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¦HBM I g& ¦ THE FARM AND CARDEN 'IB Tb a lnnui.iui-n -m intrd mnnthly paper, wlth ¦ BK H II 1 ORIGINAL ILlUSThATION,, puI Ttt I Bh ¦ -il, Ir. hikI A ( 1 KAÏl: rural Journal. L5_'NTERESTING CORRESPONDERÉ ¦¦WHHI ¦¦HnnJ raluable inforimiiion from tvt-ry State in _ _„-__-- __ .__-. BBBBBBBf ' a authorltT on FHUITS and VEGETABLES. Couflk BB ik uuns tbe H KST Poultry paces lor thosö vhj W ¦¦ E 17 í"";?Í 'ijP&k PN ten tri! stihncribern bframe pprnnnrnt readers, I JKm nd use their liirluence tn wnaniore names. Kperi-I I fMUWt I I ence havine tanirtit iw this, r foei certain Ihat it lll Irl'l J f Z hs. 3 MONTHS TfflL 10c. V T 'Foevery r(a1-t oTllna whn will tttMii! ui 10 et. '" stiumw k . 1 orsilvcr, n wlll send "TUK FARM AND (AKDEN'on s ,B f trial for tliri inonths. Piense accept thls trial offfr at onoe, ---¦ r lf only to hiitisfy cilrloslty. and you Wlll certalnly be urreeahly ÍB HL _ dlMippoluli'd. FARM ANft PARCirM mm ' .ilrnr "t.. 1 1 fi TT ¦¦ ¦% fk ¦% ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦% lm Just Golng Down to the Gat?. Jfl B. H IJ 1 II Hanilful or jinti. Walt tlll tba JBH H W0 I I f I I I Jl K Cloudn Ron Ily. ril Meet Her I U I U r I When tbe Sim (lora Uowu. A Knot [:-¦ ¦¦¦ " " mm ¦ ¦ " of Blue aml Uray. Mary's Clone ;,'" BBk ¦ Wlth a t'oon. Hweet violeta. ¦fc ¦¦ llridget Doiiaghvie. Llttle Wlfe. ij. '7 Mk ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ 4 Nellle. Bold Mc-IntirM. Otilj a BH O l'ansy BloMom. Nobody Knows K Al 1 H I I Whnta lUcket Wa There. "SSSi ¦?¦ ' niil I lllll My WanderliiK Boy To-night? SB B B - T May ÉT Duffy'.i ('art. Widow No UIV B BH ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦lin'lUiial. Warnur licilil. We Snl _ by the Kiver, You lind L You Wlll T%y Z n E "I"-C Mis M When I'm Oon. Old.and 1_# A.1 11 Jb 5 JL L7. Onlyin the Way. Oh, Ilpm Uolden ÖUppers. Only toSee Her Face Agftin. I'Te Only Been Down to the Club. Nelly Uray. You Clet More I.ike Your Iad Every Day. My Tretty Red Rose. I'll Rememtior You Love, In My Prayeni. Hmv'h Sunday Ouu Whon You'vo Gnt Uut Klfly Cent. Old Folks at Home. I'll Take Yon lióme Agani, Kathleen. Old-Fashioned Homentead. Pallet of 8traw. Oradle's Kmpty, Kabv's Goue. Ñever Tate the Horsenhoe from tb Door. Blue Alnatian Mountalnn. Lar of Ivy from my Angel Motlier'B Cirave. Mary of the Wild Moor. Peek-a-Boo. JoeHardy. HomoAialn. We Never Speak a w Pass Bv. Farmers Boy. l.ullnhy. Boyn, Keep Away from tbe Olrls. Baby Mine. Orandmothor's Old Arm Chalr. Tllgh Water Tante. Over tbe Garden Wiill. A Flower from my Ancot Mother (Jrave. I Iert Ireland and Mother Becftune we Were Poor. Olve an Honest IrUh Lul aTOhance. Not Before Pa. hpaninh Cavalier. Mnuntaln Sonc. In the live oí the Shamrock. Barney McCoy. Butcher Boy. Voor, But a Uentleman stlll. Sweet Evellnft. Forfive and Forcet. All theTrotible You Tlave Met. Thls bonk Is nrlnted on paper now aixe art sheet mustc. Order a copy now. Addreas AMERICAN PUBLISHING CO., 17 North Tenth ft, Philadelphia, Penn'a.


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