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We acknowledge the receipt of handsome s...

We acknowledge the receipt of handsome s... image
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We acknowledge the receipt of handsome souvenirs of the geason, from the Datmit Journal, Free Pres, Ann Arbor Co├╝rikr, and varlous other suurces. AU are frot up in the higheat style of the typographic art, and we regret that our means do not alloiv us to reciproc├│te in kind. We are rieh only in th.mks. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. Remember our private silo will continue until Friday 22d inst. A public complaint book Is a unique feaiure of municipal government uiider the new charter of the city of Boston. It is kept at city headquarters, and is open to every person who has any complaint to inake agaiost the conduct of city affalrs. The plan ia aaid 'to work admirably, and ia productive of the rt-medylng of inany eTila. Thia aort of acheine would be a groat and auccessful feature in Detroit city affairs but for two thingf : flrst, it would take au entire library of such books to accoraraodate all the complaints, and second, some of the departmenta would not p;iy the glightest atteution to the complaints if they were made.


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