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D. C. Woroester, ik '88, is now assUtant librarían. An orchestra has been organized among the pharmtcs. K. 8. Searl, '86, is the new speaker of the moot congres?. A chess club is belng talked up by C. M. Kuhne, of Uw '87. The laws still "put up" tbeir fellow on any pretext plausible. One of the dents. has goiie hom to plug his uncle's sore eye. Dr. Dewey lectures to the class in psychology, in lieu of a text-book review. Charles L. Carter, lit '88, is expected back soon, having returned from Europe W. H. Qraham, lit '82, of Chicago, spent Sunday with the Alpha Delta Phi's. The sophomores hope to sleigh down to Ypsllanti goon and hold a social there. A hall on Ann st. formerly occupied by the athletic club has been secured for the new "gym." Prof. B. W. Cheever has retunied from Central America and resumed his lectures od metallurgy. J. B. Huil, medie. '86, published a piece of rausic eiititled "A Serenade," and has in pickle "A Reverle.'1 C. D. Willsrd, lic '83, bas gone to San Bernadino, Cal., in the hope of benefiting a pair of weak lungs. The first address before the U. T. 8. will occur Feb. 5, and be giyen by Mra. Eniily McLaughlin, of Boston. The University Musical Society will give lts next entertainment at University hall, on Saturday evening Jan. 30. The " justice " f und Is to be devoted to the pu rehuse of gymnastic apparatus f or the new "gym."' Commendable. Wm. Blaklie, an author of a work apon athletics, is to lecture in university hall Jan. 25, in behalf of the gymnasium' Prof. Otto Kircuner is making an extremcly favorable impreaslon with the laws. They are all warm in his praise. The Chronicle editors greatly desire No. 2, Vol. XII. dated Oct. 16, 1880. Have you (jot it to spare 't It so mail it to that paper. The university dramatic club gires "A Scrap ot Paper " at the opera house Friday evening, Prof. de Pont being the manager. The political science association, has been reorganized and a meeting was held Friday night before which some interesting papers were read. Saturday, Jan. 23, the univenity glee club will sing in Detroit, in conuectlon with the Hungarian Band, under the auspices of the T. M. C. A., of tbat city. Of the 114 cases of the Randolph Rogers' collection which recently arrived in New York, 55 of theui are now at the University. They will be soon unpacked and placed in the Art Gallery. Standard time will be used by the university when the new clock is in operation, which will be in a few days. In tuis particular the U. of M. is sensible. Standard time ought to be adopted by everybody . The junior laws have chosen the following additional offleers : vice-president, J. W. M. Stewart ; secretary, F. H. Alfred; treasurer, C. A. Wagner; sergeantat-arms O. Dygart; chaplain, G. B. Bird; chorister, C. W. Howard. The Jeifursonian society of the law department has elected officers as rollows . President, H. C. Gilbert '86; vice president, J. Thompson, '86; secretary, G. C. Manly, '87; treasurer, G. Dygart, 'á7; sergeant-at-arras, Klmer Crawley, '87. At the election of Argonaut editors Saturday, S. A. Moran and R. C. Bryant iudepeudeuts and A. L. Benedict, Ielta Upsilon, all of '87, were elected for one year, and R. B. Wilcoi '89, Phi Kappa Psi, and Morgan Manu' 88, for one semester each, were chosen. Election of Chronicle editors next Saturday. Wel], the studente will have to select some awfut good timber to replace any of the present board with better material. The boys who are now at the helm of that paper are full of energy, enterprise, and what is quite as important, good sense. Several months ago the Couhier point. ed out the adyislbility ofanew building for the Lewis art collection, and now that Randolph Hogers' modcls, casta, etc., are to be added the new building will be a necessity. In fact Mrs. Lewis has stated that her consent to the removal of that collection will never be given unless a new building is erected therefor. Such being the case does it not behoove all friends of the university to take an interest in the nonilnations for the legislature, to be made in a few months now ? Regardless of party, the people should interest tueraselves, sufliciently so that the selaction for the legislatura will be men who will have influence in that body and who can and will work for the interests of the uniyersity.


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