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Poisoned Water!

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loc report on tüe source of the Boston water supply shows a condition oï tklnga hat is absolutely appalling, but, while t is made plain Ihat the water supply omes trom the drainage of tanneries and jther offensive sotirces, il is impossible In my "-eport to convey a full statement f lic aclual quantity of poisonous ingredint.s whir.h this water must and does coniii n. The inhabitants of Bostou are unlinetionably takinj; ulo thoir systems, itli every glasg of water tbey drink, the :erms "f pttnott and dlsease. One faiuily ilone lias had thrw dcaths, the origin of vliic.b eau be tracod to (bis source, The ffrets mar uot be immcdiate, but are 1011e tbe less surc. In the conreo of a cw weeks or nioutbs, loss of appetite, lieadachf, loss of sleep, tircd feeliugs, tnd the tlioiisand and oue tymptoins that ndicatc tbe ap]roach of diseasc are cerain to be feit. Kut Boston is uot alone n this trouble. Most of the cities of New ünglaud are affllcted in tb same ruanner 0 a greatcr or less doeree. The cutiré Coirncotiout vulley experience this diffl¦uHy The niuiif.r ipwns have a water upply of more or loss injunous cuaracter, while the fanning community ïften draws ts water from #ella that are simply Irainages f min barns and outhouses. Whcn all these thiugs are taken into considuration, the surprise is not that here is so mucb sickucss, but that there s so mucli licslth. The evil is not avoided y driuking liimors, miuaral waters, or any otlier coiiciHtions, for they too frequently are ofteu more injurious than ordinary water. The only way to avoid the evil effects is by keeping the health unimpaired. All have. observed that the evil effects of poisonous water are quicklj nvmifest in some cass, and muoh less in otliers. This is owing to the tact that one person ig in good bealtb wbile the otber is not. A man, woraan or cbild who is vigorous, aud whose body is proporly toned, is tbc one who can tbccasiest avoid tiie evils tibov named. A gentle stimulant to the digestivo oifians and facultieë h sirengtli-inipartin ineparation, a nervebuilding conipound, is what the public reqnire, is what tlie people will have. This is precisely what Hoptonic is, and tlie grtmX fuvor with which it has been and is being received clearly shows its value. Being composed of peptonizeci beef, hops and malt (the three best known mvijroranta and touics,) it aceumulates albumen in tlie body so completely as to most certainly counteract the first ftpproaches o( dUease. Tliese facts have tx;fn fully MOBfMood by athletes for time, and Mr. George Le Blanche the "Marine," Mr. Patsey Shepard, tbc celebrated trainer, and man y otber men wbo makc [ihysicai developmwrt a stmlj use t roiitiiiuiilly. If the inhabitant; of New Eiipland de sire to preserve their health umiupaired iu spile of the severe climatf, bad wat and other bealtli enemlet Ihat surrouiK llicm, they uiMHl OM come Standard stim uien t that iinpa.ts vigor while adding streutb. .i ueadtof familie and thoa who vahii. tbeir OWO bapploeH a well a that of their friends, ahould give this sub iect the most careful attention and invest


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