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A WONDERFUL COMBliiATION fSC Vr PEPTONIZE1) MKF, HOI's] [IFd malt, 1 Eelnff the OXIÏ 1Í'OWN I'RKPARAIIOX for Impartlng I'tKi: HALBUMEN}To the Body. It la an Absoluta Cure for Nervonsnets, Debility, nd Inaomnia, and warda olí those Terrible EviU which ara the Fint Stages of INSANITY. ' Por Dehllltated Ufen, Por Enlpeblrd Women, Por Delicate Chlldren, Por tll nho nerd Mrrnsth "HOPTONIC ISA BLESSING." For Sal by all Drnggists. Prepared only bythe HOPTONIO CO., (RAND UaPIUS, MICO. WORTHY Of Confidence. ñVFR'C Sarsaparlllalsamedlelnothat, t tn O duriug nearly 40 yeais. in Bil partg of the wurkl, has proved Ut efflcacy as tho best bluod alturati ve kuown to medical scicuce. SARSAPARILLA t&ToTu" genuine Honduras Sarsaparilla) is lts basa, and iu powers are enhanced by the extracta oí Yellow Doek and StiflioKia, the Iodides of Potaaalum and Iron, and other potent ingmlients. IQ vour blood yitiatcd by dnaugements 19 of tbc digestivo and nimihitory functioasf U it tainted by Serofula? or does it eontain the poWm of Mercury orContagioua Disease! TUP leading phyttobuM of the United t States, who know the composition of Ayer'3 Sarsaparili.a, say that nothing else so ;ood for tlio purification of the blood is within the raugo of pharinacy. Auiy by"the use of this remcdy is It UIlLl posslble for a penon who has corrupted blood to uttain sound health and prevent transmisión of the destruotlve taint to poaterity. TlinonilPUl V cflctiverenovatlou inUnUUurlLT of the system must inelude not only the remo val of corruption frora the blood, but its curichlilcnt and Uio etronthi-jiin of tha vltjü arganiï. nri IADI C witnosses, all over the ntLIMDUC world, tcstify that this work is better accomplishcd by A yer's Sarsaparilla. thau by aiiy other remedy. Dl nnn tnat 's corrupted through disÖLUUU ease is made pure, and blood weakencd through dirainutiou of the red oorpuscles is made strong, by AriR'8 SARSAPARILLA. DIIDICVIMP l'10 '''ou' nn(' building rUflIrYlWU up the pystem require time In scrious cases, b'ut benefit will be derived from the use of Aykr's SARSAPARILLA. more gpeedily than from anything else. UCniOIUC for which llke effects are mtUlblIlCi falsely claimed. is abun'lant in the market, under many names, but the only preparatiou that has stood the test of time, and provcd worthy of the world' confidence, U Aer's Sarsaparilla, PREPARED BT Dr. J . C. Ayer Al Co., Lowell, NlMI. Sold by all Draggists: Price $1; Slx bottles for $5. UNABRIDGED. In Sheep, Russia and Turkey Bindings. The VnabridKPd is suppliod. at o email hüditionul cost, with IENISOJ'8 PATENT REFERENCE INDEX. 'The groatest improvemont in book-maklng tliai ha been made in a hundred yenrs. " The Cutgives but aa incomplete idea of its utillty THE STANDARD. IHXlTw'1"ter-t ''as 118,000 Word VTXiX 3OOO KiiRravings, and a New __. IHographical Uictionary. 'fiTTX' StAnrlaril in (iov't Printing Office A XI Xá 32,00o copies in Public School;. _ Sale SO to 1 of anv other feries. 9 L'U'lillt'nakeaFamlly intelligent. OJU9JL Mt hflp for SCHOLARS, TEACHÜRS and SCHOOLS. _Webtr is Standard Autlinrity with the U. 8. Hnpreme Court. Hrmmmended ly tlje State í,u?. S0110"1 ' 3tí Sutes, anefby over 50 College Presidenta. "A UBRART IN ITSELF." The latest o.lition m the qnantity of matter it publ shed. It has 3000 more Words in 1U vobulary than re found in nny other Am Dict'v nd oerly s time tho numlwr of Engravings. It U the best practical Kngligh Dictlouary xiajjt.- London (uarterh Review. Vïïa T"LPfnt and reUable schoolmtr to the wliole familv.- .S S HeraUI 6. C. MSRRIAM C0., Pub'rs.Bprtogfia. Ma,,. film Br ¦ fSSEmSCjtas lifH AGNTSWANTEDW tion. Only DookofiU kind. The "SP Y "reveáis mn7 srcrett ofthe mar nover beforo puMisht d A mphio ftecountof tho conupiraey to assasoinato Llnooln. Perilou eiperiencea of our Fheai Bmis in tho KeUI Capítol; their hrroic brv"í4' fully recounte4 ia those vivul eletches Thn 'Spy is tbs most thiilUnir war bcok erer irabliahed. Endowd by hui.dreui u ITea aud Agenu1 testiiuonialn. A lrKo hln" uin book, 88 pap-s; 60 illuatratioas. ACÉNTS WANTED! AOENTS FThi book ík oid-uliing 11 othí-rs OwonekundrrdliotaandHjiplhí.tioDstorai;r hTO ben reoeived. Wa havo mony averna wüo hars oíd fxom two toüve hunhr.i en r -The SPY ia aold only by our Afrenta, and caá tiot be found In boot. Melto to merchantn. farmers, tni'lJjanic8.,-m.! , coa. Absolutely Oí', rasirst book to ttíl kno-Mt Wo wantons a.;entiu every Gran, I PcítandinoTi-rytowui-Lipanai-ouDtyii] th'= 1 For íull prticilli-s auil trrms r.) nv-nis 1 O.W.CALEi'OS i C0,l'uWiaS,4i-0, Obtaiocd in the United States and FortlenCoinitrics. Í.IO.II.t.o Illltlll', 70 Crltwold fit., Detroit, IH1. h.


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