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The Two Sams

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G-REAT CUT SALE OF OVER0OATS, SUITS, HATS, GAPS AND PURNISHING GOODS! OOd gdf.1 íh?. Lie w7ll Turprle you .11. We havo too many wd. ...d The Two Sm. must turn them gaius, u nonevi B u frlen(Iíi tell your neighborf, Ereryone come to the Two Sama Great Cut Sale. HILDREN'S OVERCOATS AT 75c, WORTH $1.50, AGES 3 TO 6 YEARS. BOYS' OVERCOATS AT $1.00, WORTH 2.50, AGES 13 TO 17 YEARS. BOYS' OVERCOATS AT 3.00, WORTH 6.00. MEN'S OVERCOATS AT 3.80, WORTH 5.00 AND $6.00. MEN'S OVERCOATS AT 4.50, WORTH 7.00 ANu 8.00. MEN'S OVERCOATS AT 5.75, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. MEN'S OVERCOATS AT 7.00, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. YOUTH'S OVERCOATS AT 4.30, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. MEN'S OVERCOATS AT 12.00, WORTH $18.00. ELEGANT OVERCOATS AT 8.50, WORTH 14.00. GOOD SUBSTANTIAL SUIT AT $2.75 WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. MEN'S SUITS AT 4.50, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE PRICE. MEN'S SUITS AT 6.00, WORTH 10.00. MEN'S SUITS AT 7.50, WORTH 12.00. MEN'S SUITS AT 8.50, WORTH 14.00. MEN'S SUITS AT 10.00, WORTH 16.00. MEN'S SUITS AT 12.50" WORTH 18.00. CHILDREN'S SUITS AT 1.85, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. CHILDREN'S SUITS AT 2.00, WORTH DOUBLÉ THE M0NEY. CHILDRENS' SUITS AT 3.50, WORTH 6.00. CHILDREN'S SUITS AT 4.50, WORTH 8.00 AND 9.00. TUS, MUFFLIBS, FÏÏ1IISIII& SOODS & GL0V1S ALL CUT IN PRICB. Keduced. We will make it Iively for all the Country. Let erery peraon com to The Two Sams, BLITZ & LANGSDORF, The Only Strictly One Price Clothing House in the City of Ann Arbor.


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