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ACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. AFTER THE HOLIDAYS AT MCI & ABEL'S BUSINESS STILL LIVELY. Merchants, nine-tenths of them, have the impression that, with Ghristmas past, its holiday trade gathered and the large purchases before it began taken into count- the Season is ended, that they might as well make up their balance sheet, fold their arms, rest on their oars, that business is Not so with us. If the weather is warm we propose to do busines. We admit that we are overstocked on a few lines of goods, the experience of the season shows us we failed in udgment and down they go. Most of the stock holds its own - right in price and qualityThe first to Lo down are CL O AKS. We have made several cuts before, but this will be the final cut slash. This time the prices will be made regardless of oost. All of eur $30 00 Flushes reduced to $23.50 Our elegant $35 00, $37.50 and $4000 Plushes reduced to $27.50Our Brocaded Velvet Newmarkets $24.50, reduced from $37 60. All of our handsome Newmarkets of all kinds and styles formerly sold at $22, $25. $28, and $30, reduced to $18. This is the greatest cut of the Season. All of our Newmarkets recently sold: at $16, and $18, reduced to $13 All garments trimmed with beaver and tailor-made, formerly sold at $14 and $55, rekucedto $10. 15 Newmarkets, brown and black, $7, reduced from $10 and $11 Few Silk Circulars, $7.75, reduced from 10. 8 Silk Circular $11.75, reduced from $16 and $18. These are cheap- less than New York cost. Our Brocaded Velvets very cheap for a few days 3 pieces Silk Brocaded Velvets, $1-50 reduced from $2 25. 5 pieces Silk Brocaded Velvets, $2, reduced from $2.50 and $3. Ladies' Cloths of every description, 54 inches wide, 75 cents, reduced from 85Icents, 90 cents and $1 . Theselgoods will never be sold again so cheap. 1 case of Ladies' Vests and Pants 38 cents, reduced from 50 cents. 1 bale of Gray Blankets $2, former price $2 50 20 pairs White Wool Blankets, $3, reduced from $4. 13 pairs White Wool Blankets, 1 1-4, $4 50, cheap at $6 3 bales brown Cotton, 5 and 6 cents, reduced from 7 and 8 cents. 1 case bleached Cotton, equal in value to Wamsutta. Pride of the West or New York Mills, at 10 cents, former price 12 cents1 case bleached Cotton, 6 cents, reduced from 8 cents1 case bleached cotton, 8 cents, reduced from 10 cents. We propose to give the people bleached and Brown Cottons lower than they ever bought them before When you are visiting these slaughter sales, come and see us before you buy. 3 cases the best standard prints, 5 cents. No outside brands, they are the best goods made. From to-day, until February lst, we will sell good and relibale dry goods lower than ever before known in Ann t BACH JEL.


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