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AKlMc POWDER Absolutely Pure. ThlBpowdernevor varíes. A marvoi of parlty, strenKth and wh"onoiueiiess. More economicai tnan the ordloary kinds, and cannot be aold In competltlon with the multltade of low test, short welght, slam or nhoaphat powders. Sold only in cans. Hoy&l Baklnir Pander 'o . 106 Wall st., N. Y. ITCHINC. SKIN DISEASES IN8TA1STT RELIEVED BT CUTICURA. T'HKATMENT.- A warm bath wlth CorreuBA 1 Soap. aud a single applicatlou of Cut cura, tbegreat Skin Cure. Thin repeated dal ly, wlth two or three dopes of Oiticura Rïsoltiwt, the New Blo"" runner, to keep ihe blood cool, the (je-BpTration pure and unlrritatltiK, the bowele open. the liver and ktdneya active, will speedlly cure Eczema. Telter. Klauworm, ''surlasli, I.ichen, Parim, 9cld Head, Dandrnffand every epec e ol Itchlnji, Scalv and Pimply llumors of theScHlpand kin, when the besi physichin and remedí fil. k." f-r-n on A mili Toar most valn"bl Cüticuba Kimkdieh have done my child - much good that I feellike euylng thii for tho benent of thuse who are troubled with skin dlícaxe. My Httl' fflrl was tronoled with Eczema, and I tried eeveral doctoré and medicine, bat did uot de her any t-ool until I ued the Ccticnu REMuuibs which sp.'ctilly cuied her for whlch I owe you many and muiiy nlifhtH of rest. ANTÓN UO8SMIKB, Eaiuborg, Ind. TETTER OF THE SCAEiP. I was almost perfectW-bald, cansed bv Tetter of the top ol ihi: xcalp. I nscd 5 unr Udticdra Kim KDiahont li wiii-kg,hil 1ht-j cured my ncalu prlicMy. and now my hair is comiiiü back as thick au ever 1t wm, J. p. CHO1CK. VVhiiesboro' Ti'xts. COVERED WITH III. l lli:s. I want to teil you thit voor Outicuba Rkpolvknt is maenifletnt. About three montha bl-o my face was covcred with lilotches, atd aíter nsing three bottle of Rwoi.vbnt l wa pieotlv cured. FKKÜKUIl'K MAITRE. 2S 8t. Charles Street, New Orloana, La. KVOW I I-N V I.l I. All of yonr CctItura ükmeiius glvo very good ratinfiction. The Cuiicüma 1 cppetially recommi'iid for the dlseaae Mr whieb lt li ued. 1 knuw frorn experience iu vatue. Db. H. J. PHATT, Montlcello, Wiê. lirs'l' FOR ITdlIM; HINK NKM Doe of otir enstomers ay jront Cuticuka Rek. toiEsaretlie best he can Bnd for itchlns? of the skin. IU trled all otherB and fönnd no relief antll he u-l youra. Rlaiag Bun, ühio. F. J. ALDHlCd, DruggUt. SOM evorywhire. Price : Cntleon, 60 cent, 8op, 25 cinto : Reo!veiit, ?l.K. Preparcd by th POTTBK IJRUU AND ( TIIKDIOAI. Co., BOSTON. Nend for "IIow to cure Mkln DlKtmi nrif, -andBuby Jrlüfl. ! ¦-¦ '¦i'icurilSoa .. SNEEZE ï SSEEZE! .sNEKZB until yonr hed Jp - v M' m rt'(ly to fiy off; until df'' -vnL ynr ïioW and eyee dia' si ,f aK inarKO eicmnive r.uantlc W!;'&eiS3 ' ' tuin, irriiatine watery gL ' iy flulJ; unlilyourhead achee y MfT, n? mouth atíú tbroat parrbetf, fL'At fimi ] JSi aIui blood at ferer heat. I A'ftta ¦f jifa T51 i an Acnto Citarrh, I iWF-tK and ts in'ftatitly relievtd bv LpTCpfl 1 a tittgle doge, and perma --O nentlv rnred by one bottle orSANÜFOHIW' ItADICAI. CUUKFOBCATARHH. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. "The only abxolute spectfle we know Mtd. Tmcs. "Tnc best we htye found In a lifetlme of aaffering."- lUr. Dr. WÜW'. Boston. "Aftor long struirijle wlth Cntarrh the Radical Corb ha conqnered."- Rev. 8. W. ilonroe, Lewitburg, fít, I bave not found acanetbat lt did not relieve at once."- Andrtw Lee, ManchéHer, Mats. BOW'S YOVH RUEüUATOA is a qneatton that appeal" to every toitured vlctim of Khenmaticm.who ünds the ordinary piasters and linimento pnwerle s lo relieve hlrn. Tn such the 4fw (viTtruRA Anti Pain Pi.amtkr is MJ an elegant and nover-falUdií soaree of f n relief, tianinhing rheumatic, neuralglc, V "Clatic, nddeu, aharp and nervoaa Npaliisa by marie. New, original, ppecuy, i-are. At drn?eKiL36c.; flve for rme dollar, mailed free. POTTER DRUG AN Mbdical Co't, Boston. SCOTT'S EHLLS10N OF PURE GOD LIVER OU And H jpophosphiËs of Lime & Soda Almost as Palatableas Mllk. The only preparatlon of ron MTIR OIL tt ean be Uken re&rilly and tolerated for a long Urn bI?KlnkHtAmKv'r,T-í ion "srwP'""-' sdtöFTTöls ai yn(Ti.s. AAmiATt?rv.RiL ntr.ii.nv. coiiiiis ab TiutOATTP. VttrlOS, ml II WASTIM) MSOIIW8E8 Of CilILDltr.N il is Ri:trT.-l!us in in ri'nnlt. ' Jwacrihod and i-n.lorsd by llio boa! VhyileUU In the oountrlcs of tho wörld. FOR 8ALE BY ALL DRUGQI8T3.' t ]VclMaU A Rttatl OW Batfai Rowl. ¦ JL sd fo. ciri. E. J. KNOWLTON, #nn Arbor. Midi. A COMPLETE ARKAEHOSIKKT TOR Physician ud Families. Noiter and Cbe&per Airi) MOR COU"VE3STIDEli3"T TUAN A STATIONAKY BATH TOB, WITH NO EXPENSE OF BATH ROOM AJÍD FIXTUKI3.


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