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A Remarkable Statement From A Homeopathic Professor Of Medicine

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Two years ago last March I was taken wlth a sort of languid, dull, heavy feeling attended with slight chtlly sensations and hot flashes. I paid little atteution to it, thinking it was the resul t of over work and the want of proper sleep. Abotit flve weeks from the time I flret feit the weariness, whlle en roy way to vlslt a slck lady, I was taken wlth a severe chili, whioh lasted nearly an hour and was foliowed by fever. If some Immense weight had fallen on me and orushed every bone in my body, I coukl not have suffered more. Alter this, I lost my appetite. my skin beome sallow, my strength falled me, I was annoyed w'ith distressing headacne, a terrible dull ching pain in the small of my back and through my hipsand limbs; my stomach become Irritable, and every function of my body seenied to be impaired. Still the most of my time I was able to attend to mv professional du'ies. My bowels were terribly constipated, my urine became scanty and high oolored, my sleep was disturbed and I was one living muss of acties and pains. I doctored oiyself for a while, but failed to get relief. Tlien I consulted several distinguihcd physioiansin different partaof the country. Still I could fiud nothiug that (lid rae any good. I lost forty-six pounds of flesh and had made up my miud that I would have to put up with my suffering and get along the best I could, when a nclfrhboring pnyslcian- a friend of mine - advised me to take Dr. J. B. Uenloti's Sure Cure for Malaria, that Ue had used it, with markod success, and he beiieved it would cure me. I procured a bottle and began taking a teaspoonful every four hours. It relievcd my pain, and I continued to use It until I had taken ten bottle and found myself once more returned to benlth. I did not thiuk I was suffering from Malaria, from tho fact that I never had büt one regular chili. Still I had chilly tensations and oecasiönallv a mild form of fever. I most heartlly endorse Dr. Henion's Sure Cure for Malaria, and would advise all those who are auifarintr from anv masked fnrm of disease, pain or prostration, to give Ha faithful trial. Thev will not he diann.


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