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What Miss M. L. Crows, The Niece Of The Rev. Geo. Moody Crowe Says About Dr. J. B. Henion's Sure Cure For Malaria

What Miss M. L. Crows, The Niece Of The Rev. Geo. Moody Crowe Says About Dr. J. B. Henion's Sure Cure For Malaria image
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Miss M. L. Crowe, who resido? ít .'n. i toaoon st., lïoston, Mass., was a great tui ' erer foi cight years. I'hysicians fiün lo her mygood, aud lier friemlon up all hopea of her being any btiti r. aud decidctl tliat she must be :i contiruied nvalid for lifu. Mits Crowe aays : "For eight years I suflefcd more than ton can teil. I was fint taken with restlessness whtle altending scliou!. Al i i a few weeks I was anuuyed ly nol bei Dg ablc to sleep. I would retire feeliDg very lecpy, but woukl 11e awake until thr biir o'clock in the mornlog before mj eyes would (tast in .-leep. Then I commenced to have pains in different pai niy body, and jast bof ore my monlhly prriods - saya day or Uvo - I wouli! hav regular spasms of pain tlmt woald be )ossible to decrilK'. I lust Baai) pnulualy. My skin would be sallow pan of the ime, nul at otlier timet a dead whlti ' nst mv auuetite anti eould ruúthci nor eat. I would have chilly sensal )ass over me, followed by hot il i which was very annoying. My mlnd became affected. I bad a constant dn some impeHding langer, and at tii; lad a strong desire to takc my ow i. [ became very blue and melancboly, and wislied to be alone and undisturtn'd. I worried over imsnary trouble and noth-, n{ could saüsör me. I becsjne very mtable aud could not bear to have aay ono talk to me. My menses almost enttrely ceased, and there was notaBpot I in. body tliat was not Illlcd willi uain. 1 had given up doctoring, for ever tb seeraed to make mo wone. and 1 bad grown tired of dosing. A triend of mine blOOgtlt me a bottleof Dr. J. B. Henlon'jg Su re Cure for Malaria aud nrged meto try it. 1 commenced the use of il without any faith; in a dav or two however, my palo grew less andjtliinps commenced tn look a little brijxhter to nie. 1 eontinue ' the usc of the Öure Cure until I hftd tuKen nine bottles, and my health was re ed, the paij all disappearcd, tbe monthly functions were restored, my appetlten turned, and I have gaincd thiny ponndi in flash. I frcely give this teatlmony in favor or Dr. J. B. Heniuu's Surr ( 'uw for Malaria, lioping and trustlng tliai it m iv be mcLitis of helping others flnil 1 1 lii f.'


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