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Ank Arbor, Jan. 18, 186. Ed. CoüRikr:- Please continue to tal up the matter of " booming " Ann Arbo Itcan be done if tbe people will onl uiuïc vigorousiy. We can get rifty fam ilies this year, those who will come wit ineans tobuy or build homes. They wi come for the advantages which we prom ise as an educational center. We ca aleo get a start as a inanufacturing plac if we will it. Other educational center grow. New Haven, Conn., the seat o Yale College ; Cambridge, Mass. , the sea of Harvard Univerisity ; Providence, th seat of Brown Univeraity; have al doubled their population in 10 or 1 yearg. It is a nilstake to suppose that we can notbecomeja manufacturing town because we are the literary center as these examples all show - but we cannot sit still and do it. We must exert ourselves. The Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad will soon lócate shops somewhere. Why not get theui to lócate in Ann Arbor ? Let us prepare a thorough wrlting up of the town. Oet up a descriptive pamphlet giving cuts of University buildings, society buildings, churclies, court house, post-offlee, and sonie of the beautlful homes tbr whlch Ann Arbor is noted. IIlustrate it with some of the clmrming views which almost any cultivated eye can suggest, - wbich are so numerous all about our city. Let this be as beautiful as printer'i ink can make it. We can do it all at houie. Then advertise, adverlise, advertise, advertise se extensively that no intelligent person in the country shall reinain ignorant of our advantages. We should not fail to show up our low rate of tuxation, and the low cost of living m compared witli New Haven, Cambridge, etc Then have some one whose business it would be to answer letters and strlye to get people here. A good real-estiite man would be pertonaily interested. So should all of us. It is personal to every person living here. These are not personal trhemes of mine, they are thrown out as suggestlons. Some one should move in the matter. Stir things, Mr. Editor. Your truly,


Ann Arbor Courier
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