es, the einereney shall be niet by is toe of legal tender, non-interest bearltlf, Ilionev. lli. That the importation of foreign la bor under contract be prohiblted. 17. That, in connection with the post office, the government shall organi.e ünan Giftl exehaiiges, safe deposits and facilitie for depoêlt of the savings of the people 1 .-.niall MNH 18. That the government shall obtain osaesslon, by purchase, under the rirht f eminent dotnain, of all tclegraphs, tellihiiiies and ntilroads, ml ttiat hcroüticr o charter or license be issued to any corDration tor construction or operation of ny means of trangportirif: ititelligeoce, asseneer or freiglit. And wliile makiiijí the deüinds upon tlte state and uatioual governii'nt, we will ondeaver to associatc our wii labora; 1.'. To establish co-oierativc nstitumi sucli ns will tend to HoperBede tlic age system, by the introduetion of a cojjerative svsteui. 20. Toseturefor both eexes eijual pay or equal work. 21. To shorten the liours of labor by a ¦inral rcfusal to work for more thau íílit hours. 22. To persuade employerg to agree to rbltrate all difVerencea which may arise etwetii tlicui and thcir employés, in or¦r lliat tlie Iwiids of syuijjathy between Kin muy be strengthened aud tliat trikes tnuy be rendered aonepessary.


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