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The word anstomy kjrrverrrTötn two trreK spatters and three poly wogs.wbleh, when translated, signify "up through" and "to out," so tht uuatomy actually., when translated from the original woppy-jawed Greek, iiifani to cut up through. That ia, no doubt, the reasou, why the medical student proceeds to cut throupu tlie entire course. Anatomy is so called because its best resulta are obtained frora the cutting or dl88ecting of organisme. For that reason there is a growing demand io the ueixfcborhood of the medical college for good, sccond-haiid organisme. Parties having well preaerved organisms that they are not actually uslng will do well to cali ut the side door of the medical college after 10 p. m. The branch of comp.irative anatomy which seeks to trace the unities of plan which are exhibited in diverse organen, and which discovers, as far as may be, the principies which govern the growth and development of orjianized bodies, and which linds tunotiimal analogie and structural homololes, is denominated philosophical or transcendental anatomy. (This statement, thougb. strlctly true, is not original with me.) 'urt-ful Htudy of the human organism after death shows traces of functiolial analogles and structural homologiea in people who were supposed to have been u prfect heaith all their live. Probably many of those we meet in the dally walks of lift, many, too, who wear asmile and outwardly seem happy, have either one or botb. of these thlngs. A mail may live a talse llfe and decelve lis most intiiuate friends in the mat:er of anatomlcal analogie or homolojfies, but he can not conceal It from the eag Ie eye of the medical tudent. The ambitieus medical Htuileut makes a specialty of true in wardnea. The study of the structure of animáis s calleé zo-otony. The attempt to study ;he anutoralcal structure of the gfizzly ear from the inslde bas not been crowiied with success. VVhcn the anatomizar and the beur have have been thrown toether ¦ isuiilly it has generally been a struggle tetween the two otffnitps to aee which hould uiake a study of the structure of the otlier. 2o-ótomy and moral suasion are not homogeneous, analngous nor indi;enous. Vegetable anatomy it called phytotomy, sometimes. But it would not be safe x address a vigorous man by that epithet. We may cali a regetuble that, howevor, and be safe. Human anatomy is that branch of anatomy which enters tnto the description )f the structure mid xeogrophlcul Jistnjution of the elemonu of a human bc ing. it also applle to the structure of the microbe that crawls out of jail every four yoar just lonf enough to whip hls wife, vote and ga back ajfain. Human anatomy is either general, speciflc, topographlcal or surjíleal. Thee terms do not imply the dissection and anatomy of generáis, specialiste, topographera and sureons, aa they mljïht seem t imply, but really mean Kome.thing else. 1 would explain here what tdey actually do mean If I had more room and knew enoujfh to do it. AnatomlsU divide their science, as well as their gübjecls, into fragment. Oateology treats of the skeleton ; myblogy, of the muscles, uugJologr, of the bloodveasels; splaucbuology, the digestive organs or deparrment of the interior ; snd so on. People teil pretty tough storles of the young carvists who study anatomy on subject taken from Ufe. I would repeat a few of them here, but they are the product of insoninia, no I wlil nut plve them. I vlsited a matinee of this kind once for ft short time, but I have not been there since. Wlien 1 havo s bollday now, the idea of pending it in the disrecting roem of a large and flouri&hing medical college does not oocur to me. I never oould be a successful surgeon, I foar. While I lmve no heaitation about mutilating the Eugllsh, I have cruples about cutUng up other natlonalities. I should always foar, while pursuin;; my studies, that I might be called opon to dissef t a friend, and I could not do that. [ should like to do anything that would nlvaacc the cause of science, but I should not want to forni the habit of disaectina people, lest some day I might be called jpon to dissect a friend for whom I had a great attachaient, or some creditor who nul an attachment for me. A Detroit grooery tramp mdc a partial canvaüs of theeity last week, and we learn was much surprised and diseournjfed at the cool reoeption he received from persons who had giren htm an order on hls irst trip. Person who pntrouixe such cllows must expeot to sooner or later bc swindled. They cannotlefritlmately comete with our bom g-roeerymen, and thair nly posflibility of pront 1 by deceptlon as to the quality of goods toUl.- Ypsilanian. And that sort of trampa should always be given a cool reception, for the legitímate bualnesa house near are the ones to do business with. With them a wrong can be righted. With a peddler oever.


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