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MOST PERFÉCTWADE Preparod with ¦pad! rSfBfd to houlth. Vo Ammonlft) LimcorSum. WCL BAKIiïê POWDER CO., CHICAGO. ST. LOUIS. wrastil SPECIAL taran JËEXTRACTS #ST PERFECT MADE vav'"' nnil striilir,.„t Nnlurul Fruit Fluvurs. Vsullla n.Orangs, ]mOad, i;. ...,-. etc, flavor u d iturullya fruit. i„ic..u. PriCeBaklngPowderCo. BT.WBI8 EiffK Invalids HoteliSurgical Institute BUFFALO, TT. Organized vldi a full Suir of eightcen Experlenccd and Sklllfnl Phyaielan and SiIrKiiiiis for Ihc Irriimnii or all h m ii ie Dlneaws. OUR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Clironfo Nasal Catarrh, Throat and I.uiir Ilini'aiio, Livor and Kidiir, Mineasen, Bladder Diirnvt, Diionnea of Women, Blood Diseases and Nerv , ou Affertioni, oured ben or at home with or without seeiriK the patiënt. Comeani v us, or send ten nts in stampt for OU "Invalida' Guldc Book, whu i all partieulars. _____ Nr OUKltl'llililjr, linpo llriiniTr '", Nocturnal Losse UELIGATE nndnll Iflorliid onilii iims _ naiinrwi by Yomlifiil i oi [JlSFiF1? "CH "M.IPoriiHloui. Soli ''"¦'' tary Prácticos ipcedlls "- nuil permaoently cured by ou Specialist. Honk. post-pai'l, In ets. in stampa ____a_ Kupturc, or Breach, rrnli I n..._. I f"Hy iinr'l trithoul the knifp I nüPTURE I without tmws wiilimii puin nwi iw ui.. )ni wil„„J( ,]linLr,.v (:ur,. "¦¦¦" Guarantord. Book sent lo ten contg In stampa, PILE Tl HOR8 nn.l STItKTIKES treatod utvlt'r KiiaranK r lo i nrr. Koiik sent forten obuh in stampfl. Addren Wobld'i Dispensaky Meiiicu, Assdci atiox, 6KJ Muil Street, Buffalo, N. V. Tho treatment of many riior-inrn r thollsiimls i)t l'USIS Oj UISE&SES OF taeas pocultar to WnyPH womekt nUWICn. at tt,o invaii,is' jjotel anc ¦"¦" Butstoal InstitinV, has afforded largo expertence iu adaptinK remedie for their cure, and DR. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription is the result of thla vust experience. It is a powerful Rextorativp Tonic and Nervino, Imparta rigor and atrengtl to the System, and eurus, as if hv majric, I,oucorrhea, or "whites,' exeesiv flowine, painfnl nu nsti ual i iinnatural u '¦"-. irolajiiH or talliiiK of Btema, ueak back, aiiteverxlon, rclrovi i ion. beariiiKdowii eitsu( Ioiin, chronic eoni ei Umi, int 'lam mal ion und nlceratloo of the Homli, iiiflannnutioii, pain and tciidcriM'MN in ovarirs Infernal beat, and "femalo wraliiirss." It promptly relieves and cures Nausea and Weakness of Stomach, Imliïition, Illoali nu. NorvoiiH Prostration, aud SleeplisMiess, 11 eilher sex. PQIPC T I nn nn BOTTLES rnlüc 4I.UU, fok cs.oo. Sond ten eonts in stamiis for T)r. Pierec's larfre Treatisu on Dlseasee ol Women, illustrated. Woríd's Dispensary Medical Asssciation, 663 Main Streot, BÜFPALO, N. Y % SICK-HEADACHE, Bilioui Headaclie, 1. Tpcs DizzinesK, Constipa $t" sbt'i' "on, Ilid IgeMI on, ¦aK%f yn and ' i"iis auu k 3M Tmiijfr' prominly eured by Dr jm BWSMjP Picrco's Plraaanl Mm, B Purgatlvc Pelloi. 1 eenta a vial, by Druggi6ts MMUNITY fromXNNÖYANCE r - fc'sijfs' SI Si a ¦ Tl p (bMH i-iÍÍlP SSf ¦ f'l AbkS 9snKf L ' rtsBBsTMwVIsBBBBrA ÈÉ S I vI09UbbssbVH 7 1 8 ' ' Pat. OstSOth, 1381 !f lade only of the Ono-t mul bontqnalily oCGlaxs for ilh-.tuudiiiK beitt. Every good thingf is Oounterfeited, and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these Chimneys made of VERY POOR GLASS. See thatthe exact label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is alwaya clear and bright Glase. Stuuufactnrotl 1, i by GEO. A. MACBETH & CO. PlttMbnrgrh I.oikI Otaaa Worka, FOR SALE BY DEALERS. TTT"T fl fof varklaz people BeiKi lOcenta Ij I M pot-tau-i'. iii.i] w, ivill mf.i! yoareea y royal, valuubli; rampla tx.x of goodi I that wjll put ynn In Ib9 waj "f mnh h-L' inorfi monny iu n few clftji thmi Toa er thonght poulble it ny buiMSf. Cspl tal Dot rcaiilred. Yon nm live ut home mul wol k )n epre time ouly, or all tune. AH nl both peles, of all aftef, grandly öuccosfiful. 5i i'entg to f-5 easily arned STnlng, ïbat all who want work mav lest the bastO6ss,We nake ihis unparollel'd off: Toall who are Bot wll MÜAedw II! send $1 to pay for the trouble of wrUliit' u. Ful! paitlcnlars, directions, etc., pent free. Immenpc pay a solutely sure for all wbo ntart it onrt-. Don t deiay. Addruss Stimshh & Ui., Portland, Main, ¦Pilla? R2flFn mny bo-fonna on ¦ ¦¦IV I fil MIÏKOWELL & CO'8 ¦ ewgpaper Advertislng Bureau (10 8pruco Streot) .whcremlviT. SiSBVISB ¦¦ tlstogcoutnutsmuy llCllf VfiDlC 1)6 madB for lt_lnlClf IUIff


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