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Why They Don't Marry

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"I tliiiik it is trae," asid an observant Washingtonian, "that but few ladies tn the dopartments ruarry, aud the reason for t, in my opinión, is that they have acqutred an iodependence, and they don't cure about relinqulahing it. Of course, i an opportunity should be presented ol mnkiiijf brilílant marriage and acquirlnL social position and wealtb, I tliink thut in a niajority of cases Uie ladies would accept it. But when a wotnan is earning her own li vn i, and has an iocome which ihe can use as she pienses, an averajfe marriage doe not present to her iuducements that it does to a -ornan who ís dtfferently situated. Besides, such a woman's ideas are more practical, and her appreclation of the alee of a dollar in erery-day Ufe does not need the experienee of marrlae on a amad inoome." "I think," said another, "tht whlle a jrreat rnany lidies in the departments do not desire to marry unlees they can better their cendition, stlll it may be lafd down as a general principie that they are apt to lose their attractiveness in Um ojea of raen. Tliclr cuuaunt association with men erery day, their oceupation whlch is not, strictly speaklnjr, feminine, causes thein to lose that feminine grace and charra which is so intangible that it is felt rather than expressed. Mon are attrarted to women because they are so different. It i what w mean when we speak of w ornan ly woman, aud it is those qaalitlet of mind and heart that flnd their best developmont In the domestlcity of a happy borne. Women are apt to lose tbe delicacy and charra of their nature whon thrown indaily contact with men, and they are are i' to become masculinc. I don'e think that men are attractod ty wishy-w.ishy women and juetty dolí faces, and that in order to be womanly it ís necessary to be impractical aud silly. But still, I imagine tüat most men, :lnd the best men, llke feminine women; and, while It is not alwnys the case, still I tliink. that the raajority of women in the departuienls gradally lose this quality of their nature."


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