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Geoik.k Kibxlamd, ¦¦! HuthhiIi, Oa., nlly, (ora imfwnl lilly cents, drank a quai-t of whisky., and died bood atterwani. Auri.iA Nii'ïi'.iiax, of New York, OBOe notetl as au ounvoinui, bas been rendered insano by the action of drugs osad tor the purpose of blMching her hail . The issue of Itandaid dollareïortbe nvrk ended on the tflth amouiitcil to M:i,iii, agaíust :lt,4'.i; for the coriespondingperiod in 1884 Tue Buckeyo glass worksatMartin's Ferry, O., whicb had been idle six monthx, started up on the 2Sth, giving euiployment to three thousand persons. The house of Eiuanuel DiU, near Moburly, Mi . was burned a few nights agot and bis two little daughters perished in the llames. His son, aged twenty, was also fatally burned. Tï piiuid f ever was prevailing to an alarming cxtent in the Albany ( N'. Y.) Penitentiary on the 3Sth. Ten deaths had occurred. The introduction of nailing-machines in a Chicago box factory on the 2sth was quickly followed by a strike of all the workmen. Ac.Uiof the National Fish Couuill- Itiu left Washington on the OSth with carp to stock the rivers of Illinois. A foihth attempt was made on the 28th by unknown parties to destroy the ancieut dike protecting fifteen hundred acres uf meadowat Marshfleld, Mass. Ni'.miks oa the 28th issued regulations modifying his recent radical orders as to claims for public lands. Richard O. Reiniiard, aged seventeen, ca. let at the Oxford (Md.) Military Acadeniy, was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow cadet the other morning. Deceased was a son of Judge Reinhard, of Indiana. Hümer Millakd, a prominent farmer living near Laraar, Mo., was kicked to death by his horse a fow days ago. Ai.r.EKT Paixtek, proprietor of the Wind sor Hotel at Toledo, O., was shot and killed outhu'Jsthby H. A. Hlliflr, his Imrtender, in i dispute over wages. It is anuounced froin Washington that troope are required to protect the Indians in the .San Carlos (Atizona) reservation from the threatened attacks of lawless white men. Driuxo the eleven months ended on the :Oth uit. there were 11,570 deaths in Chicago. During the first eleven months of 1884 there were ÏO.&.'S deaths. Two Y0UN8 raen lost their lives on the "ü'tli by ¦ boiler explosión at New Providence, Pa., and forty-seven animáis were roasted alive by the fire which followed. A ïioiLEit ezploded on the áyth in the Gulf City Oil Mills at Mobile, Ala., partially wrecking the stracture and killing eight men. Six others were seriously scaldcl r niaimod. Co.N'NEcTictT was shaken up on the 29th by a mild sort of earthquake. Tuk recent storm off Cape Sable wrecked live Qlovcostor (Mass.) fishing schoonere, eiht ItregtMlng lost. The news of additlonaJ disasten were hourly expected. Tn tiTtnmiTo ontton wart oilmiilof W. H Slonl. at (jriMiiville, Miss., and a large aniDiint of cottOD were burned ou the .".Uh. the loa being 1200,000. Wii.i.iam K. Paob, gent of the Adam Express Compaay at Ooiden City, Mo., took ¦ pac-kage containing $10,000, dressed ap In hia wtf e'i olothing and lied, but was enptuivd at St Louis on the 'Jilth and most t the money reoorered. Rt thn npanWing nf a hnat the wife and three children of James öandera were drowned in the Kentucky River on the ; itli. near Nioholasville, Ky. Sechetaiu 51anmn( on the 29th issued a cali for $10,000,000 three per cent. bonds, interest to cea8e on February 1. Two oit N-iiitiNiEits in New Orleans leaned against an electric-light pole on the 29th. One was killed instantly, and the other had his head burned to a crisp. The tenth anniial convention of the Northwestern Traveling-Men's Association began in Chicago on the 2t)th. The following pui'sons were killed on the 2üth during quarrels: Samuel Blako, at Sim Hill, Md. ; William Biudler, at Hush Kun, Ü. ; Jolin Frankis, at New Orleans, La. ; Clay Davis, at Stackley, Tex, ; John Wright (colored), at Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Edgar Hayes, at Lyndonville, Vt. Nim:iki:' prisoners arrived at Santa Fe, N. M., on the 29th from the northern part of the Territory. They were charged with perjury in fraudulent entries of Government land. Ten men were seriously burned on the 29th by the explosión of a boiler in an iron mili at Kittanning, Fa. The weather was so mild at St. Paul, Minn., on the 29th that overcoats were cast asida, and lawn tennis was being played in the open air. One citizen exhibited a buiu'li of pansies that blossomed in his front yard, and another appeared in the street ciad in a linón duster and straw hat and carrying a fan. In the Upper Missouri Valley, near Bismarck, D. T., farmers were sowing wheat. Bntrton Fair has purchased the South Pacific Coast Railway for $5,00,000. Joh L. Flippen, formerly Mayor of Memphis, is now manager of a mine in Chihuahua. While on his way to Parral recently with two servants, he was robbed of $5,400 in bullion and his teams and effects. A jury in the Circuit Court at Washington recently awarded Frank Springman $12,000 for being crippled for life on the Baltimore & Potomac Road. The house of Justus Brown, a farmer near Wilson, Niágara County, N. Y., was burned the other night, and Mr. Brown perished in the flamea. Liectexaxt Jones, of the Fourth United States artillory, having overstaid his leave of absence about a week, shot himsolf dead at Fort Adams, R. I., on the 30th uit. rather thau suffer court-martial. Two colored men who had set fire to cotton were taken from jail at Crawford, Miss., by a mob a few days ago and hanged. The estimates of the statistician of the National Department of Agriculture for the principal cereal crops of the year 1885 have been computed, and the aggregate bushels are as follows: Whet, 357,000,000; corn, 1,936,000,000; oats, 629,000,000. Dl-hing the year 1883 thcio wore 8,110.8 miles of new track laid in the United States, nr 7nn milAa ro, mn in 1884. The total number of miles of track in the United States is now 128,493. The wheat receipts at Minneapolis for 1885 aggregated nearly 32,500,000 bushels. H. G. Kemper, who kept a small groeery store in Cincinnati, was murdered the other night for flfty cents. H niiKK.u.s captured and bound the engiuer of the Marshall Coal Comuanv worka at Erie, Col., the other night and then lireu the premisos, causing heavy loss. John Teemer, the American oareman, has made a contract to visit Australia next spring and row two races with Beach. Mrs. L. D. Woodwortu, wife of a prominent and wealthy physician of Fitchburg, Mass., eloped on the 30th uit. with George Viles, a brakeman on the Fitchburg Railroad, leaving behiud two young cbildren. At Mount Pleasant, S. C, the other day an Italian named Geretti killed James P. Colburn for interfering in a family row, and then took his own life. The Ohio Central Road, whicb was recently sold under foreclosures, has taken the title of the Kanawha & Ohio Road. A snORTAOB of $78,000 wan discovered in the accounts of the City Treasurer of Indianapolia, J. N. Pattison, on the 30th uit. The total number of hogs packed in the West from November 1 to the 30th uit. was 4,030,000, against 3,665,000 last year. The United States District Attorney at Jmaha, Neb., hos received instnictions to egin civil and cri ni i nal proceed i ngs against everal persons for Ilegal fencinsf of pulilic M1 ¦oïeoiqo JO íhbjoLh aqj joj )S9jtioa q I 'M J AlliJUIM]! ll.M IWJJ(1 V -IK O) J -1 ii.m i ll ii; aqi uo iijikh aüa.if 11 W I1 "O 'A M 'kiihj ai't ! P9'!' HwjlB puB paipnut no paSf '(pjo(oo) vooaaay p.iiHr-. i 'Xqi.iOMÍiuB'i tioii 'Xiiuejjno 9qi jo .inxiiliuo,) Xjndafl p9)U0ddB uo9 saq %oa aN J" 'uau.iNS J SNiiKinvA .i-mili aqt jo .lequodg pjo9]9 sbai 'Xjunof) noq.inog jo 'MnjJO sajJBqo iojJtn.ilj )B %n qjfle aq uo ii.)ii3auo.) 9.mítfi8i39q Xj(on}U92i íhx 1bC Xiunoo aq-j a .iB.i.í eno n Xspiíoi .mtiq jis 1 psousaa sh.i s).m jo iioismiuiuioj aqi oju ,,seui"''O" dBj?nt o) pauasjd psq oqM 'jo} -.IldsUOD uoui.ioy[ 91(} 'KOUKVJJ HTIIOIHg J.H.1.W snimuí -uoo puo eiqvjonoq jo sj-bsA" auo-Stio .i)JH }[n q)o; ,ii( uo qoueq q'j inojj peji?9J 'jCjig jijo i, M9ji ui sbsjj noutraoo jo %ino aq) jo aoiisnf J9iqo '.ivq eaaHTHO ín m iip.iil ¦ .i .M i.i.i v s .mu jj -,i( i jo jaqmatn b sbm 'q()ao.iiu94B97 jJOjj )B qigg 9qj no li.iip oq.u 'unossijf .ti jo iiMuiiJudag aq jo 9)booapv 93pnf 'MOxiajaooo hoívh 'TI68 eqi uo J(JO sj ut VJBqOjd O} pwMimpí sb. ?nq.tepuBA H in!M jo m nx ¦SJ1MÁ OAJO.m JOJ SUBj UI S9)PC9 U99q 9ABq .Í[1UIBJ Siq ptlB Í9U99US JJ 11GE aqi uo .{jp 4Bq) ni p.iAUJB '9[pni JO AV9fJ )B9J3 9q) UI P99AVJ, JO JH1.IBt pa)ia[[B 9q} jo 9uo 'iatiaaMg g aiuj jbbX piíq -.tjxissir[ ui 'inri; 9q) uo 8[[iAS!(JBi3 ui 9uioi 9iq 4H p,iip '1881 O) i; SI UIOJJ 99999UU9X mOJ joiBoag S9ïwjg paíiufl 'iaiivg a sawvf nvounod onv nvNOSuad ¦pMO[[oj aq iiai juaiSBj ft jo SBinraao rtili O) SinpjODOB soiqB.1 9ai)B9J} JO poqjaiu atu ajaqu '8{qoqdojpXH jo u}i}sui avo -J9UIV oqj jo uoi'jBaodjoout oto J0J 'ÍIn 8l6 eqi uo n."'A N 1 uaqvt 9J9& Bjaxg Suiiibj Xq po[[in [juniBui bm UBiuajg 9"O OOO'OOS'tt ítioqs jo ssoj [wjj b 8uhb9J3 's.i.i ii .nu)!t .i.iqjo paq.M0D9 Xipsq pus 'ipo[f nossav aq? 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The amount required to maintain municipal Governmeut in New York City for the new year is estimated at (35,486,330. The colored people of Norfolk, Va., celebrated the annivei-gary of emancipation on the lst by a grand parade. Tbe Qrant nationul monument fund was $113,215 on thelrt. Governor Hii.l, of New York, was inaugurated at Albany on the lst. FirzHUGK Lee was inauguratedGorernor of Virginia at Hicbmond on the Ut. Tur.Hif wcr. six thousand callera upoa the President on the lst. FOREIGN. A Tokonïo paper says the wrecking laws of the United States and Canada are disgraceful enactments, and that the statute of the Dominion is both unwise and inhuman. It was reported on tbe 28th that Russia and Austria were secretly arming, and that both these countries had sent orders to England for large quantities of stores for their respective arniies. The Whig peers of England, headed by the Duke of Ai'gyle and Lord Hartington, announced on the 29th their determination to make a hot flght against Gladstone's horae-rule measure for Ireland. The Fiench Cabinet resigned on the 99th, and President Grevy bad called upon D Freycinet to form a new Cabinet. Tuk vnlue of the crops iti Ireland during 1881 r.iirliid nearly 'l,H5(),000. This is largely above the average for the last decade. Mn. Gj.aiwtonk on the 2Hth received four hundred letters of congratularon on reaching his seventy sixth birthday. Pastelh, of Paris, had on the 29th eradicated all symptoms of hydropbobia frora the Newnrk (N. J.) children sent across the Atlantic by cliuritable people. Captain Pdi.i.m-, for a long time American Consul in Cuba, committed suicide on the '.'M h on the islund of Barbaboes. AnviCBS of the 30th from Dublin stat that the catch of Hsh off Eagle Ivland, Imiishoftin iind iiiuny small islen near the Mayo and GuIwhv OOMM wns very meager the pust nason, and muny persons were in a starvillLT ron'lii ion A. 041 mala buret ou tbs ayta at tCinggton, Can., and several persons wern serinmly 111 (rom inhaling tbe gas, two haring died. Thb volcano in the State of Colima, México, waa in a state of eruption ou the 30th ult .., causing greatexcitementtluouK" out the región. As Italian residing in Victoria, B. C, undertook recently to transport seven Chiuatuen to the ghore of Washington Territory. Neeing an American rovemie catter in the distatiea, be killed hts pasaengere one by one aad heavd their corpses overboard. Thb Urangu-Catliolíc riots were renewed on the aoth uit. at Conception Bay, Newfoundland, An Orange mob attacked and fatally wounded two men. Lieutenaiw-Gbnbhal Stephínson, commander of the Britinh torces in Egypt, a few dayg ago attacked and routed a large torce of Arabs near the village of Kosch. Tb flght lasted three hours. A TKiiniFii: anow-storm prevailed on the SOth uit. in Hcotlaud, and the railways ware biockaded. On the Sist ult. Russia and Austria were armed at every possible point, Turkeywas still massing troops ou the Macedonian frontier, and Oreece showed no signa of digbanding her (orces. An Arab army was marehing north from Kbartoura on the 31st ult., and the insurgents recently defeated by General Stephenson were massing for a fresh attack on the Brítish (orces. England bad 17,000 soldiere in the Soudan. Thb Biinezation of Burmah to the British Empire was formally announced on the lat in India and England. Offlcers appolnted by the Viceroy of India are to administer the Oorernment. LATEA NEWS. A UkS named Nailon, over ninety yeara old, and hieaged wif e, were burned to death in their home at Perth, Can., on the 2d. LiavTitriNT Ghbilit, of Arctic fame, arrived in New York from Liverpool on the 2d Thb Southern Hotel at New Orleans was 1 totally destroyed by flre on the 3d. One mau was known to hv perished in the flamea and it wai believed ttaat were buried ander the debris. Several firemen wr injured. Tuihb were sixty conrictions for unlawf ui cohabitation under the Edmunds law in UUh during 1885. Th recent murder of four membere of tbe Knoch family, in a suburb of Detroit, was followed on tbe 3d by the butchery of the aged mother, whose akull was found to have been fracturad. Two of the sons of the murdered woman were arrested, etaarged witn the crime. Th business ontlook was reported on the 3d as bright, and there was a continuation of the hopef ui feeling in business circles East and West. Six Bi'NDRKD Arabs were slain in the recent battle with the British (orces near Kosheh. The Arabs were said to be fleeing toward Dongola. A heavy snow-storm raged on the 3d at St. Paul, and it was reported qnite general tUrou ¦ ut the Northwest. Tiikkr was a quiet observance in Berlín on the 3d of tl,, twenty-flftb anniversary of the cceshiod of Emperor William to the throne o( Prussia. Tiie Treasui-y Department t Washington purchased duriug the week ended on tlie 2d tnofMt ounpes of silver. A vi v of pnre petrolenm was on the 2d discovered at Park HUI, Out., 175 (eet below the snrface. Tb Canadian Parliament has been prorogued until February 18. Sevbsteen persons were drowned in the Andalien River, in Chili, a few days ago by the upsetting of a boat. A TKREinc cyclone recently passed over Villa Maria, in the Argentine Republic, doing immense damage. Several earthquake shocks have been telt recently in Valparaíso, Serena, Arica and Tacna, in Sonth America. Hinbt shot his wifeatPittsburgh, Pa., on the ad because she refused to live with him, and toen blew out his own brains. Hbvebal officials in Morgan County, Tenn., were on the 2d discovered to be def aulterf in aums ranging from $2,000 to $30,000. The public-debt statement issued on the 2d makes the following exhibit: Total debt (including interest of $13,258,339), 1,514,4ra,C9; cash In Treasury, 71,018,873; debt, lesa amount in Treasury, $1,443,454, 828. Decrease during December, $9,089,940. Decrease since June 30, 1885, $51,483,719.


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