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[ TIETIE 1ÏÏ ABBDB SAVUG8 BUZ. ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN. i Transacts General Banking Business capitalT$5O,ooo. Organtzed der tbe General Banking Law o 1 thio íw, the stockholaors are indivldually liabl ; for an additlonal amouut equal to the stock held bj thetu, thereby creating a Uuarantec Fund for th bencflt of Depouitors of $100,000.00. Thrcc per cent. interest is allowed on all Savlngi Deposita of oiic dollar and upwardy, according te tho rules ot' the Dank and Interest compaundoc" seiniaunually. Money to Loan on nnincumberod i real estale and other good security. DIRECTORS: CnKISTIAN MACK, Wm. D. HARKIMAN. W. W. WINKS. DAN1KL HISCOCK, WILI.IAM DEOBEL, WII.LAKD B. SMITH, DAVID KIN8EY. UFFICERS: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINBS, , 'cc-Prei, . JL. HISCOCK.Oashier. KraG'SILVlL Wm Um ism f ormeiiy eiren to Scrof ula becaiue of a pcratlüon that lt could ba cured by Icing touch. TUs world U wlier iiovr, anti kaowt that jKNf " Escrófula can on)f be cured by a ttaorongta purificatlon of the blood. lt this U neglected, the perpetuales IU talnt through generation after gfnarttion. Among fu farlier )Tnptomatio derelopmenU ars KoEema, Cutsneoni Krnptlona, Tumort, Bol Is, Carbunclea, Kryslpolas, l'urulent tlcer, Nervous and Phy. slcal Collapie, etc. lt allowed to continue, Rheumatiim, Scrofulous Catarrh, Kidney and Livor DUeases, Tubercular Consumption, and varioua other dangeroui or tidal maladli, ara produced by lt. - -- -r _ Aer$f Sársaparifa ¦ .10 I the only powerful and altea y t rtliabU blood-purifying medicine. lt ! to eñectual an alterativo tbat lt eradlcatei fioni the vstem Hereditary Scrofula, and the klndred poi.ion of contagioua dlseases and mercurv. At the same time it en richea and vitallzei the blood, reatoiinr healthful actlon to the Tital orrani and rej u venaling the catire gyitem. Thb great Regenerative Medicine It eomposed of the jeenuln Hondura Sartaparilia, wlth Tellow Doek, Stillingia, the Iodides 0 Potattium and Iron, and other Ingrediënt of rreat pottuej, caiefullr and aclentlfloauy coinpounded. lis formula la generally known U the medical profeiiion, and th bedt phraidani conttantlj preacrib Atik's SAKSAl-iRlLLA M all Absolute Cure For all dUeaiei catued by the yttlatlon of the blood. It li concentrated to the hlghest practicable degree, far beyond any other preparatlon for whlch llke effecu are clalmed, and 1 therefora th cheapeat, as well a tbe bet blood parlfylaj medicine, In the world. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, ' PRCPAKXD BT Dr. J. C. Ayer 4 Co., Lowll, Mm. [ Analj-tlcal Chemlata.] Sold by all DniggisU : Prlc $1 ; Slz bottle for $5. A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance,I Plate Grlass Insurance, Steam. Boiler INSURANCE! Lowest Bates, Honorable Adjustments and Losses Promptly Pald. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS SPEtlAL ATTBNTtOK OIVKN TO COLLKCTION OF RKNT.S AND MaNAOKMENT OF RKAIj EsTATE IHTKRKSTS FOR NON-RkSIDENTS. ENTIRR HATItJfAOTlON TO OWMKMH (lltABAN. TKtD. A. DeFOREST. GOODYEAR'S DRUG STORE Ho. 7 S. Main St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES Fine Toilet Anieles ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Specialty Made of Fliysician's PreMcripiioiis. Cali and see ns. J. J. Gocdyear.


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