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. iööSÏIai'S DRUG STORE ¦o. 7 S. Main St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES Fine Toilet Anieles ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Specialty Made ol' Physiclaii's Prescriptions. Cnll and see us. J. J. Cocdyoar. UI i: UUOD liXIK. il" I GOOD i ofanyLamp. Ienoughí -fjSÊ most practical ever offered to FAMILY OIL CAN. EVERY FAMILY SHOÜLD HAVE ONE. MANUFAGTURtD BV $infiGld Mamrfacturina %c, No Dropping Oll on the Flooror Table: No iaucet to Leak or set k nocketl open to waste Coutentsor cause Explosloas. No rks to Lose. Closes Perfectly AlrTight. 'o Lcakage- No Kvaporntion- Ahsolutely Snfe. A l'nivii kiiI Hou., hol, l Nrii -sily. Cdi T,Xj a-ktt-i see TSIjE2wi1. For Sale in Ann Arbor by C. O. Warner, S. A J. Bauragartner. Hetiry Weisch. C. Eberbach. H. G. Horu, F. O. Sclileicher. Rlnsey ttieabolt. 1271-1284. 3tic SuCt. ofthaLoniiTill nd Jofferaonvillo Ferrj Co Mu. J. O. Dobhit, wbo liT. oo Wll St.. JeHemoivillu, Ind., allertid MTerely from Nural([i In tbofic nd ni qaicldy cured bj AlHiöPHUBOS. Mny lrtie inffer from headch which m of neurlKlc origin. In uch cjues Athlophoro U Inyaluble. u ltwlU qutckly rmovthe ', Thousand. are ndurlng untold aony from njuraKfi who might flud inHtaut rellifby UZ ATHLOPHOROS Sr g? „"s". It Is absolutely safe and It never falla to driTe neuralgia away. Neuralgia and rheuoiatigm are tuin diseases. Athlophoro cures both. Hhu. dreds of peopls have tried Hand now warnily recommend it. Bend for name of partm In your own sute who have been cuied by it if you hava auy doubt aa to lts merit. Ask your druggiBtfor AthlophorOi. If you cannotget itof him we will end It exprosa [aid pn recelpt of regular prioe-tl.OO per bottle W prefer that you buy it from your druggiat. bnt If no hasn't lt do not be pereuaded to try oiuethiiiK clae, but order at once from uu as diroctert ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 WALL $T., NEW YORK. THE i DÏTBOIUilË! FOR 1886. DAILY, SUNDAY, - WEEKLY THE BRIGHTEST, CHEAPEST AND BEST NEWSPAPERIN MICHIGAN. 0ÜN2LWINDENDËNTLWEPÜBLICAK - ' i Underits new ownership and management, all ditioni of Th, Tribune, have been improved in verjr respect. AM the news is jfiven in the brieftst nd most attractive manner, without the omission f a single cssential detail, and also without Ule I rosóme ''paddiu" indulgcd in by the'blanket heel" papen of hiLher price and (iss eaterprisr, VU departmeuts are complete. SUBSCRIPTION PU ICES: aily, without Sunday, i year 95 oo aily, with Sunday, i year 6 oo Vrekly, i yer ra 9-Splendid Premiums for Weekly Clubs. Wnte for the list. Address THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, Detroit, Michigan.


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